Dollar Store Party Supplies Worth Getting

Throwing an amazing party doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Find out how dollar store party supplies can take your party from everyday to over the top.

Dollar Store Party Supplies to Make Your Party Rock

Who doesn’t love a good party? And who doesn’t love to save money?

If you are going to go to the expense and trouble of throwing a party than I say you might as well do it up right. But in order to throw a party with all the bells and whistles you’ll need the right supplies. That can get really expensive, right?

Wrong! Thank goodness for the dollar store. From the buffet table to the decorations you can find everything that you need to throw an amazing party at your local dollar store. It’s just about knowing which ones to get and how to best use them.

Why Does Throwing A Party Have To Cost so Much?

It doesn’t. Throwing a party can cost a lot but it doesn’t have to cost so much. If you hire a party planner, shop solely at party supply stores, buy only expensive party decorations, skip the DIYing, and avoid any creativity then your party is going to cost a lot of money.

However, if you plan things out for yourself, shop wisely, embrace some DIYing, and think outside the box then you can throw an over the top, talk about it for weeks, party of the ages for very little money.

Let this guide help you get started.

Dollar Store Party Supplies To The Rescue

Hands down, the dollar store is the least expensive and one of the best places to find party decor. They offer an array of materials that can be used as intended or made over to fit into any party setting. For pennies on the dollar you can create a party experience like no other.

Top Dollar Store Party Supplies For Your Party

To help you get started and to provide a bit of inspiration I have broken down each component to throwing a great party and then provided you with the dollar store party supplies that will work best and ideas on how to use them.

For Your Food And Beverage Tables

What party is complete without food and drink? Take advantage of this opportunity to titillate your guests with gorgeous food, dessert, and beverage table decor. The dollar store carries all the supplies you are going to need.

Plastic table cloths

Skip the trip to more expensive party supply stores and head to the dollar store for your plastic table cloths. They come in varying colours, sizes, and shapes and you just can’t beat the price.


Not talking the basic white napkins here. You can often find really stylish napkins in several different sizes, colours and patterns at the dollar store. They come in both square and rectangle shapes.

Red cups and mini shot glass

I am personally not a fan of the red cups but if you want them then the dollar store is the place to get them.

I do love the mini shot glasses though, and I use them for more than just drinks. I’ve used them for holding dips, as candy scoops, or to hold condiments. I once used them to hand out glow powder at my daughter’s 18th birthday party. That was cool.


There are so many options for creating centerpieces at the dollar store that I literally can’t list them all here. Just trust me. Take a walk around the store and keep an open mind. I am sure that you can come up with a ton of great centerpiece options for any party.
For a bit of inspiration you may enjoy my elegant pool noodle centerpiece or this charming, rustic centerpiece.

Serving platters

There are some really amazing serving platters at the dollar store that can give you that high end look but without the cost. Try using ones in solid colours with simple lines or go for the faux metal look to elevate a buffet table.

Large plastic bins

Fill with ice to keep drinks cold. Use to corral new and used towels for a pool party, to hold blankets for an outdoor gathering, or to hand out party favours. You can leave these in their original colour or spray paint them to fit your decor. Add embellishments or personalize with written messages.

Plastic bins

Are super cheap at the dollar store.They can be used to elevate platters on the buffet or treat table, to serve food,or to keep the drinks in ice.

I found these clear, plastic canister containers with lids at Dollar Tree. I filled them with candies for my daughter’s birthday party and then added a Dollar Tree plastic scoop to each. They were a huge hit and they looked fabulous.

Metal buckets and bins

These make stunning centerpieces on your table. You can use them to coral napkins and silverware, or to serve chips and popcorn in.


These aren’t just for the kids anymore. Favours are a nice touch at any party. I mean really, who doesn’t love getting a little gift just for being you? And they don’t have to break the bank. A bit of clever shopping at the dollar store will do the trick.

Think beyond the favour aisle

Even if you are hosting a kids party I encourage you to think outside the box. There are a ton of party favour options at the dollar store that go beyond cheap plastic toys. I love to visit the toiletry aisle for spa items. Other favourite aisles for favours are the craft and seasonal aisles. So many options!

Treat bags

The dollar store is where it’s at when it comes to paper, cloth, and plastic gift or treat bags. Don’t bother going anywhere else. You can also find all the ribbon and bows that you need. One stop shop. Doesn’t get better than that.


Are a super cute way to house party favour contents. They are so easy to personalize. The wooden ones can even be reused in the guest’s home as decor. Paint, stain, or embellish them with dollar store items and you will end up with a gorgeous, one of a kind party favour that will cost next to nothing but will make your guest feel special.

Plastic or metal baskets or bins

You can find super cool bins and baskets at the dollar store. Use these to as the base to your party favours or as a way to hand out the favours. Personalize these with embellishments, spray paint, or written messages. Guests will appreciate the contents and the reusable basket.

Plant pots

A few ideas for super cool party favours would be to fill the pot with soil and then add a small plant or a bulb kit. Wrap it up in one of the dollar store gift bags Or you could add a small bag of dollar store soil, gardening gloves, a couple of gardening tools, and a few seed packets for a fun spring party favour. Another ideas would be to fill the pot with melted candle wax and essential oils to make candle favours.

PRO TIP: The dollar store often has these clear, plastic gift wrapping bags. They shrink to size when you warm them up with a hair dryer. Looks so professional.

Photo Booth And Backdrop

Show of hands…. who is forever grateful that this became a party staple? I know that I am.

A well done photo booth is a great addition to any party. These days everyone has a smart phone and if you provide your guests with a fabulous backdrop I promise you that they will take advantage.


No photo booth is complete without photo props. Ya need those hats, oversized glasses, boas, word bubbles, party horns, lips, and mustaches to make an appearance and the dollar store is definitely the place to get them.


Are the cheapest at the dollar store. You can get them in a bunch of different colours. They come with or without sparkly embellishments.

Go all out with colour to create a fun and funky backdrop or for a more whimsical look go for pastels and sparkles. Rustic party themes call for browns, creams, and burlap. While streamers in white, ivory and cream with just an added touch of gold makes for the most elegant of back drops.


Are always available at the dollar store and they are super cheap. The quality is fine, and when used with style in mind, balloons can be used for more than just at child’s birthday party. Most often these are displayed in the shape of an arch but they can also be mixed with faux florals for a colourful and solid back drop. Or try placing them around the edges for a photo frame look.

Helium balloons

Did you know that you can get helium balloons at the dollar store? You can. Their options are admittedly limited but with a bit of careful shopping you can get a fabulous look for very little money.

Plastic table cloths or shower curtains

Make fabulous back drops for photo booths. Stretch one out and then personalize it with a message or try cutting a few of them into strips and then hang them horizontally like you would streamers. You can also purchase several in coordinating colours and then hang them side by side for a full and gathered look.

Party paper decorations and paper lanterns

At the dollar store you can find paper decorations that are just as nice as the party store ones. Save your money. Spring and summer are a great time to find these.

Poster board

Is always available at the dollar store. They are great for creating smaller, picture frame photo booths, or use to cut out large letters and then hang as part of the backdrop.

Picture Frames

Hang a bunch of inexpensive photo frames with clear nylon thread for a magical look. Or attach frames to a solid back drop and insert craft paper, photos, or written messages for a unique backdrop.

Mason jars

Hang these and fill with LED mini lights, flowers, faux florals and greenery, or battery operated candles for a magical photo booth.

Mini lights with or without picture clips

String these among streamers or fabrics or have them hanging like streamers for a stunning backdrop. Or string them vertically across a solid back drop. If they have clips attach embellishments, photos, balloons, or florals for added flair.

Faux florals

You can often find really amazing and realistic faux florals and faux greenery at the dollar store. They cost so little but add quite the punch.


Having signs around to guide guests through your party helps both your guests and you. Let guests know what they are eating and what they are drinking. Show them that they can take a party favour, help themselves to a shawl, or even where the bathroom is. Signs just make things easier.

Picture frames

You can get these inexpensively at the dollar store and then easily change them up with paint and embellishments. Add a printed message for a quick and easy sign option.

Mini picture frames

Work great for table place cards or to display table numbers at larger events. Use to label food items on the buffet, dessert, and drink table.

JENNY FACT: For our wedding, I used ornate, burnt orange mini picture frames for our table numbers. I found them at the dollar store and they turned out really lovely. I also used a larger, dollar store frame for our open bar. Everyone loved the thoughtful touch and now hubby and I use it as decor in our home.

Tissue paper, craft paper, or wrapping paper

You can find all of these at the dollar store. Use them to decorate the signs so that they perfectly fit your decor.

Poster board

Make cheap and easy signs for the party. Poster board is nice and sturdy so it makes for a good outdoor option.

Chalk boards

The dollar store often sells chalk board signs and these can be a great option for creating customized party signs. If you use chalk board markers you’ll get a nice crisp look.

MDF signs

Makeover decor MDF signs that dollar tree almost always has on hand. Personalize these to perfectly suit your party decor. This is a quick and easy way to provide guests with the information they need. The pre-made arrow signs are especially ideal for this.


Makes the party and although all the components mentioned in this article come together for an overall decor effect there are a few extras that really make a difference.

Glass vases

These can be modified in a zillion ways to fit your decor and there are just as many things to put into these vases. Best part? All can be found at the dollar store.

A few to consider are: LED mini lights, sand and sea shells, candles, or flower arrangements.

Candle holders

Can of course hold candles but you can also use these to create tiered trays, as bases to candy jars, as a pillar to display party decor, or as a stand for serving trays.

Faux greenery

Is so cheap at the dollar store and it can be used throughout your party decor. I absolutely love these floating candle jars found in my summer decor article. They made the perfect addition to an outdoor cheese and wine party.

Hula hoops

Can be used in so many ways it’s almost crazy. Wrap lights around them and hang them for stunning outdoor lighting. Spray paint and adorn with faux florals, balloons, or ribbons. Then hang the hoops with clear nylon thread for a stunning backdrop. Or create a major statement by attaching a hula hoop to a solid base, decorate, and then use as a fabulous centerpiece.

Glow sticks

Are a great addition to any teen or outdoor, night time party. Leave them out for guests to wear. The dollar store often carries glow in the dark powder which can also be fun to hand out.

For decor, try cracking a few and then place them in glass jars. Place these around the party for a bit of lit decor. Or crack a bunch and then loop them together to make a glow in the dark chain or stick them in balloons and then blow up the balloons for a magical display.

More Dollar Store Party Supplies: Going The Extra Mile

The finishing touches is what takes a party over the top. These guest comforts are not expected but always appreciated. It is also these little details that let people know that you care about them… and that you are an amazing host.


Are a thoughtful touch that any guest will appreciate especially during the cold months. Stock up when you find these at the dollar store. Display them them in a wicker basket. Place another basket beside the first. Add signs that say “Stay Cozy. Help Yourself” and “Worn & Need Washing.”


Any woman at an outdoor event will thank you for this extra detail. The dollar store often carries some really lovely shawls during the fall and winter. Grab a bunch and then when you host outdoors in the evening or on a cool day offer your guests a bit of additional comfort.

Mini toiletries

The dollar store often has name brand, travel toiletries. Pick up a few that make sense for a party: spray on deodorant, floss, mints, feminine hygiene products, Tide stick, Tylenol, Tums, hair spray and hand cream. Put these in a dollar store basket accompanied by a sign telling guests to help themselves.

White face clothes

When hosting a larger event offering your guests individual hand towels is a nice touch. I like to use the dollar store’s white, face cloths. Have one basket with clean, white face clothes with a sign inviting guests to use them to dry their hands. Have another basket marked “Used” for the dirty ones.

Metal buckets

For an outdoor party fill a couple of metal buckets with bug spray, sun screen, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and bubbles. Place these around the party for guests to help themselves.


Are a lovely way to display any of the extra details suggested above. You can leave these baskets laying around the party or near the door. Add signs to explain to guests what they are for and then friends and family help themselves.

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Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On Dollar Store Party Supplies

Getting together with friend and family to have a great time is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s a time to indulge, let loose, and have a great time. It should be something that we do as often as possible. Thanks to all of the affordable dollar store party supplies available to us we can now throw amazing parties without breaking the bank.

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