Low Budget Party Ideas To Use At Every Party

Want to throw an epic party but don’t want to spend a lot? These low budget party ideas will give you that high end look you crave.

Party On A Budget

Throwing a great party doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Planning a festive event can be done on a limited budget with just a little creativity and a bit of strategic thinking.

From getting creative with your supplies to rethinking how you serve food and drinks, you can throw a spectacular yet affordable party. You’re about to find some of the best low budget party ideas and tips that I’m willing to bet you haven’t heard before.

Epic But On A Shoe String Budget

In our home, we love to throw parties. Any excuse to celebrate and I’m on it. And we like to throw over the top parties. The kind that leaves guests talking for days. A lot of planning and attention to detail goes into these events and I love every minute of it.

However, when you’re on a tight budget, it can be a daunting task to plan a party. You want your guests to have a good time, but you also want to keep costs low. It’s a balancing act that isn’t always easy to achieve.

Lucky for you, I’m about to share with you a number of tips and tricks that you can use to pull off a memorable party on a shoe string budget. Trust me. Once you have a few basic tricks under your sleave throwing an amazing party for very little will become second nature. All it takes is some thoughtful planning and creativity and you too can plan an amazing party without going over budget.

So, embrace your inner party planner and prove that a great party doesn’t have to cost a lot. Let’s get started!

Low Budget Party Ideas You’re Going to Love

If you’re looking for creative and unique ideas to throw a budget-friendly party, you’re in luck! I gathered together some of my best low budget party ideas to make sure you can celebrate any time of year without breaking the bank.

Get inspired with these 11 cost-effective ways to throw an epic party that people won’t forget. Get ready to impress your guests with a successful and thrifty celebration!

Size doesn’t matter

I know that you’ve probably been told that to cut back on party cost you need to cut back on the guest list. And while this can be true when it comes to prepackaged deals at public venues it isn’t always true when it comes to self hosted parties.

There are many ways that you can cut back on the cost of your party without having to sacrifice the guest list. If you follow even just a few of the ideas outline here you will be able to have your cake and invite it too.

Wash, rinse & repeat

This is something I’ve done a lot over the years. Some party decorations can cost a pretty penny and there’s nothing wrong with them at the end of the night. So why not keep them and reuse them? This is an especially great idea for those over priced paper decorations you can get at party supply stores.

You can also keep any leftover napkins, plates, cup, and more. Store these in a lidded tote and the next time you throw a party go through your stash before you head out and spend more coin.

Best budget party store

The dollar store is one of the best places to go for your party supplies. They have almost everything you could possibly want. You can easily find party supplies from the basic to the unexpected. Save yourself a ton of money by knowing which dollar store party decor to look for.

Kijiji it

Kijiji is a treasure trove of fantastic party decor items. Countless people are trying to sell their party items from their wedding, special occasions, and big party bashes and all for dirt cheap. You can find all kinds of unexpected party supplies there. You can find supplies for kids parties or adults. There are party supplies that can go fancy or decor that fit more into dance party vibes. It really doesn’t matter what kind of party you are hosting because the possibilities are endless with Kijiji.

Thrift store to the rescue

Much like Kijiji, the thrift store is the perfect place to find one of a kind party decor. Here you can find everything that you need to throw a party from the dishware to the decor. Look for things that will work within your theme and that offers an unexpected element. And don’t be afraid to change things up. A little bit of paint or some basic modification is often all that is needed to make a thrifted decor piece more appealing.

Bulk up

You can’t even begin to believe how big some of their packaging is. I mean, the amount of chips you can get from one bag is truly amazing.

Bulk food store like Costco have an abundance of party foods. You can find huge bags of chips, popcorn, or tortilla chips. Their freezer section offers mass quantities of quality party fare like shrimp rings, prepared appetizers, and bbq meats.

You can find tubs of dips, cheese platters, and charcuterie supplies throughout the year. You can also get your hands on all the pop you can dream of, sky high stacks of paper plates, and so much more.

DIY it baby

If you have the time and you are also a fellow DIY enthusiast consider DIYing some of your party decor to save a little money. In the past I’ve hand cut out banners, created photo booths from scratch and even hung a few frame from a tree. A quick trip to Pinterest and then to Dollar Tree for some supplies should be all you need to get your party DIY on.

Cheap tricks

This one is a game changer. Basically anything that costs next to nothing but looks impressive falls into this category. Some of my favourite go-tos include:

is always a hit. You can make this as simple and low cost by using thrifted frames, balloons, or poster board. These backdrop ideas from the dollar store is a great place to start.

are not just for photo booths. If you get the helium ones you can make table top or floor bouquets. Use these to create giant arches or hang them from the ceiling.

just bring it all together. It’s the details that make it all stand out so make sure that you come up with a colour theme and then you stick to it.

PRO TIP: Don’t go over board with the colour theme. There is a fine line between stylish and tacky. You want to incorporate the colours not make it look like the colours exploded in your home.

Cheap our on the grub

The food doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look and taste impressive. By using cheaper ingredients you can make a lot of food for less. Sticking to a theme makes this easier while making it look more impressive.

Some of my favourite menu ideas:

are super cheap and can be made into a multitude of salads. There’s no shortage of noodle recipes including creamy pasta salads, Asian noodle salads. or go Italian!

can be used in so many ways and is on the lower end when it comes to cost. Think cocktail meatballs, sliders, lettuce wraps, or mini tacos.

besides all those fabulous noodle salads really any salad can be made cheaply and is always a party hit. Think potato salad, cowboy caviar, bean salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw, Greek, ceasar, and house.

there are so many easy and inexpensive dip recipes out there and all you need to go with it is a bit of veg, crackers, fruit, or a couple bags of family sized potato chips or tortilla chips.

is cheap to buy and can be made into mini clubs, pizza, or sliders. You can dip it in oil and balsamic vinegar or stuff it with spinach dip. Make tea sandwiches, totilla rolls, or garlic bread.


Some of my favourite dessert ideas:

are great because you can make them yourself and you can make them ahead of time. Offere at least 3 kinds and I promise you that your guests will be blown away.

is so much cheaper than fancy round cakes from a bakery. Most food chains, such as Costco offer this service.

can easily be made from a box and the beautified to make them look fancy. Use stylish cupcake liners to up the look.

served on its own, fancied up with spices, or served with dip is always a hit and if you buy in season it can be a cheap dessert option.

can be purchased in bulk or at the dollar store for very little. Next, I talk about using this a 2 for 1 deal.

brings the kid out in all of us and can be a super sweet and inexpensive way to treat your guests. Think ice cream cones, ice cream sandwiches, pizza, or a DIY cake.

Really, the option with all of these are practically endless. So get researching and get creative. With these ideas to get you started you should have a menu in no time.

Double duty favours

Although completely optional, favours are definitely a nice high end touch. They are also not just for kids. A thoughtful favour that isn’t corny is always a nice way to cap off a fabulous party. The trick is to leave a lasting impression without paying too much more for it. This is where the double duty favour comes in.

Some of my favourite, double duty favour ideas:

is always a hit no matter the age of the crowed. Display these in giant glass or plastic containers. You can find some great ones at Dollar Tree. Pop a label on each, add scoops, and paper cups to hold the candy in and you have yourself the perfect take away gift.

is always a nice touch. Buy your pots at the dollar store, add a bit of potting soil and pop a plant cutting or herb plant in each. Add a thank you tag with instructions on how to care for the plant.

always come in handy. In a bit, I talk about how you can make this type of favour even more special.

is the ideal favour when tied in with a photo booth. Your guests can use this to display their party memories. Another option is to frame a positive quote or a past picture of you and the guest.

are cheap and easy to make but are always a fan favourite. Whip up some sugar cookies and decorate with piping gel, icing, and sparkles. All of these can be found at the dollar store.

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Pour like you mean it

Resist the temptation to put out a fully stocked bar and instead go for some simple beer, wine, and a signature drink. Make this drink using inexpensive ingredients but add an element of surprise to elevate it.

Some ways to up you drink game:

l such as a mason jar or clear Christmas baubles. Or set out bottled drinks in galvanized tubs filled with ice or from a drink dispenser with a spigot. I don’t know why but these little touches make things seem fancy.

elevates whatever you’re serving. Or add some fruit, a peel twist, or cut out cookie. Get creative, make sure that it coordinates with the drink, and choose something inexpensive.

Think about it. Sprite is boring. Sprite with a squirt of pineapple juice topped with a cherry and hunk of pineapple on a tooth pick and you have yourself a drink.

to any drink and it will become fancy. Think lemon, pineapple, or lime. For herbs add basil, rosemary, or mint. Celery, olives, or cucumber can work well too.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On Low Budget Party Ideas

Throwing a great party doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With a little creativity and strategic thinking, you can put together a fun and festive event that won’t break the bank.

From getting creative with supplies to rethinking how you serve food and drinks, these low budget party ideas plenty of ways that you can save when throwing a spectacular but affordable party.

As they say, it’s all about quality, not quantity. So, go ahead and test out some of these innovative ideas and throw a party that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

What is your favourite way to save money when hosting a party? Share your great tip in the comments below.

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