Dollar Tree Supplies For The Craft Room

Look beyond the craft aisle for your DIY needs. Discover 33 Dollar Tree supplies you didn’t know your craft room needed.

Think Beyond The Typical Dollar Tree Craft Supplies

As a DIYer, you’re no doubt well acquainted with the immense joy of discovering affordable DIY materials at Dollar Tree. It’s quite likely your go to crafter’s haven. And who could blame you? It offers an endless supply inspiration and affordable supplies.

But have you ever dared to go beyond the familiar craft aisle? Have you considered delving into the uncharted territories of the other sections in the store? It may surprise you to know that Dollar Tree is a treasure trove of unexpected crafting items. There is something on every aisle that will help the DIYer out.

So, brace yourself for an adventurous shopping experience where we shun the conventional and embrace the unpredictable. Picture it like a craft based scavenger hunt. Here, every unnoticed item holds potential. You’ll discover that the shelves of Dollar Tree are teeming with undiscovered objects, just waiting to become the perfect addition to your craft room.

Go Dollar Tree Shopping With Me PLUS Get the Tips!

Want more than just a list of Dollar Tree supplies your craft room needs? Want to go shopping with me and see exactly which supplies you should be searching for? And maybe you want to see some of these items in use? Look no further. At Jenny’s Place YouTube channel has everything you’re looking for.

Although make sure you check out the list below too because you’re bound to find a few extra items mentioned in there as well. And remember to comment on both. Cheers!

The 33 Dollar Tree Craft Supplies

Calling all crafters, are you ready to take your projects to the next level? Say goodbye to the same old Dollar Tree craft supplies and instead set your sights on the hidden gems lurking in the other sections of the store. Trust me, the possibilities are endless! I’m talking about a treasure trove of unique and unexpected items that are both practical and creative.

Party Section

The party section is one of my favourite areas to head to when looking for supplies in the craft room. Here you can find a ton of helpful items that will keep your craft room clean and organized.

Have you ever considered:

  • Small plastic containers with lids are ideal for mixing small amounts of paint or sparkles. This works well for those times where you want to mix several colours together or when you are blending several paint colours onto a project and you don’t want to cross contaminate the larger jars of paint. The lid keeps paint ready during temporary pauses. Also good for mixing sparkles. The lid lets you store the new colour combinations.
  • Mini shot glasses are perfect for mixing and working with small amounts of paint, glue, or sparkles. Best for when you will be using them up right away.
  • Ketchup cups can also be used to mix and work with with small amounts of paint, glue, or sparkles. Again, you will need to use the product up right away because there is no lid.
  • Clear plastic containers are an ideal way to store your smaller craft items. You can find these with or without lids. The different shapes available make it easier to meet your storage needs.
  • Party cups offer a larger vessel to mix paints. These are great for when you are creating baking soda paint or need to combine paints in large quantities for painting projects.
  • Candy containers with lids are perfect for storing smaller craft items such as: ribbon scraps, wood beads, spools of thread, buttons, and so much more.

Beauty Aisle

The beauty aisle isn’t just for your face. Believe it or not – it’s also a fantastic place to find craft supplies. In fact, I would say that next to the actual craft aisle itself, this aisle is where you will find the most number of practical DIY supplies.

Have you tried:

  • Emory boards make perfect little sanders that are great when you’re decoupaging and you need to get into some tight spots. These are also great for getting a nice crisp line on your decoupage projects.
  • Makeup bags make an ideal way to compartmentalize and organize smaller craft items in either a larger craft bag or container.
  • Nail polish holders are perfect when you’re working with your Cricut. Simply slip it in between your fingers and then you have the perfect place to put those little bits of vinyl you get when you’re weeding.
  • Makeup sponges are great for when you need to do any type of stencilling. These also come in handy when you are layering and blending several paint colours onto a project.
  • Tweezers work great with your Cricut. These also come in handy when removing hardened hot glue globs or when working with small delicate object objects like beads and buttons

Kitchen Aisle

The kitchen aisle can help you out in the craft room too! You’d be amazed at the thing that can be found in this section to make your DIYing so much easier.

When shopping for Dollar Tree craft supplies consider:

  • Using plastic chopping mats to save your work space from spills. These are easy to store and to clean.
  • Plastic shelf liners work much like the plastic chopping mats only these are fantastic when you need to cover a larger surface area.
  • Plastic ketchup and mustard squirt bottles work great when you’re painting and you want precise application and a means to temporarily store the paint in between drying times.
  • Wooden skewers are perfect for mixing paints or creating baking soda paint. Basically, any time you need to mix something and you don’t want to get your hands dirty – wooden skewers do the trick. Or you could get really creative and use them to makeover old wooden trays.
  • Saran wrap works perfectly for covering up your paint mixing cups and for temporarily keeping your used paint brushes wet and ready to go for when you need to use them again. DON’T leave for too long or your paint brushes will dry out.

Bathroom Aisle

The bathroom aisle has a whole ton of great items for you to explore. There are so many helpful products to be found. You just need to know what your searching for.

Why not try looking for:

  • Plastic containers meant for bathroom storage but these also make ideal storage in your craft room. The fact that they are clear makes it easy to spot what is inside.
  • Metal toothpicks can be used in place of your Cricut tools.
  • Denture brushes and toothbrushes can be used to clean tight areas or combine with paint to create a spackle paint effect. Perfect for creating those speckled Easter eggs.
  • Travel packs with lids are ideal for storing your new sparkle combinations, small beads, buttons, embellishments, and small amounts of mixed paint.
  • Mini spray bottles come in handy when your larger spray bottle heads clog. I am always using these for my adhesive sprays.
  • Adorable porcelain toothbrush holders would make an absolutely cute way to hold your paint brushes while you’re working.
  • Plastic shower curtains will keep your work surface clean. I work on a family heirloom farm table so I need to make sure I am keeping it in good shape. So far this is the best way I have found to do just that.

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Time to DIY! 

Ziploc Bag Aisle

Ok, technically not an aisle onto itself BUT this is such a handy little item that I had to give it its own section. There are just so many ways that you can use a Ziplock bag in the craft room. Let’s count the ways, shall we?

Give ziplock a go because you can:

  • Organize all of your different stencils, paper cut outs, and stickers. Place these in a magazine holder and label for easy access.
  • Separate your faux florals into individual large ZipLoc bags. Organize by season and bloom type. Place the bags in a larger plastic container labeled with the season for quick and easy storage.
  • Store all of your little bits of Cricut transfer tape within smaller Ziploc bags. This is perfect for those smaller pieces that you already used and want to reuse. I like to keep all of these little bags in a larger binder.
  • Package all of your candle supplies in a large Ziploc bag. That way you’ll have everything you need from wicks to scents in there, ready to go.
  • Store paint temporarily by placing your mixing cup in a large Ziploc bag. Press out the air and zip close. Make sure you use the paint up in the next few days.

Stationary Aisle

Don’t skip the stationary aisle. And no, I’m not talking about buying all that pretty paper. That’s too easy. We need to go beyond that. Believe it or not, the office section has a bunch of great supplies for the DIYer.

Why not give these a ideas a go:

  • File folders and clear report covers are great for holding and organizing Cricut vinyl. Label the plastic covers so you know which brand and vinyl type is held within.
  • Binders combine these with those clear report card covers to keep all of your clear report covers in order.
  • Binder clips are great for holding fabrics together when getting fabric glue to adhere.
  • Pencil holders can work great as paint brush holders too. Also a great way to organize and store your Cricut tools.
  • Elastics come in handy when you’re using that Saran Wrap to cover your paint mixing cup. Just pull the plastic wrap tight and then use the elastic to hold in place.

Other Dollar Tree Craft Supplies

These are those supplies that don’t fit neatly into anyone category but are so good they deserve a mention.

Why not try:

  • Baby wipes are perfect for cleaning off your hands when you have paint or glue on them or in a pinch you can use it to quickly clean off your paint brush.
  • Miniature brooms and dust bins are wonderful for when you need to quickly clean off your surface and because they’re small they are easy to store.
  • Twine if you can’t find any in the craft aisle make sure you head on over to the tool aisle because you can often find three packs of twine there.
  • Zip ties come in handy for when you are attaching items to wreath forms, making bows, or organizing your cords.
  • Rectangle shaped storage containers can fit into smaller spaces. If they have a handle you can easily pull them out and take them to your work space. Perfect for storing items you don’t want to leak all over the place. Such as: paints, glue, ink and computer ink.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On Dollar Tree Craft Supplies

Dollar Tree is more than just a place to stock up on cheap household items. It’s a goldmine for DIY enthusiasts, offering a ton of supplies that can elevate your crafting game cheaply and easily.

Sure, you still should hit up the crafting aisle when you head to the Dollar Tree but remember that’s just the beginning. You can find everything you need for your next DIY project in all of the aisles of Dollar Tree. You just need to look around and keep an open mind.

So, the next time you’re in need of some craft supplies, skip those pricey craft stores and DIY products and instead take a trip to your local Dollar Tree. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

What are some of your favourite unexpected Dollar Tree supplies for the craft room? Share in the comments below.

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