How to Host Amazing Mothers Day Celebration

Let’s plan an amazing Mothers Day this year! Learn all the essential tips and tricks for ensuring that your day is fun and filled with laughter and love.

How to Have An Amazing Mothers Day When You Are Hostess

I don’t know about you but our family long ago gave up on the idea of the Annual Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed routine. Sticky toast and runny eggs on my crisp, clean sheets just isn’t my idea of a good time.

Instead, I prefer to get together with my parents so that we can all celebrate together. Sometimes we all head out to a restaurant. Other times, when the weather permits, we like to have a picnic in the park. And then there is always the brunch at home option. This option is one of my favourites.

However, this is my day too and although l know my hubby will step up the plate I do like to get involved so keeping things uncomplicated is key.

Thankfully, a great make ahead menu and some pre-selected jazzy tunes will keep things running smoothly. Add a thoughtful gift, some simple but impressive decor, and a lot of love and this will promise to be an unforgettable Mother’s Day.

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An Amazing Mothers Day

Over the years I have hosted numerous celebrations and I have learned that it is the personal touches that make these moments extra special. Knowing what the guest of honour would enjoy and incorporating it throughout the event makes them feel extra appreciated.

For Mother’s Day I like to take this to a whole new level. From the food to the gifts and definitely for the decorations I make sure that all tiny details are covered. And everything has to be all about Mom and everything that she enjoys.

PRO TIP: Take a piece of paper and divide it into sections. Write down the headings: Food, Dessert, Drinks, Colour Palette, Entertainment, Flowers, Music, Favours. Under each heading write out the guest of honour’s favourites for each category. This is your jumping off point.

Let’s Start With Mother’s Day Basics

At Jenny’s Place is all about decor and I think that’s why I love throwing parties so much. Everything that goes into a party all adds to the overall look of the event. Therefore, it all falls somewhere under the category of decor.

The following tips and tricks covers every step of throwing the perfect Mother’s Day celebration so that things are kept easy and manageable. That way, you can show mom how much she means to you while still enjoying your Mother’s Day too.

Planning ahead is the key to any party or gathering. This is particularly relevant when it comes to hosting an amazing Mothers Day. Especially if you are a mother yourself. You don’t want to spend the entire day running around cleaning, cooking, and decorating. After all, this is your day too. You should relaxing and enjoying yourself as well.

Here are some great tips and tricks to planning ahead and keeping things simple:

Have your decor prepared by April 30th

I suggest you start creating and purchasing your DIY decor no later than April 24th. This way you won’t have to rush, the kids will be able to help, and you’ll have time to run out and get any last minute details if needed.

Have your gift purchased by April 25th

I know this seems early but think how good it will feel to have everything purchased and wrapped ahead of time This should also give you enough times to get those custom gifts ordered. (The one exception to this is if you are buying fresh flowers or baked goods. Buy these on the evening of May 8th.)

Have your homemade gifts and cards done by May 1st

This will give you time to implement a Plan B if needed.

Have the house deep cleaned by April May 4th

Then the night before make sure the kitchen is clean and load the dish washer. That way on the day of hubby and kiddos can do a quick vacuum, wipe down the bathroom, and the house is ready.

Have the food purchased by May 6th or 7th

This will give you time to store and prep the foods. (The one exception to this would be any fresh pastries you want to serve. These should be purchased on Saturday 8th. Send hubby.)

Have all dishes gathered by May 4th

These include any platters, dishes, warming trays, utensils, china, crystal, silverware, pitchers, napkins, table clothes and anything else you need to serve the food on collected and assembled.

Have the house decorated by Friday May 6th

*Remember: Keep it simple and pretty. Have the kids help. It will create wonderful memories and make them feel helpful and involved.

Have all the foods prepared on Friday May 6th or Saturday the 7th

This includes putting food any on platters if possible and any baking that may need to be done. On the actual day you should have nothing to do but warm up any foods that need warming.

PRO TIP: Mark each serving dish with a sticky note that details what the dish is for. That way others can help without needing you to direct.

Fabulous and Easy Mother’s Day Decor

Mother’s Day tends to be a smaller event. Close family and maybe an extra special friend is usually the extent of the guest list. Because of this, I propose creating decor that is simple, elegant, and has a touch of whimsy.

Here are a few of my favourite Mother’s Day decor ideas:

An elegantly shaped vase or pitcher filled with fresh blooms goes a long way. Or have tiny glass vases with a single bloom at each table setting.

They look great used as napkin rings, as the back drop for the buffet table, strung on a banner, or on the back of dining room chairs.

Floral centerpieces, balloon bouquets, crepe paper balls, paper lanterns, candles, paper banners, simple signage all mixed in with your good dishes help create the perfect look.

When using balloons, crepe paper balls, and paper banners. Try sticking to a monochromatic colour scheme in light or neutral colours. I like pastel pinks, green, peach, cream, and mint and think that all of them look lovely for this type of event.

Anything made with faux wood contact paper, ivory linen paper, brown craft paper, and neutral fabrics all look soft and sophisticated when matched with a soft colour pallet.

PRO TIP: When using flowers as a centerpiece stick to one flower type per vase. A single bloom in abundance just looks neat, lush and beautiful. Plus, it’s easier on the wallet. Some good choices are hydrangeas, daisies, zinnias, carnations, or peonies.

Plan the Perfect Table

Mom’s love brunch

It’s the perfect time – 11a.m. to 2p.m. Yes, of course breakfast, lunch or dinner are also great options but the perks to a Mother’s Day brunch far outweigh the other options…. in my opinion. You and Mom get to take it slow when getting ready. Mom feels less obligated to help with the cleaning up afterwards because hubby and kids have all day to do it. Plus, for both of you the evening is left open to do what each of you wants.

Pick foods she will love

My mom loves old style chocolate glazed donuts. So I plan on serving those piled high on a glass cake stand with the individual Happy Mother’s Day cake toppers from my free Mother’s Day printable

Select a menu that allows you to prepare the foods in advance

Think: fresh fruits, quiches, salads, and bake goods. The goal is not to cook on the day of. Warming only!

two pomelo juices
Break out the good stuff

This is the perfect time to bring out the good china, crystal, silverware, table cloths, and cloth napkins. I love to mix and match my china patterns but you could also use a full set. The beautiful patterns and delicacy of the china instantly elevates the look of the table.

Make sure that the kids are included

If they are old enough then give them a special glass to drink from and maybe even fill it with sparkly apple cider. If you are worried about your china than buy a couple of china plates from the thrift store and let them eat from that.That way if the accidentally break one there is no harm done. It will make them feel included and your table will look fabulous.

It’s not daytime drinking if there is fruit in it.

I love serving Mimosas at brunch and bonus! Mom loves mimosas too. It’s the perfect excuse to set out beautiful juice pitchers, and champagne flutes. You can even set up a Mimosa bar with several juice and garnish options.

Keep foods finger sized

Food just looks more elegant and extravagant when served small. Finger sandwiches, dainties, mini pastries, muffins, cupcakes and appetizers when displayed beautifully will definitely look high end.

Set the table with varying heights and sizes

Serve the food on platters, in bowls, and on cake stands. Use books or boxes wrapped to look like gifts or hide them under a table cloth to add height. And go for a look of abundance. It will just make things appear extra festive.

Turn to my Beginner’s Guide to Party Decor for more ideas and tips on setting the perfect party table.

PRO TIP: The night before, print the warming directions on to a Post It and stick them on the prepared foods. That way hubby and the kids can do all the warming and preparing while you rest, sip a mimosa, and enjoy the time with your mom.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts on Hosting An Amazing Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is an extra special day. Let’s make this year exceptional. A well planned Mother’s Day with all the gorgeous trimmings and tons of make before delicacies will ensure that everyone has a wonderful time and that all the mom’s feel loved and appreciated. Cheers!

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