At Jenny’s Place Was Specifically Designed For You (and here’s why)

This is a blog for that individual who wants to create beauty in their lives while not taking themselves too seriously. You’re adult-ing now and you want your home and life style to reflect this. The down side, buying brand new and premade can get expensive and sometimes finding that certain piece you are imagining proves to be frustratingly impossible.

However, you have imagination and aspiration. Within you is a desire to create these things and you know that with a little inspiration and some tips and tricks you yourself could create the beautiful things you imagine… and you accept that you’re going to come out with a dud from time to time because don’t we all?

Wonderment is the spice of life. We crazy human beings want to be happy and we want our loved ones to feel appreciated and cared for. Creating beautiful crafts, decorating beautiful spaces and seamlessly entertaining our guests are all glorious ways that we can bring wonderment into our world. Inspiration can be found everywhere especially among these pages.

Sometimes trying new things can be difficult. No one likes to break out of their comfort zone. Encouragement is definitely the best antidote to hesitation. When we see other trying new things we suddenly feel empowered to do the same. Other times we are perfectly comfortable trying new things but we lack ideas. We want easy and stylish projects that will turn our homes into castles. We want simple but we want it to look good. We crave lavish but we want it affordable. And when we entertain we want our guests to feel indulged and a little awed. Basically, we want it all. So together let’s find a way to have it.

This is where At Jenny’s Place fits in. I have a ton of tried and true ideas that I can’t wait to share with you and I am always coming up with more. Step by step tutorials, beautiful photographs, product sourcing, and detailed before and afters are sure to make the process easier for you and they will also provide you with endless inspiration. We flourish when we have a community that shares in our interests and ambitions. This is the community for you.

I want you to be your best self. A sense of calmness and accomplishment comes from creating. Few things feel better than when these creations are admired or treasured. Everyone can use a little ego boost from time to time. Empowerment comes from knowing you could do that too. 

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