25 Unexpected Dollar Tree Craft Supplies For A DIY Christmas

Discover 25 Dollar Tree craft supplies to use in your Christmas DIYs this year. Guaranteed crafting items you haven’t thought of before.

How Do You Make A Dollar Tree Christmas Ornament?

There are almost unlimited ways to make a Dollar Tree Christmas ornament but if I were to break it down into 3 main categories they would be:

Keep things simple and start with a pre-made Dollar Tree ornament. Don’t shy away from adding and removing elements of the ornament that you don’t like, You can paint all or part of them a different colour. Add embellishments with holiday greenery berries, faux poinsettias, twine, buttons, fabric, glitter, or rhinestones. Personalize them with Sharpie markers, Cricut decals, stickers, or stamps.

Use Dollar Tree craft supplies and seasonal items and create your own Christmas ornaments. You can find almost everything that you need to make ornaments from scratch and in the end you end up with beautiful ornaments that cost very little to make.

These are the ornaments that no one saw coming. These are the ornaments you make with the crazy unexpected Dollar Tree craft supplies suggested below. When you make Dollar Tree Christmas ornaments with supplies that aren’t your typical holiday DIY materials you end up with the most fabulously unique and beautiful ornaments.

For Christmas, What Can I Make With Dollar Tree Items?

Using Dollar Tree items there are countless things that you can make for Christmas. There are a ton of Dollar Tree craft supplies and everyday items that can be used to create things for the holidays. The number of possibilities is truly endless but here is a list of ideas to get you started.

  • Christmas Tree ornaments
  • Christmas Centerpieces
  • Garland
  • Table decor
  • Faux Christmas trees
  • Tree skirts
  • Stockings Front door wreaths
  • Outdoor decor
  • DIY kitchen gift
  • DIY home decor gifts
  • Decorative lanterns Holiday wall art
  • Tablescapes
  • Throw pillows
  • Front door rugs
  • Tiered Trays
  • Candle and candle holders

25 Unexpected Dollar Tree Craft Supplies

25 unique Dollar Tree Christmas craft supplies that is sure to have you seeing these items in a whole new light. Once you open your mind up to the possibilities I promise that coupled with your natural creativity and some assistance from the helpful suggestions supplied below you will end up with the most incredible Christmas decorations.

GIFT: When you are finished reading the 25 unique Christmas Dollar Tree crafting supplies that are sure to blow your mind you will find a couple extra ones waiting for you. My little gift to you.

Clothing Aisle

  • Winter Scarfs make perfect Christmas tree ornaments, messy bows, or wrapping gifts. You could use these scarves for cutting out holiday shapes to adorn pillows , stockings, and tree skirts. Or cut out holiday shapes and use in wall art pieces. You can use the scarf to wrap wreath forms, make gnome outfits, wrap foam or wooden Christmas trees forms, or as a festive table runner.
  • Mittens and gloves when stuffed with some cotton wool make cute and cuddly snowmen or reindeer. Try stringing up some mittens on some festive ribbon to create a garland, or decorate tiny mittens with paint, glitter or sequins to create Christmas ornaments.

Kitchen Aisle

  • Pizza Pan offers so many possibilities. Use these to make a large sized snowman or as a large Christmas ornament. You could decorate them to look like a Santa, elf, or reindeer face. They make great bases for holiday door wreaths or as Christmas wall art. Painted they make stunning candle trays. You can even use them to make a beautiful Christmas advent count down clock.
  • Tea Towels are perfect for cutting up into holiday shapes to adorn pillows, stockings, and tree skirts. Use as wall art, to make ornaments, to wrap gifts, for messy bows, or rip ’em up and use to make a tattered rag wreath.
  • Muffin Liners can be used to create paper ornaments, folded over they make lovely and colourful garland. Use to make wreaths, for paper Christmas tees, as angel wings, or to decorated holiday cards.
  • Pie Plates make beautiful tiered trays and cookie stands. Paint them to look like enamel and use as candle decor. Just like the pizza pan, the pie plate also makes fantastic Santa, elf, and reindeer. The mini ones are ideal for making ornaments and wall decor pieces. Paint them with metallic spray paint, with chalk paint to look like enamel, or decoupage with holiday napkins or paper to give them a whole new look.

These Christmas wall art ideas using tea towels make for a stunning picture display.

Free Christmas Printable

Looking for a fun and easy way to add some Christmas cheer to your home? Look no further than our free Christmas printable! This downloadable PDF is packed with Christmas song lyrics, perfect for creating DIY ornaments and decor. Just print, cut out, and enjoy!

This printable is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit, and it’s totally free! So what are you waiting for? Download our free Christmas printable today and start getting creative!

Tool Aisle

  • Car Drying Towels can cover up wreath forms, be used as gnome beards, or for embellishing stocking and throw pillow covers. It also looks lovely as fake snow in Christmas ornaments or works well when used for fabric ornaments.
  • Mop Heads are great for adorning stockings, creating boho Christmas tree wall art, and for making gnome or Santa beards. You can use them to make pompoms, tassels, or to trim stockings. They are nice and bulky so you can use them to wrap around foam Christmas trees, ornaments, wreath forms, or around the plastic holiday forms you can find at the dollar store.
  • Broom Handles make wonderful bases (“trunks”) for faux, pencil Christmas trees. Or cover the handle with tape, attach seasonally appropriate signs, directions, or images, and use as an outdoor sign on your front porch. To keep the broom handle upright stick one it in a bucket of cement or sand,
  • Adhesive, Suction Cups, or Magnetic Hooks are of course fabulous for hanging up decorations, wreaths, stockings, and garland. They’re also great for making advent calendars, or for hanging holiday items (such as mini skates or buckets of mini faux snowballs) from wall art.

You’ll love these adorable snowmen ornaments I made using Dollar Tree mop head strings.

Party Aisle

  • Regular or Mini Solo Cups can be turned into Santa suites by adding a black and gold buckle. Or you could turn the cups into mini coffee or hot cocoa mug ornaments with stickers, sprinkles, and caulking. Personalize the plastic cups using spray paint, Sharpie markers, rhinestones, Cricut decals, or stickers. These also make the perfect base for bubble gum ornaments when paired with a Dollar Tree clear ornament. Or punch a hole into the center bottom of each, stick them onto a strand of mini lights and either leave them plain or decorate them to look like Santa’s suit. These look so pretty strung up like garland or wrapped around a mini Christmas tree.
  • Mini Wedding Favour Buckets look adorable filled with mini faux snowballs, these are the cutest tree ornaments. Attach them to a wreath form with fluffy pompoms and wood cut out snowflakes and you have a beautiful wreath that can take you through Christmas and then well into the winter months. You can also use these snowball buckets on tiered trays or as part of a cute centerpiece for the kid’s table. Or use them to hold the treats for a DIY advent calendar. To match your colour scheme, a simple coat of spray paint will do the trick. To personalize these adorable buckets use Sharpie markers, rhinestones, stickers, or Cricut decals.

Laundry Aisle

  • Laundry Baskets, when wrapped in fabric, burlap, thick yarn, or thick rope laundry baskets from Dollar Tree make great bases for smaller Christmas trees or as baskets for gifts, mittens, slippers, or faux snowballs.
  • Wooden Clothes Pins can be used to display Christmas cards. They are also great for creating advent calendars, snowflake ornaments or in garland. You can also paint them in green or a metallic colour and use these to attach holiday floral arrangements to Christmas trees, wreaths, or garland.
  • Adhesive Shelf Liner Rolls make lovely oversized Christmas gift tag ornaments. You can also use them to line DIY faux wooden crates for centerpieces, to wrap around glass candle holders, or as the backing to holiday wall art.

House Decor Aisle

  • Picture Frames are great for framing or creating holiday wall art. Small picture frames make for wonderful Christmas tree ornaments. Or you could use them to make lanterns with battery operated candles, for a unique holiday wreath, making holiday serving trays, or even to make fake frosted window displays.
  • Glass Vases look lovely when you stick some faux greenery inside a thin glass vase, pop a pillar candle into the top, and you have a beautiful decor piece. Make a bunch and group them together on a side table, or line them up down the center of your fireplace mantle, buffet hutch, or dining table for an eye catching display. Or you could add angel wings to the sides, stick some mini lights inside, hot glue a large wooden bead to the top and you have a stunning Christmas angel. Or simply spray paint them and stick a holiday pick in each. Simple but effective.
  • Candle Sticks / Stands can be used for Christmas DIYs. Turn these into tiered trays, cake stands, tiered cookie trays, Christmas tree bases, ornament stands, or as the base to candy bowls. Or simply glue one to the base of a glass hurricane vase to make tall, and elegant candle stand.

Craft/Seasonal Aisle

  • Paper Rings are awesome for making ornaments, holiday wreaths, or on Christmas trees. You can wrap these in twine, cloth, or ribbon. Hot glue on faux greenery and embellish to make miniature wreath. Add bells, berries, glitter, rhinestones, faux pearls, or other embellishments.
  • Off Season Signs can be made over into great holiday decor. Just because your particle board sign reads, “Happy Halloween” dosn’t mean you can’t use it for the holidays. A coat of paint, adhesive shelf liners, crafting paper, holiday napkins, seasonally appropriate wood cut outs, or calendar pages can easily and inexpensively transform any seasonal sign into a Christmas one.

Glass Wares Aisle

  • Mason Jars can be turned into beautiful centerpieces, candle holders, snow globes, or decorative vases. Turn the lids into tree ornaments, wall art, or they make the cutest snowmen. The rings are awesome for making ornaments, holiday wreaths, and fabulous wall art.
  • Wine Glasses when flipped upside down and use as bases for candles, or presenting ornaments. Use the dome created by the glass for a holiday display. Personalize these with holiday messages and images. Paint, frost, Sharpie markers, bedazzle, glitter or dip in them in Epson salt.

Kid’s Aisle

  • Baby Booties make adorable gnome feet. You can also turn them into Santa boots or embellish them, stick some faux holiday greenery inside and us as Christmas tree ornament. Best idea: Use a bit of fabric paint, Sharpie marker, thread, or permanent Cricut vinyl to make baby’s 1st Christmas ornament. So stinkin’ cute!
  • Hula Hoops make excellent, oversized wreath forms. Spray paint them or wrap them in ribbon, rope, or twine. Decorate them with faux holiday greenery, faux florals, Christmas ornaments, cute stuffy woodland creatures, wood cut outs, pompoms…. you get the idea. These also look breathtaking when spray painted and then wrapped in mini Christmas lights and then hung from outdoor trees. Pure magic!
  • Pool Noodles are excellent option for creating a table centerpiece base. When you tape two of them together they make a fantastic oversized wreath form. Cut them down and paint them and they make realistic looking faux yule tide logs. Who knew that summer time was the perfect time to find Dollar Tree craft supplies to use for Christmas?!

This stunning Pool Noodle Fall Centerpiece will provide you with a little bit of extra inspiration.

Bonus! Unexpected Christmas Dollar Tree Craft Supplies

‘Tis the season for giving so I thought I would through 2 extra suggestions in for your Dollar Tree craft supplies list. My gift to you this holiday season.

  • Epson Salt is fantastic for creating fake snow. Us this for decorating Christmas tree ornaments, in glass vases, or faux snow globes. Flock Christmas wreaths, holiday greenery, pine cones, branches, and mini Christmas trees for a soft, snowy look.
  • Canned Tuna Why? Because, when you wrap them in holiday paper and then add a flicker-less votive candle in each they make charming ornaments. Try hot gluing Christmas ornaments to the center of each or dangle mini Christmas balls in each for a 3D effect. Turn them into mini snowmen or Christmas tree. Spray paint, cover in paper, wrap twine around or use burlap, the choice is yours. Embellish with glitter, rhinestones, buttons, lace, or ribbon. Have fun! Just make sure you really wash the can first.

Epson salt was used in these stunning Christmas ornaments that I know you’ll want to try.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On Unexpected Dollar Tree Craft Supplies For Christmas

I hope you had a ton of fun with this list of unexpected Dollar Tree craft supplies! Challenging yourself creatively is exciting and it stretches our skills as DIYers. It is so rewarding to look at an every day item and see it’s full potential. It is also rewarding knowing that we created a holiday space that our friends and family can enjoy all the while knowing that we created this space using our creativity and not our wallets.

I would love to hear any suggestions you may have to add to this list. Just leave them in the comment section below. This is the season for giving so let’s give each other the gift of knowledge.

xx Jenny

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