AJP Top Favorite DIYs A Year’s Worth

Check out these 21 easy and affordable AJP top favorite DIYs. Ideal for every season and perfect for every skill level!

At Jenny’s Place Start and Why These Are Some of My Favorite DIYs

For our home and for the At Jenny’s Place blog I make a ton of DIYs. I like to switch things up with each changing season and holiday. This can result in a lot extra stuff hanging around the house. To minimize this, my environmental impact, and the cost of DIYing I like to dismantle many of my DIYs when I am done with them. This way, I can reuse the items and create exciting, new decor pieces.

But, every once in awhile I create something that I just love too much to take apart. These are the DIYs that I use over and over again. The ones worth finding storage space for. Or they are the ones that others mention loving and I give them away knowing they are going to a good home.

To make things easy for you dear reader, I have compiled my AJP top favorite DIYS from 2021 in one place. Each idea comes with a picture of the finished project and a link to the article that provides the step by step instructions on how to make the decor piece.

I hope that you find these as awesome as I do and that you are inspired to try creating some of them for yourself. I think you will find that each of these DIY decor pieces are simple and inexpensive to make and that the end results are well worth a bit of effort.


To help you decide which DIY idea and blog post is for you each project has been given a skill level suggestion. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t explore the other ideas. Really, all of the DIYs are doable. So don’t be afraid to just try. To keep things accessible to everyone nothing on the blog is too advanced.

  • WEEKEND WARRIOR – Requires woodworking and painting skills. Wood working machinery needed
  • DECENT DIYer – Requires some basic DIY know how but nothing major. Cost will be less if you already have some basic supplies on hand
  • TOTAL NEWBIE – Requires no skill at all. You are here to learn or you have no time for DIYing


Whether you’re a skilled crafter or just starting out, there’s a DIY for you on this list. I’ve put together my top favorite projects that are perfect for any skill level.

So let’s get crafty!

#21 Makeover: Dresser Into Stunning DIY TV Stand

Skill Level: Weekend Warrior

This was definitely one of my most popular DIYs on Pinterest. I was actually a little shocked at how it took off! People just loved how I took an old, gaudy black and gold dresser and transformed it into a beautiful, farmhouse inspired TV stand.

This furniture upcycle DIY came out exactly as envisioned and our family is thrilled with the end result. It is the perfect height for comfortable television viewing, the drawers are ideal for storing remotes, and the shelves are great for housing our electronics and for displaying seasonal decor.

To get the the step by step tutorial on how I achieved this makeover you will definitely want to check out the full article and all the helpful photos that accompany it.

Makeover: Dresser Into Stunning DIY TV Stand

#20 Faux Copper Oxidized Tray

Skill Level: Decent DIYer

Copper decor is huge right now but it can be so expensive. I wanted the look but not the cost. A quick trip to Home Depot then Dollar Tree, plus a little chalk paint and some creative liberties all resulted in this fabulous faux copper decor piece. Love it!

I was truthfully a little sad when it was time to put this piece away for Christmas. I absolutely plan on bringing it back out for the rest of the winter season and beyond. It is so pretty and incredibly realistic looking. The best part: it will cost you very little to create. This is why it made the AJP top favorite DIYs from 2021.

Faux Copper Oxidized Tray (Article has other faux copper painting methods that I am sure you will love)

#19 DIY Rustic Stone Picture Frame

Skill Level: Decent DIYer

I made this faux stone and chicken wire picture frame for a Mother’s Day gift and I just love it! It turned out better than I imagined. The rustic elements juxtaposed with the black and white photo makes for an eye catching display. This was a super simple project that cost next to nothing make and was definitely one of a kind,

DIY Rustic Stone Picture Frame (Article has other DIYs that I know you will enjoy)

#18 Magical Fairy Lights: Picture Frame

Skill Level: Weekend Warrior

Made from recycled materials and dollar store LED fairy lights this magical fairy light, clip on picture frame is gorgeous. This lit up, 3D picture frame was made for my daughter’s room. She wanted a way to display her favorite pictures that made it easy to switch things up. This easy DIY fit the bill perfectly.

This project does require a little bit of wood working but nothing a basic miter box couldn’t handle.

Magical Fairy Lights: DIY Picture Frame (Article has another LED fairy light DIY to try)

#17 Succulent Napkin Rings

Skill Level: Total Newbie

I found a set of succulent napkin rings similar to these on Wayfair. They were a set of 4 for over $150!

I loved, loved, loved the look but there was no way I was paying that crazy price tag. Dollar Tree to the rescue. For about $1 each you too can have these stunning napkin rings. So simple and elegant. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor dining during the summer months. And they are just as good looking as the over priced ones.

Succulent Napkin Rings (Article has 2 other lovely and easy DIY ideas that you may also enjoy)

#16 Baking Soda Paint: Faux Pottery Vase

Skill Level: Decent DIYer

This thrift flip was one of At Jenny’s Place top Pinterest pins. Turning old, pre-loved items into stunning, faux stone decor is just fun! This was so simple to do, the cost was minimal, and the finished look was nothing short of perfection.

For the complete tutorial, supply measurements, and other faux stone painting techniques you are definitely going to want to check this article out.

Baking Soda Paint: Faux Pottery Vase (Article has another DIY using an Epsom salt paint technique that I bet you haven’t seen before)


#15 Fun 3D Floral Wall Art

Skill Level: Total Newbie

Another Pinterest favorite.

This little beauty sits in our main bathroom during spring and summer. I love that the faux floral stems can be switched up for a whole new look. The paper I chose for the background was covered in positive sayings. The whole piece was just charming and soft.

Although, this was a bit of a thrift flip the pieces needed to make a similar one are really accessible. This meas you too can make your own gorgeous 3D floral wall art.

Fun 3D Floral Wall Art

#14 DIY Easter Egg Wreath

Skill Level: Decent DIYer

Michael’s sells an Easter egg wreath that is basically identical to this one. The only difference? Michael’s costs a fair bit and this one costs only a couple of dollars to make.

This wreath was so much fun to create. You’ll love splattering the eggs with paint. This wreath does take a little bit of time to make. There was a fair bit of painting involved but it was also super easy to make and the end result was definitely worth the extra time and effort.

DIY Easter Egg Wreath

#13 Easy Lavender DIY Spring Wreath

Skill Level: Total Newbie

This was one of the first DIYs that was made for At Jenny’s Place and it is still one of my personal favorites.

This wreath will take you from spring and through summer. It was ridiculously easy to make. All the supplies came from Dollar Tree, which made it really inexpensive but the finished look was high end.

Bonus: there was no hot glue involved so you can keep the wreath to reuse year after year OR you can take it apart when you’re done with it and use the individual pieces in another DIY project.

For all of these reasons I consider this to be another AJP top favorite DIYS for 2021.

Easy Lavender Wreath (Article has 2 other no hot glue, DIY wreaths that would also look fabulous on your front door)


#12 Beach Lover’s Nautical Wreath

Skill Level: Decent DIYer

If you are into wreaths as much as I am you are going to love this beach inspired, personalized rope wreath. Made completely from inexpensive Dollar Tree items, this wreath rivals any you will find at high end decor stores. Perfect for hanging on the front door, in a window, leaning up on a mantle piece, or just as wall decor, This one was definitely a keeper.

Beach Lovers Nautical Wreath

#11 Trio Of Upcycled Wooden Trays

Skill Level: Decent DIYer

Another keeper.

This trio of trays are sturdy, practical, beautiful, and super cheap to make. This thrift flip was made using 3 stackable, plain wooden trays and a few inexpensive Dollar Tree items. They took no time at all to make and are completely customizable. Bonus: You won’t need any special cutting machine.

Trio Of Upcycled Wooden Trays

#10 Faux Succulent Candle Holders

Skill Level: Total Newbie

This trio of succulent candle holders had to be one of the cheapest and easiest DIYs I shared this year. Made completely from Dollar Tree items, these faux succulent candle holders were perfect for summer table top decor. They received so many compliments and I am sure that yours will too!

Faux Succulent Candle Holders (Article has 3 more faux succulent DIYs that you’ll also love)

#9 DIY Faux Succulent Wooden Crate

Skill Level: Total Newbie

This simple dollar store crate makeover came out so fabulously that after the succulents had worn out their welcome I used the same crate for a lovely autumn display.

This wooden crate cost less than $3 to make but it looks like something you would buy at a home decor store. It’s easy to change up with each new season and it was beyond easy to create.

Want one just like it? Then you are definitely going to want to read this article.

Faux Succulent Wooden Crate (Article has other DIYs that I am sure that you will like)


#8 Fabric Autumn Leaf

Skill Level: Decent DIYer

Have you ever found yourself standing in Dollar Tree staring at their wire framed leaf forms and knowing that you are attracted to them but ha=aving no idea what to do with them?

You are not alone in this. Fortunately, At Jenny’s Place has the answer. These boho inspired fabric leaves are so pretty. Make just one of these beautiful autumn leaves or create a whole bunch and hang them in a grouping. Either way, it will be stunning.

Best part: cost is silly low and the effort needed to make these is very little.

PRO TIP: Place them in front on a window. The sunlight shining through makes these leaves extra pretty.

Fabric Autumn Leaf (Article has other fall DIYs that you will likely also enjoy)

#7 Framed Pumpkin Patch Sign

Skill Level: Decent DIYer

Made completely from dollar store items, this pumpkin patch sign looks like a decor piece you would find at Michael’s or Marshalls but was made for a whole lot less money. The piece has a ton of visual interest and fabulous texture. It will fit perfectly on a window sill, at the back of a kitchen counter, on a long buffet or hung on the wall. Winner!

Framed Pumpkin Patch Sign (Article has several more dollar store fall DIYs that I know you will love)

#6 Fall Floral Burlap Wreath

Skill Level: Decent DIYer

This was hubby’s favorite. It was a stunning fall wreath and one that was displayed proudly on our front door. The combination of the burlap texture with the soft lambs ear and fluffy flower stems made for an eye catching display. This is definitely a wreath that will be making another appearance this fall.

Fall Floral Burlap Wreath (Article has 3 more fall wreath ideas that I know you will enjoy)

#5 Skulls On A Stake

Skill Level: Total Newbie

This turned out so well. Seriously, I don’t know what else to say.

If you love this too then you are definitely going to want to find out how I made it. And while you are at it, check out the other awesome Halloween decor ideas that went with this piece. Promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Skulls On A Stake (Article has more spookalicious DIYs that are sure to thrill you)

#4 Succulent Skull Heads

Skill Level: Decent DIYer

Can’t get enough of succulents? Don’t blame you. For Halloween, try pairing them with skull heads … thrilling!

These succulent skull heads are really easy to make and the majority of the supplies needed to make them come from the dollar store. You can find similar skulls for Halloween at home decor store but they cost a fair amount of money and honestly these look better.

Succulent Skull Heads (Article has more spooky DIY ideas that you are sure to love)

#3 Pool Noodle Fall Floral Centerpiece

Skill Level: Decent DIYer

This was a big hit at Thanksgiving dinner this year. Others have used this same technique for Christmas centerpieces but I wanted to think outside the box. The end result was nothing short of breath taking.
When completed, this centerpieces appears to be extravagant and complicated but in reality the cost to make it is really affordable and the time spent assembling it is minimal. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

Pool Noodle Fall Floral Centerpiece


#2 Adorable Snowmen Ornaments

Skill Level: Decent DIYer

Not even the 2nd degree burn I got from making one of these could turn me off of these beyond adorable snowmen.

Made from inexpensive and readily available dollar store supplies, these cute snowmen were a hit on the Christmas tree this year.

They take a bit of time to make and you will need a hot glue gun but the end result is so freaking sweet. Each one can be made to look slightly different from the others so you end up with unique and personalized ornaments. Hubby thought that they were by far the cutest Christmas tree ornaments that he had ever seen. What do you think?

Adorable Snowmen Ornaments (Article has more dollar store DIYs that are perfect for the holiday season)

#1 3D Mason Ring Wooden Ornaments

Skill Level: Total Newbie

These recycled Mason jar lid ornaments are the bomb.

The 3D effect was so effective. A bit of chalk paint and a few basic paint techniques created the fantastic, rustic and aged look on the rings. The soft tones of the wood juxtaposed with the aged metal made these one of the more interesting ornaments on the Christmas tree this year.

3D Mason Ring Wooden Ornaments (Article has more recycled Christmas DIY ideas that you will love)

BONUS AJP Top Favorite DIYs

Bonus! Christmas Terrarium Ornaments

Skill Level: Total Newbie

Can I toot my own horn?

These are simply divine. Which is why I had to include them. Made from dollar store glass terrariums and a few additional dollar store items these elegant Christmas ornaments were by far my favorite on the Christmas tree this year.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit to how easy these were to make and I think you will love that the pieces can be easily dismantled. Meaning, you can reuse each of the parts when the holiday season is over. In fact, keep an eye out. I have a few more ideas up my sleeve for future projects using these beautiful glass terrariums

Elegant Christmas Terrarium Ornaments (Article has more inexpensive Christmas DIYs that I know you will enjoy)

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On AJP Top Favorite DIYs

It took a lot of courage to start At Jenny’s Place but I am so glad that I did. I had so much fun coming up with new ideas to share with you. Every minute spent creating content for you to enjoy and learn from was a moment cherished.

In order to keep creating content that you enjoy I need to know what you like and what you are interested in learning about. Drop a comment below letting me know about any DIYs you are interested in.

xx Jenny

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