Cheap Arts And Crafts Supplies You Should Buy

Crafting doesn’t have to cost a lot. It’s all about knowing which cheap arts and crafts supplies you should be buying at the dollar store.

The Cost of Crafting

I love crafting! When the kids were little we did a lot of simple, kid friendly crafts. Now that the “kids” are adults most of my crafting is in the form of DIY home decor. Either way, the supplies you need to make one of a kind, beautiful creations doesn’t have to cost a lot.

In fact, if you know what to buy and where to buy it you can save a ton of money and then save up those pennies to splurge on some of those juicier crafting tools you’ve been wanting.

Everybody Does It

Everybody does it. I’ve done it and I’m sure that you’ve done it.
We’ve all gone to the craft store and spent way more on a DIY item than we needed too. Maybe it was convenience, or laziness, or maybe you just didn’t know any better.

If it’s the first two – I’m guilty of that too but I can’t help you with that. If however, your reason for overspending on your craft supplies is that you just didn’t know that you can save money on then let’s fix that. Your days of overspending on basic crafting supplies ends today.

Enter the dollar store. The dollar store is the frugal crafter’s dream come true. Now, there are definitely some things that you should pass on but there is also a treasure trove of quality, DIY supplies that you can get ata fraction of the price. Why pay more for the exact same thing?

This list of cheap arts and craft supplies will have you DIYing like a pro while helping you to save your money for those bigger ticket crafting items.

37 Cheap Arts and Craft Supplies You Should Buy From The Dollar Store

This list of cheap arts and crafts supplies are all ones that you will spend a whole lot more on if you buy them from the craft store. Instead head to your local dollar store and start saving today!

Get Sticky With It

  • Chalk labels are perfect for labeling bins and jars. Can also be used to embellish crafts or gifts. These labels come in various shapes and sizes and cost a lot less at the dollar store.
  • Stick on gems and pearls are perfect for embellishing crafts, for creating faux milk glass and for decorating picture frames.
  • Alphabet stickers are great for creating signs or you can use these to create your own stencils.
  • Decorative stickers can be used to embellish homemade cards, to decorate pocket letters with, make wall art, or as embellishments in your crafting.

Instead Splurge On

A Cricut Maker 3 so that you can create your own labels, stickers, stencils and so much more!

Going Monet

  • Acrylic Paint can be found for a bit less at the Dollar Tree and as we DIYers know, every penny counts.
  • Cheap paint brushes are ideal for those times where the paint brush might not make it. Think gluing, faux pottery, sparkles, and the like. Get your cheap brushes from the Dollar Tree for less.
  • Foam brushes are perfect for decoupaging and for applying stain or varnish. Find these in a pack for next to nothing at the Dollar Tree.
  • Stencils, especially your basic lettering or seasonal stencils, are best found at the Dollar Tree. These are perfect for creating signage and wall art pieces. Use them to personalize decorative pieces or seasonal decor.
  • Canvas for smaller art pieces can be found at the dollar store for very reasonable prices. This is definitely a great example of cheap arts and crafts supplies that you can save on.

Instead Splurge On

A good quality portable spray paint booth like this one. It is a total life saver and keeps the paint mess where it belongs.


  • Hot glue gun. The cheap one. If you’re going with an inexpensive and basic glue gun then you might as well save a few dollars and get the glue gun from the dollar store.
  • Everyday hot glue sticks is just like the glue gun. If you’re going for the basic, everyday variety save yourself a few pennies and get these from the dollar store too.
  • Fabric Glue is the adhesive you want when working with fabrics and you can spend a lot less knowing where to get it.
  • Mod Podge is a crafter’s must have. If you’re looking for a larger quantity then the craft store is your best bet but if you need just a little bit then you know where to look.
  • Double sided foam tape is the solution for when you need to layer papers and embellishments.
  • Adhesive rollers is great for paper crafting and adhering pictures to backgrounds. Skip this on the crafting aisles and head to where you can get it for less.

Instead Splurge On

A good quality glue gun such as this cordless beauty.

Beads and Bedazzlers

  • Glass and plastic beads can be used to make jewellery, embellish fabric decor, and for paper crafting. And you’ll pay a lot less if you skip the craft store.
  • Seed beads are perfect for beading and for paper crafting.
  • Charms make charming embellishments and cost a lot less at your local dollar store.

Instead Splurge On

An attractive organizer to store all of your beading supplies. This tiered organizer goes above and beyond and will look fabulous sitting out on in your craft room.

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Fabrics and the Like

  • Felt squares and rolls are super affordable at the dollar store and the quality is great. You can also find seasonal felt cut outs. See how I turned these simple cut outs into holiday throw pillow covers.
  • Ribbon is a dime a dozen at the dollar store. You can find wired ribbon, seasonal, and decorative ribbon. You can get them wide, thin, or scalloped. There tends to be less on a roll than you find at the craft stores but the quality is good and the price is right.
  • Yarn comes in all different colours, textures, and sizes. It comes in curly, chunky, and fuzzy. You can get it multi-coloured or in solid colours. And you can get it all at the dollar store for less.
  • Burlap is the rustic DIY decorator’s go to material and for the best price you know where to get it. This heart shaped wreath is the perfect example.
  • T-shirts, if you’re going to be making tie dyed shirts or personalized t-shirts with your Cricut you can often find good quality shirts to work for a lot less if you skip the craft store.
  • Twine can be used in so many DIYs and it can be found at just about anytime of year. So it never makes sense to pay more.

Instead Splurge On

A good quality sewing machine such as this best selling Singer sewing machine.

Maybe You Should Hang It

  • Command Hooks are the DIY decorators best friend. These are ideal for hanging decorations, organizing spaces, creating wall decor and for temporarily hanging pictures.
  • Basic picture frames are best purchased where they cost less. You can find and create some fabulous, high end picture frames. Why pay more when you don’t have to?
  • Wood letters are perfect for decorating over children’s beds, creating wall art, or making book ends. Check the dollar store end caps for these little beauties.
  • Smaller seasonal wall art can be found for so much less at the dollar store. Why pay $10 for a decorative piece when you can find the exact same piece for $1.25?

Instead Splurge On

Investing in high quality painting easel so that you can work on getting your Gogh on.

Giving It Away

  • Gift bags can be used for giving gifts or for creating inexpensive wall art.
  • Gift boxes can be easily modified by covering them with craft paper, paint, or faux leather and then use these to store things or as a base for decorations on a shelf.
  • Ribbons and bows galore at the dollar store and they are the same quality as craft stores. Use these to decorate gift packages or to create one of a kind DIYs.

Instead Splurge On

A great gift for the kid’s craft room such as this stylish practical Melissa & Doug Wooden Tabletop Paper Roll Dispenser that is guaranteed to turn into hours of creative fun!

Going Au Naturel

  • Sea shells are perfect for creating those fun cottage DIYs and although you might be able to find these by the beach side buying them at your local dollar store is definitely the easiest and least expensive option.
  • Moss shows up sporadically throughout the year but doesn’t hang around on the shelves long so snatch it up when you spot it. It looks fabulous when used to make this Halloween wreath.
  • Plastic fruits cost a fraction of the price at the dollar store then at the craft store. For a couple of bucks you can get the look for less.
  • Stones and rocks are fabulous for filling flower vases, supporting candles in holder, or for creating seasonal table top decor.

Instead Splurge On

High quality and realistic looking faux florals from the craft store or home decor stores.

Don’t Put A Label On Me

  • Craft paper booklets are awesome for creating wall art like this 3D wall art or for paper crafting. The quality and number of pages you get for the amount of money spent is truly impressive.
  • Mini wooden clothes pins are great for crafting, making cards, and for creating home decor like I did with the LED mini light picture display.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On Cheap Arts and Crafts Supplies You Should Buy

Crafting doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. If you’re smart with your budgeting, self disciplined in your spending, and you know where to shop for the best cheap arts and crafts supplies then you too can create awesome DIYs super inexpensively.

And then you can take all the money that you saved and then you can finally splurge on that Cricut you’ve been eyeing. It’s a win – win!! And who doesn’t love that?

Now, which big ticket item are you saving up for and which items do you like to save on? Share in the comments below.

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