Female DIY Bloggers: Binge Worthy

Let’s give a shout out to 5 incredibly inspirational female DIY bloggers. If you haven’t checked them out you are missing out.

How I Chose These 5 Binge Worthy Female DIY Bloggers

As a die hard DIYer I have come across tons of inspirational creatives that have inspired and taught me a lot about my craft.

My first DIY guru was Martha Stewart. It was the late 90’s and I couldn’t get enough of her ideas. Love her or hate her the grande dame knows her stuff when it comes to all things homemade. Since then many a TV decorating show, decor magazine, and DIY influencer’s content has been consumed by little ol’ me.

I chose these 5 DIY bloggers because among all of the online options available these ladies, in my opinion stand out. They each have unique talents that make them extra interesting to read. And each of them demonstrate a skill that makes their content unique and inspirational.

I love all of these creators and have not put them in any particular order. Each are definitely worth a look.

Binge Worthy Female Bloggers #1: Designed To The Nines

Female DIY Bloggers Super Power: POWER TOOL MASTER

The woman is truly the master of all things power tool. When you add to that a communications degree in broadcast journalism and an enviable sense of style your get NataLee, a DIY guru who regularly brings to her readers inspirational blog posts that are as helpful as they are entertaining.

With over 20 years of design and DIYing experience under her belt. This truly creative woman has yet to meet a design challenge she couldn’t conquer. She is constantly amazing her die hard fans with her serious power tool skills, simple to follow instructions, and her ability to create high end decor using humble materials. The lady literally made a stunning outdoor chandelier using tuna cans. Tuna cans!

Where to Find Natalee

This DIY dynamo and her “can do attitude” can be found on HGTV, as a guest on Studio 5 in Salt Lake City and on Arizona Midday in Phoenix. You can also watch her on YouTube where she has over 1 250 000+ videos. Which for a newbie blogger like me: talk about life goals!

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you that this DIY goddess is worth checking out, take note that NataLee is also a licensed realtor. She also has a background in home staging, floral design, and wedding planning. I mean, wow!

Blogging since 2010, NataLee’s website houses both her blogs and her YouTube videos. This makes it super easy to access all her awesome content. It also boasts several services, numerous free printables, and if you become a subscriber you’ll also get a free, downloadable E-book.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a subscriber and the E-book is amazing!

It would appear that lately NataLee is focusing more of her time and energy on her YouTube channel but with over 9 years of consistently posting blogs there is still a ton of content to check out. Her Instagram account is also a little bit outdated but again, because she shares such worthwhile content it is also worth perusing.

You can learn more about NataLee and discover her DIYs here.

Binge Worthy Female Bloggers #2: Making It In The Mountains

Female DIY Bloggers Super Power: EXTREME MAKEOVER MAMA

Shout out to a fellow Canadian blogger!

This wife, mother, and teacher from Alberta, Canada is into extreme makeovers and thank goodness she is willing to share her creations with us because her style is amazing. This seasoned blogger loves the art of blogging and it really shows.

With her adorable little family in tow, Kristi takes her devoted readers room by room through their stunning 1970’s farmhouse inspired home. Her main focus is their home makeovers but she also has an extensive craft and knitting section with beautiful and easy to follow tutorials.

Why Kristi Rocks!

She has a wide variety of content. Some of the articles are a bit meatier with full tutorials and stories to entertain the reader. While other posts are short and sweet shopping guides. Her images are astounding and style impeccable. Her writing style is personable and engaging and the photography is stellar.

For each piece of content that Kristi shares she provides her fans with extensive details on the decor process. From flooring and walls to furniture upcyles and DIY decor pieces no detail is over looked. To help inspire and guide her readers Kristi goes the extra mile by providing detailed information and buying guides for each decor piece, fixture, furniture piece, and even the paint colours that she used.

Another thing to love about Kristi’s blog is that she pulls in other, like minded creators and shares their content as well. By bringing in other creators and sharing the content that she loves she has found an amazing way to give back to the blogging community while providing her readers additional awesome content and delicious recipes.

You can learn more about Kristi and discover her DIYs here.

Binge Worthy Female Bloggers #3: Whiskey & Whit

Female DIY Bloggers Super Power: CRICUT MASTER

When Whitney suddenly found herself in need of some funds to pay for a wedding she wisely turned to her Cricut machine and started her own farmhouse sign business. An entrepreneur was born.

She grew the business to included other products. In 2018, after 2 years of working on her new venture, Whitney decide to take her talents to YouTube. Skills gleaned from her past experience as a news anchor, her natural comfort in front of the camera, friendly personality, and brilliant DIY ideas soon made her a fan favorite. Growing on this interest, she further expanded her online presence adding her blog in 2021.

Where Whiskey and Whit Really Shines

For a relatively new blog, Whiskey and Whit has pages of great content. On her website you will find excellent and achievable DIY tutorials, Cricut tips, and shopping hauls. Generously, she also gives us a glimpse into her everyday by sharing stories about her life as a mother and wife. Readers will love how easy her web site is to navigate and if you want to watch her YouTube videos as well, she has a dedicated page to it!

Whitney includes an array of longer more detailed blogs as well as shorter blogs that are introductions linking you to her video tutorials. Here you can find countless Dollar Tree DIYs, thrift flips, high end dupes, and so much more.

Her web site has the most brilliantly coloured photographs. They make you feel like you are actually there with her. She provides her readers with an extensive online store that offers more than just DIY supplies and products. Included in her on line shop are cleaning products, fashion pieces, infant supplies and so much more.

And in case I haven’t gushed enough about Whiskey and Whit consider that Whitney offers a ton of amazing free cut files and printables. Her only ask is that you subscribe to her channel.

You can learn more about Whitney and discover her DIYs here.

Binge Worthy Female Bloggers #4: Bekah Joy

Female DIY Bloggers Super Power: THE BEAUTIFIER

Although, this is admittedly a blog that centers more around decor inspiration than decor DIYing, those of us who are DIY decorators will find that Bekah Joy is worth checking out.

Bekah, the blog’s creator, prides herself in her incredible ability to create an elegantly beautiful home for her husband and their fur babies. Lucky for us, she also likes to share her stylish ideas on her blog.

Reason to Check Out Bekah Joy

Her classic taste and reasonably frugal approach to home decorating makes her ideal for this list of top 5 inspirational female DIY bloggers. All of which are artistically displayed through her beautiful photography and straight forward writing style.

Bekah Joy is purely a blog blog. No additional bells and whistles found here. She does have a YouTube channel though. Also worth a look. In addition to her decorating suggestions Bekah also includes beauty regimes, self care ideas and product suggestions. All done in her calm and elegant style.

Where You Can Bekah

On both her blog and her YouTube channel her content schedule is pretty inconsistent. She will go long stretches of time where she doesn’t share any content and then suddenly there will be a burst of activity. That being said, when she does decide to post it is always worth the wait. And since she started in 2015 her blog does offer several pages of worthwhile content. Less so on her Youtube channel. Although, I have noticed that lately she has added a few more posts and vidoes. So that is exciting!

You can learn more about Bekah here.

Binge Worthy Female Bloggers #5 Heidi Sonboul

Female DIY Bloggers Super Power: QUEEN OF FREE PRINTABLES

If I were to pick a word to describe Heidi’s blogging style I would have to go with authentic. Raw and not afraid to share her personal stories and struggles this seasoned sixteen year DIY blogger is totally relatable. She is also very talented and offers her readers tons of cute and achievable DIY ideas. Her style tends to lean towards the farmhouse look and she offers those that are interested links to shop her home.

I gave Heidi the super power Queen of Free Printables because when it comes to providing her readers with awesome free printables this lady is amazing! It’s safe to say that the majority of her posts come with a downloadable printable. I myself, have downloaded a few.

Jam packed with inspirational information on how to create a beautiful home with fun and easy craft tutorials. From crafting, DIY farmhouse decor ideas, paper crafting, and thrift flips Heidi covers it all. She is also the host of a DIY creator’s competition called Creative Champions. It’s sort of a survivor for DIYers. It’s a lot of fun.

Some of her blog posts are a bit more blog style while others are short and sweet introductions to her YouTube video tutorials. None of the posts are particularly lengthy. So, if you lean more towards visual inspiration and are less about the story telling then she is the DIY blogger for you. Her photography is bright and cheerful.

Where You Can Find Heidi

You can find Heidi regularly on her Youtube channel and on Instagram under the name Heidi Sonboul.

She does have a Pinterest account but it appears that she prefers to post other creators’ content and not her own. So this might not be the best method for searching out her stuff. She also has a Facebook account. Just keep in mind that she tends to lean a bit more towards personal content and less towards DIYing.

You can learn more about Heidi and discover her DIYs here.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On These 5 Amazing Bloggers

Each of these 5 inspirational female bloggers have their own unique style and set of DIY talents. Their individuality means that as the reader you get to learn and experience different styles, techniques, and ideas. The one thing they all have in common? They are all exceptional creators.

So head on over to check out these fabulous ladies and while you’re there if you could drop them a line letting them I sent you over, that would be amazing! Thank you.

xx Jenny

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