Dollar Store Supplies For DIYs From Tool Aisle

You can find all sorts of unexpected dollar store supplies for DIYs in the tool aisle. So get creative and check out the tool aisle today!

Fun And Creative Ideas For Using These Supplies

Have you ever been to the dollar store and wondered what you could make with all of the interesting supplies in the tool aisle?

You’re standing in the middle of the dollar store, looking at all the supplies in the tool aisle. You’ve been wanting to explore it for a while now, but you’re not sure where to start. Surely there must be something here that you can use… but what?

Well, wonder no more! With a little imagination, you can create some amazing projects using nothing more than some simple supplies from your local dollar store tool aisle. From duct tape to cabinet pulls, there’s no limit to what you can create!

Think Outside The Box

That’s right – the tool aisle at your favorite dollar store is a treasure trove of crafting supplies just waiting to be turned into something beautiful. You just need to think a little outside of the box. Just because something is sold in the tool aisle doesn’t mean it can only be used for that purpose. Let’s get creative and see what other uses we can come up with.

Turning to the dollar store tool aisle for crafting and DIYing supplies will save you money, it will get you considering projects you may have not thought of before, and it will stretch your creative skills. And who among us DIYers doesn’t want that?

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your next project today!

DIY Dollar Store Supplies From The Tool Aisle

DIY projects are a great way to save money and be creative. But sometimes it can be hard to know where to start.

Don’t worry! With a little imagination, you can use dollar store supplies from the tool aisle to create some amazing projects. Here are some tips to get you started:

Light Bulbs

I was just in Dollarama and I was shook at the variety of light bulbs available. They come in every shape and size and they are perfect for the DIYer. Create fabulous high end lit wooden signs. Use to create whimsical hanging terrariums or floral decor. During Christmas use these cheap bulbs to create lit wooden Christmas tree displays, Christmas tree ornaments, or use to embellish front door wreaths.

Contact Cement

What DIYer doesn’t love a shot of hot glue? But it’s always good to have an alternative and contact cement can make for a great plan B. It is especially great for adhering leather, metal sheeting, or linoleum to wood surfaces. The stuff is permanent though, so keep that in mind when using.

Most Flexible of the Dollar Store Supplies! Zip Ties

Useful for more than just organizing your cords and wires. Zip ties are fantastic for hanging up decorative lights, creating decorative bows, bundling faux floral stems together or attaching embellishments to wreaths and garlands.


May need a little spray paint to increase their visual appeal but these humble hunks of metal are fantastic for hanging macrame wall art or curtain panels. You could use them in the kitchen, craft room, laundry room or bathroom to hang small buckets from.

Command Hooks

Command hooks are the DIYers best friend. They’re the perfect solution for hanging temporary wall art. At Christmas I love to use them to hang wreaths on windows, cabinet doors, mirrors, or on the backs of chairs. They’re also great for hanging party decor, creating a photo booth or for making backdrops. For every day use try spray paint them to make them look a little higher end.

Free Printables!

Looking for free printables for creating home decor, organizing projects, or just for fun? You found it. These FREE printables were made for DIY enthusiasts just like you!

Most Colourful of the Dollar Store Supplies! Electrical Tape / Duct Tape

Electrical or duct tape comes in so many colours and so many patterns it’s amazing. And these handy little rolls of adhesive can be used in so many way decor DIYs. Use to creative bright and colourful decor in children’s rooms. Use to decorate a command center, to embellish picture frames, decorate vases, or to create on of a kind wall art. For party decor try coordinating the pattern with the theme of the party.

Painter’s Tape

Is not just for prepping walls. Use it to create nice crisp lines, patterns, or grids when painting your DIYs. Create one of a kind wall art, add interest to painted furniture, mark out a design on glass for etching or create beautiful designs for wood staining.

Wall Hooks

Can be used for so much more than just hooking things to the wall. Create a wall plaque for hanging decor and art or use to make unique a jewellery display. Create a one of kind way to display messages, as a calendar, or as a holiday count down.

Most Creative of Dollar Store Supplies! Bed Risers

Yes, you read that right. Bed risers can make for awesome DIYing. Spray paint these, cover them with paper, or paint with faux pottery paint. Turn them upside down and they’re a base for floral arrangements, Christmas trees, or battery operated candle displays.

Cabinet Knobs / Pulls

Much much like wall hooks. Cabinet knobs are the perfect solution for displaying jewelry or creating whimsical wall art. Use them to top DIY tiered trays, as glass jar toppers, or attach to wooden trays for handles. Another decor idea is to use cabinet knobs in place of wall hooks.

Foam Ear Plugs

Yes, this is a little bit out there but stay with me. Chop these up into smaller pieces and use as base protectors to protect pieces from scratching up glass or mirrored surfaces. Or use as a way to pop embellishments off of surfaces for creating wall art, seasonal wooden signs or Christmas ornaments.

Best of Dollar Store Supplies! Canvas Drop Cloths

Yes, you can use these to protect your floor or table from flying paint and glitter but let’s think outside the box. In the home, how about making pillow covers, wall art, or curtains. In the dining room create table runners, napkins, or place mats.

For Christmas use these to make stockings, tree skirts, ornaments, or stylish wreaths. Really, the possibilities go on and on.

25 Unexpected Dollar Tree Craft Supplies For A DIY Christmas has even more cheap dollar store Christmas ideas that you’ll want to give a try.

Leather Chamois

Well, it’s leather so the possibilities are endless. Make leather embellishments for fabric decor, as a background to photos, or wrap around glass candle holders. For Christmas add leather embellishments to wreaths, stockings or ornaments.


Aren’t just for the handy man. These are a must have tool for the DIY decorator as well. Use these to apply wood putty, scrap off stickers, or to remove embellishments. This basic tool is also great for crafting cleaning ups. Just scoop up the mess and deposit into the garbage.

Window Scraper

This little humble tool can take on more then a morning frost. Use this handy little tool to remove sticky price tags, scrape off glitter, or remove paint from mirrors and glass. Definitely a handy must have tool.

Craziest of the Dollar Store Supplies! Orange Cones

Ok, if you stayed with me this long than you deserve the craziest idea of them all but it just has potential. Use to decorate kids rooms or playrooms.

This particular tool is is awesome for holiday decor. For Christmas wrap in fabric, robe, or foam to make festive Christmas trees. For Halloween turn them into witches hats, candy corn, or ghosts.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts on Dollar Store Supplies From the Tool Aisle

Who knew the dollar store tool aisle could be such a treasure trove for crafters? Next time you’re looking for supplies, be sure to check out what’s available. You might just find exactly what you need (and at an unbeatable price).

So get creative and see what you can find! And if you have any great finds of your own, please share them with us in the comments below.

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