Decor Dupes: A Merry Kirkland’s Christmas

Get the holiday decor you want for less with these 5 amazing Kirland’s Home Christmas decor dupes. Easy and quick DIY dupes.

What’s A Decor Dupe?

Dupe: to deceive; trick

Sounds horrible, I know. But in the land of DIYing decor dupes are a great thing. It means that you can take an expensive item and then recreate the look. The pieces of decor will look the same but it’s not the same because the materials used to recreate the same decor look cost so much less. Your friends and family will think you spent a small fortune but you’ll know the truth.

You’ll know it’s a dupe.

Benefits Of A Good Dupe

There really is only one good benefit to a good dupe but it’s a really fabulous benefit: you save money. It’s really that simple. Decor duping allows you to recreate and own decor pieces that you would other wise be out of your budget.

However, there are a few smaller perks as well. After all, you get to go shopping but not spend a dime. You’ll get to stretch your creativity and build on your DIY skills. You’re creating a stylish look for your home that you love. And if you choose to share your little dupe secret I guarantee you, people will be impressed.

5 Christmas Kirkland’s Home Decor Dupes

A couple of nights ago I took a short scroll through the Kirkland’s Home website. I was specifically looking for their Christmas decor line. In it, I found a ton of great ideas. I wanted to find pieces that were over priced. They also needed to be really easy to recreate and each would have to cost next to nothing to make.

Here’s what I came up with.

Black Stag Head Wreath Hanger

This elegant and minimalist wreath hanger is perfect for just about any decor style. And you won’t believe how quick and easy it is to make.

Kirkland’s asking price: $12.99
At Jenny’s Place price: $2.50 + a bit of matte black spray paint (which I always have on hand)

Supplies You Will Need

  • Dollar Tree reindeer head
  • Dollar Tree wreath hook
  • Flat black spray paint
  • Hot glue gun and glue

How to Dupe

  • Remove the wreath from around the reindeer’s head.
  • Remove the packaging from the wreath hook
  • Spray paint both the reindeer head and the wreath hook with flat black spray paint.
  • Hot glue the head to the front of the hook.

And that’s it! To me, this is the best kind of dupe because it was so simple, so cheap, and turned out looking exactly like the original.

Joy Table Decor

This charming little table top decor caught my eye, I loved the 3D effect created by the hanging bell. I couldn’t find a glitter free bell this year so I decided to go with the lantern instead. But really you could do either. I also couldn’t find the wooden letters at Dollar Tree so I purchased some thick cardboard ones, on sale, at Michael’s.

Kirkland’s asking price: $29.99
At Jenny’s Place DIY price: $3.25 +a bit of black paint which I always have on hand)

Supplies You Will Need

  • Wood or thick cardboard letters: J and Y
  • Dollar Tree Christmas lantern or bell
  • Wood plank
  • Thick metal wire
  • Black paint (this can be chalk paint, acrylic paint, or spray paint)
  • Drill
  • Hot glue and glue gun.

How to Dupe

  • Paint the letters and the wire black.
  • Paint the wood plank black.
  • Bend the metal wire into a hooked shape.
  • Cut a Jenga block in half and paint each black.
  • Using wood glue attach the letters to the Jenga blocks and us this to attach the letters to the base. Again, use wood glue to adhere.
  • Drill a hole for the wire. Slide the metal hook in and then shoot a bit of hot glue into the hole to keep the wire in place.
  • Touch up with a little bit of black paint to mask any glue.
  • Add the lantern with the little battery operated tea light candle.

NOTE: If you’re using the thicker wooden letters from Dollar Tree you can skip the Jenga step if you prefer.

Voila! This charming holiday table decor dupe will look perfect on your fireplace mantel or a table top.

Botanical Pine Spruce & Mistletoe Prints

These prints are fabulous. Their rustic, vintage look is ideal for the holiday season. The pine tree one can be used well past Christmas and into the winter months. To help you recreate these gorgeous wall decor pieces I’ve made you a free, downloadable printable.

Kirkland’s asking price: $62.99 each
At Jenny’s Place DIY price: Free (I already had the picture frames but if you don’t you can always get some at the Dollar Tree.)

Supplies You Will Need

  • Printer paper or card stock. (I went with Kraft coloured card stock.)
  • Printer
  • Picture frames with enough space for an 8.5″X11″ picture.
  • At Jenny’s Place free, downloadable printable

How to Dupe

  • Download the free printable.
  • Print out the images.
  • Place each in the frames and hang.
  • This is not a complete guide for each tip, but an intro
  • Over time you can create a complete guide dedicated to that single tip, and link to the guides from this post!
  • I like using illustrations and images to break up the monotony of a long list post.

Free Christmas Prints!

Want to recreate these nostalgic prints for your own holiday decor. Simply download the free printables and print them out. It’s as easy as that!

I’m in love with this dupe. I decided to print mine off on Kraft card stock and they turned out so good! I know exactly where these beauties are going this Christmas.

Metal Dual Bells With Greenery

This look is so charming. I decided to switch it up a bit by giving the bells a faux enamel look to fit into our Christmas decor a bit better. However, you can always keep it exactly as it is. In fact, that would likely be easier, cheaper and quicker.

If however, you are loving the faux enamel look you might also love this thrift faux enamel candle holder.

Kirkland’s asking price: $34.99
At Jenny’s Place DIY price: $5 (I already had the flat black spray paint, white chalk paint, and wooden beads on hand.)

Supplies You Will Need

  • Dollar tree dual plastic Christmas bells
  • Flat matte black spray paint
  • Chalk paint in white
  • Paint brushes
  • Burlap ribbon
  • 2 Wooden beads
  • Brown rope
  • 2 Pine cones
  • 2 Faux pine boughs
  • Hot glue gun and glue

How to Dupe

  • Start by spray painting the bells with the black spray paint.
  • Once dry, paint on a few coat of white chalk paint, allowing the coats to dry completely in between. If you don’t let this dry the paint will separate creating a textured look.
  • Once done and dry, wet distress the bells so that the black underneath pops through.
  • White wash the little wooden bead.
  • Using a tiny paint brush and a bit of white chalk paint, paint the tips of the pines cones.
  • Tie the burlap ribbon into a double bow.
  • Hot glue the pine cones and pine boughs to the front of the burlap bow.
  • Cut a length of rope about 1-1.5′ long. Put the rope through the top hole of each of the bells so that now they are attached. Make sure that the rope is just long enough that you can knot it inside several times so that the the bells won’t slide up and down. You also want it the bead to hang just above the bottom of each bell.
  • Slide a wooden bead onto each end and using hot squirt some glue into the holes of the bead to keep the robe secure inside.

See, quick and easy but these look so great. You hang use these to hang on your front door, add to a wreath, or hang them in a window for an added touch of cheer.

Flocked Pine and Berry Centerpiece

As a thank you for hosting a friend’s baby shower this past summer I was given a gift of wine. It came in a cardboard box that for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to toss out. And then I saw this arrangement on the Kirkland’ Home;s website and I instantly knew that the box had found it’s new purpose. To recreate this look. simply look for a similar shaped box or crate. Or maybe treat yourself to some wine?

Kirkland’s asking price: $69.99
At Jenny’s Place DIY price: $16.75 (If you were to buy all of the supplies brand Dollar Tree. However, for my total cost was once again FREE because I had all of the supplies on hand.

Supplies You Will Need

  • Cardboard or wooden shaped box
  • Faux wood shelf lines 0adhesive backing
  • Ribbon
  • Faux pine boughs
  • Faux holiday berry sprigs
  • Large pine cones
  • White chalk or acrylic paint
  • Small paint brush
  • Chippy paint brush
  • Pillar candles or you can always go with battery operated if you prefer

How to Dupe

  • Line the sides and over the top of the cardboard box with the faux wood shelf liner.
  • Optional;” with the chippy brush on some of ArtMinds dark brown Antique Wax.
  • Paint the tips of the pine cones with the white chalk paint and set aside to dry.
  • Place the candles into each of the glass vases and arrange equally along the inside of the box.
  • Arrange the pine boughs, pine cones, and berries among the candles holders.
  • Add the ribbon by shaping into waves and sticking into in among the greenery and berries for the finishing touch.

And that’s all there is to it. You now have a beautiful, high end centerpiece that cost you less then $10 to make and yet it looks like you sent a whole lot more.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On Kirkland Christmas Decor Dupes

Ok, just for a giggle let’s add all of these Kirkland’s Home Christmas decor dupes to see what we would have spent buying all of this of their website.Then let’s take a look at what all 5 of these projects actually ended up costing.

Kirkland’s asking price: $273.94
At Jenny’s Place DIY price: $18.75


TOTAL TIME USED TO CREATE: Minutes. None of these DIYs will take you more then a couple of minutes to make – minus drying times.

Yep, you ready that right. You can save that much money just with a good dupe And all of these DIY decor dupes take mere moments to make. And how do you go wrong with that?
Totally wanting to know, which of these DIYs do you think looks the most like the original?

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