Inexpensive Fall Faux Copper Centerpieces

Fall is right around the corner and I thought it might be cool to look at some inexpensive fall copper centerpieces.

Using Copper Centerpieces for Fall Decor

Every autumn is an opportunity to come up with new fabulous fall decor. It’s time to try new colour schemes, textures, and themes.

This year, I have fallen in love with antique copper decorations. It’s old world appearance is just really appealing. It is subtler than stainless steal and gold. Plus, it looks fabulously farmhousey when paired with cast iron. It’s rich and worldly and absolutely screams fall.

The range of fall home decor options copper offers is staggering. Whether you are using a piece that is shin ,and brand new or one that is weathered or one that is brilliantly oxidized with greens and teal blues the options each look is truly inspiring.

A Nod to Faux Copper

Full disclosure: the copper pieces I used in all of these copper centerpieces are faux.

Yep, that’s right. These gorgeous fall copper centerpieces all started from a faux copper piece made previously using faux copper painting techniques.

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To find the step by step tutorials you’ll need to give that a read as well.

Now, that’s not to say that you have to use faux copper. If you have a stunning piece of copper at home that you want to use as the vase you should do that.

White Sunflower and Pumpkin Copper Centerpieces

I like to switch it up from year to year and this year there is just something about the warm, rich tones of copper combined with more subtle creams, soft greens, and light greys that has me drooling.
I knew I wanted to make something for my living room side table that had all of these elements in it. So I decided to use the copper cooking pot as the base to this elegant and monochromatic fall centerpiece.

Supplies You Will Need

  • Copper Cooking Pot
  • 3 Faux White Sunflower Stems
  • 3 Faux Lightly Peachy-Off White Chrysanthemums
  • Faux Lambs Ear (or another type of fall greenery)
  • 2 packages Faux Berries
  • Floral Foam
  • 5 Mini Clip on Pumpkins
  • Wooden Skewers
  • Foam Piece
  • Behr Satin Spray Paint in Off White
  • Wire Clips
  • Knife

Popping off the pumpkin stems and using the clip they have on the back of each, clip these onto wooden skewers. You are going to stick the skewers into the foam so that they are standing up when you spray paint them.

Spray paint the pumpkins and berries until they are completely coated. This Behr spray paint has a built in primer and it covers really nicely. Even though the objects I was spray painting were brightly coloured it only took a couple of coats to completely hide this.

Cut the floral foam down so that it fills the bottom of your copper pot. Then cut a second piece of floral foam and have it sit on the top, middle. This will give the final flower arrangement some height.

Cut your faux flower stems down so that you are left with a few inches of stem.

Next, using scissors or clippers, clip the wooden skewers (the ones you used to spray paint) in half. You are going to use these to attach the pumpkins in a bit.

Start by arranging the white faux sunflowers. Make sure that you are spacing these out so that they are found all over the arrangement.

Then add the lightly peachy-off white faux chrysanthemums. Use these in between the white sunflowers to fill in any spaces.

Using the wooden skewers stick the off white pumpkins into the arrangement. Take your time and play with this a bit. You will find the perfect place for these to go. Add the white berries. Fluff these out a bit.

Lastly, add some lambs ear to the base of the arrangement. I also stuck a stem into the top. I think this made it look a bit more realistic and added a bit of interest.

And Voila! Beautiful faux floral copper centerpieces that will look absolutely elegant in your home and it will have cost you next to nothing to create.

PRO TIP: Add some of the flower stems in at an angle. This will help give the arrangement a more mounded appearance and the ones that hang down a little at the sides make the whole arrangement look more realistic.

Creamy White and Copper Pumpkin Centerpieces

I found two types of off white fall flowers at Dollar Tree. The tiny, whiter chrysanthemum stems came with 5 on each stem and the larger, ivory toned dhalia blooms came two to a stem.

Supplies You Will Need

  • Copper Bundt Pan
  • Floral Foam
  • 3 Faux Off White Chrysanthemums Stems
  • 3 Faux Ivory Dhalias
  • Olive Green Greenery (The ones I used was from the florals I picked.)
  • 2-3 Faux Rose Hips
  • 2 Packages Faux Berries
  • 5 Mini Clip on Pumpkins
  • Wooden Skewers
  • Foam Piece
  • Rustoleum Universal Hammered Copper Spray Paint
  • Wire Clips
  • Knife

Just like we did for the first centerpiece, start with removing the pumpkins clipping them onto wooden skewers. Do the same with the faux rose hips. The berries come with wire stems. Pop the skewers into the foam piece and carefully spray paint all of them with the copper spray paint.

Cut the floral foam into five pieces and arrange them around the inside of the copper bundt pan.

Clip the stems down so that there is a couple inches of stem. I kept the stems for this arrangement a little shorter than the first centerpiece because I wanted it to sit lower and fuller.

Start by arranging the larger, ivory blooms. (dhalias) Make sure you space these all around the pan so that you can see them from all angles. Fill in the spaces in between the larger blooms withe smaller, off white blooms. (Chrysanthemums)

Stick the copper berries, rose hips, and pumpkins on wooden skewers that have been cut in half. Add them to the arrangement, Play with this a bit. Make sure that you disperse them so that it doesn’t appear over crowded.

And double Voila! Another stunning copper centerpiece that you will be proud to display at your holiday table.

Sunflower Copper Centerpieces In Tea Pot

This is the centerpiece for those of you that love the bright colours of autumn. It is also the easiest and most vibrant of the copper centerpieces. My decor this year is all about copper, light blue greens, and off whites. But I can’t help myself. I still love this centerpiece. So I decided to display it on my front porch, where I tend to lean more towards the bright, natural colours.

Supplies You Will Need

  • Copper Tea Pot
  • Faux Yellow Floral Sunflower Stems
  • Faux Yellow Chrysanthemums Flower Stems

That’s it! Nothing to it but it looks so bright and amazing that you can’t help but admire it.

Cut or bend the sunflower stems down so that they fit into the copper tea pot. Do the same with the smaller, fall flowers.

Stick the sunflower stems into the tea pot. Arrange the yellow chrysanthemum blooms around the sunflowers stems, filling in any holes.

And you are done. Told you, nothing to it but she sure is pretty.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On Copper Centerpieces

Where I live summers are short and winters are long and cold. Summer ending is always a sad time. Fortunately, there are fall sweaters, pumpkin pies, and awesome fall DIY decor to lessen the blow.
These fall copper centerpieces have whetted my appetite to create more fall decor. After all, the holidays aren’t that far away and it will be nice to get a jump start on that.

Which of you darling readers are fans of the pumpkin spice latte? If not, what is your favourite fall beverage? Mine is Chia Tea with milk.

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