DIY Influencers That Are Amazing

These 5 amazing DIY influencers are some of my favourite in the DIY world and I want to share these incredible creators with you.

Top DIY Influencer: THE DIY MOMMY

I know I’m not supposed to have favourites but I did Christina would be high on my list. I love The DIY Mommy! Christina has stellar taste. Her crafts are always classy and achievable. Her sweet disposition shines through in everything she writes. I am particularly a fan of her camper makeovers and I can’t wait to try this out for myself.

In addition, Christina’s many years of blogging makes for an extensive and entertaining read. The DIY Mommy covers it all: crafts, decor, recipes, organizing, cleaning and tons of free printables. Her writing style is relaxed, honest and entertaining. The web site is well laid out, easy to navigate and has incredible photography. Christina even offers her followers a chance to have a room in their house designed by her. How fantastic is that?!

I literally can’t say enough about Christina at The DIY Mommy. You have got to check her out. She was one of the first women to inspire me to try creating At Jenny’s Place. Who wouldn’t want to be like her. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

BONUS: check out her Youtube Channel

You can learn more about The DIY Mommy check out her site.


The Latina Next Door is the crafting blog of all crafting blogs. Yami is as unique and adorable as her name. Her talent for crafting is remarkable. She hosts a brilliant series called the Look For Less Challenge and it never disappoints. Yami’s style is elegant and simple with a touch of coastal farmhouse. The projects found on The Latina Next Door are always affordable. One could even call the cost of her craft ideas inexpensive but somehow she always makes them look high end.

Although, The Latina Next Door is mostly about DIY decor with the purchase of a new home Yami has been expanding into extreme home renovations. Here she displays obvious talent for interior design and impeccable taste.

BONUS: I love that she offers some of her DIY tutorials and products in both English and Spanish.

Check out Yami in the The Latina Next Door on both her blog and on her Youtube Channel

Top DIY Influencers: LEMON THISTLE

This fellow Canadian blogger holds a special place in my crafting heart. Colleen’s specialty definitely has to be her talent at hand lettering.

Lemon Thistle provides numerous printables, a free Quick Start tutorial on brush lettering, and tons of free lettering practice sheets so that you too can master the fine art of… well, lettering. It’s one of the many reasons I follow her. I was hopeless at lettering and could use all the help I could get.

In addition to her impressive lettering skills, Colleen has a ton of great ideas and a contagious energy. Her family is her main focus and this dedication to family shines through in many of her projects. Lemon Thistle’s articles are extensive and include several fun and easy to follow kid crafts that are sure to happily entertain your little ones.

Her fabulous decor style has a modern vibe that is both relaxing and appealing. And although she tends to lean more towards neutrals this is not a lady who is afraid to throw a bit of colour around. Nor is she afraid to wield a power tool.

Obviously, Colleen is someone who loves to entertain. Lemon Thistle is chalked full of wonderful party ideas complete with pictures of the beautiful party decor and fantastic recipes.

BONUS: Check out her Youtube channel under the name Colleen Pastor

Head on over to check out this fabulous blog


This veteran blogger has so many years under her belt that her blog Creative Green Living literally has you covered for every DIY possibility.

Carissa is funky and fun and I love the environmental slant to her approach. Creative Green Living is chalked full of creative tutorials that cover everything from environmentally friendly crafting, gardening, delicious recipes, health and beauty and even how to raise chickens!

The crafts found on this site are both appealing and practical. Carissa’s clear directions and easy to follow photos make recreating her projects a snap. I especially love the upcycle projects. Her passion for doing her part in helping to the planet is truly contagious.

Creative Green Living dabbles in gardening while providing incredibly helpful advice on the subject. The colourful and creative crafts made out of recycled materials she shares on the site are both beautiful and helpful in the garden. The recipe section offers several gluten free and vegan options. And don’t let me forget about the stunning bath bombs that Carissa shows you how to make. They are totally Lush worthy. They definitely Inspired me to break out the essential oils and craft molds. Mama’s got to make herself some of those tonight

BONUS: Carissa is a published author with several books available for purchase on Amazon

To check out Carissa’s fabulous blog


This is a blog has everything and I mean everything. With more than 10 years worth of content under her belt Brooke’s web site has it all. 

At All Things Thrifty you’ll find easy to follow crafts that cover every holiday and event including weddings. You will also find step by step tutorials on furniture makeovers, delicious recipes that your family are sure to love, and plenty of ideas on decorating your home. Brooke includes a life page where she covers more personal subjects such as her faith, travels, health and beauty and even tips on blogging. It is truly an impressive line up where you are sure to find exactly what you were looking for and probably a few good things that you weren’t.

This colourful blog brilliantly showcases the creator’s cheerful disposition. Brooke is definitely not afraid to tackle larger projects and has included several tutorials on how to reupholster furniture. Her recipes are uncomplicated and yummy. If all of that wasn’t enough, Brooke’s willingness to share personal family stories with an open and honest style makes for a fun and relatable read.

BONUS: All Things Thrifty has an insane number of excellent free printables.

Learn more about Brooke and get some more great ideas here

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On These 5 Amazing DIYers

I hope that you found this list of my favourite top DIY influencers to be helpful. Each and everyone of these amazingly talented women have provided me with numerous inspirational ideas and that because of them my creating and decorating skills have definitely expanded. I know that if you check them out they will do the same for you.

Sharing is caring. So head on over to check out these fabulous ladies and while you’re there if you could drop them a line letting them I sent you over, that would be amazing! Thank you.

xx Jenny

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