Magical Fairy Lights DIY Picture Frame and Wreath

These fairy lights DIY make a great home decorating idea. Learn how to create your own with this helpful tutorial.

The Power of Fairy Lights

They are tiny but they are mighty.

Available in indoor and outdoor versions and at varying price points and quality. The higher quality fairy lights often offer multiple light sequencing options that can be fun to play around with.

There are a million different ways to incorporate fairy lights into your decor. I don’t have enough space to include them all but a few popular ideas are: wrap them around hula hoops and dangle them from trees, wrap them around decorative branches for a beautiful table top arrangement, or use them as part of your mantle decor. They also look beautiful simply placed in a glass Mason jar.

I recently used them in a faux succulent table top decor that I am very pleased with and have it displayed on my crafting desk. Feel free to check this out as well as a few other succulent arrangements I have created.

This time I wanted to create something with the lights where they were in more of a supportive role rather than the star. And this is what I came up with…

Fairy Lights DIY Clip On Picture Frame

I made this fairy lights DIY clip on picture frame for my daughter. After a year and a half of being cooped up indoors and away from all of her friends she is really looking forward to a hot vax summer and with this I know will come a ton of photos.

I wanted her to have a way of displaying those memories. So I can up with this adorable yet sophisticated picture frame that will light up her photos the way she lights up our lives.

NOTE: I found this picture on sale at my local Super Store. They were $4 each and I just knew they would be perfect for DIYing. For this picture I flipped the whole thing around and worked with the interior.
You can use any picture, box frame, or just a picture frame with no backing if you like but do keep in mind that you will need to have a place to attach the fairy lights.

Supplies You Will Need

  • Wooden Picture Frame
  • Battery operated fairy lights with mini clips
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Miter saw
  • Ruler
  • Chalk
  • Paint in FolkArts Milk Jug
  • Paint brush
  • Wood trim
  • Wood glue
  • Wood filler
  • Sand paper
  • Wooden heart (also found at the dollar store)Electric hand drill and 1/4″ drill bit

How to Make Fairy Lights DIY Clip On Picture Frame


  • Since I planned on using the backside of the picture I had on hand I decided to first sand it down a bit to get rid of any of the rough surfaces.
  • I then painted on 2 coats of the FolkArts Milk Jug chalk paint and let this dry completely.
  • Next I measured 4 equal spaces on my picture frame and marked these places with my pencil.
  • Using my miter saw I sawed a small crevice at each of the places I had marked along the sides of the picture frame. I went down about just enough to fit the wire in snuggly.

Twinkle Lights

  • Using hot glue I glued the fairy lights battery pack down to the bottom of the picture frame. I also glued down the try me button and a bit of the thick wire coming out of the battery box so that this wouldn’t show.
  • Next, starting from the bottom, I wrapped the fairy lights along the outside of the frame and then pulled the string down into each of the crevices. I made sure to pull the string of lights so that they were taunt.
  • To make sure the string stayed taunt and in place I added little dabs of glue in each of the corners to keep the string down.

Framing It Up

  • Using a miter box and saw, I sawed some spare trim I had hanging around so that they would fit around the box frame and leave an overlay on both the inside and the outside. I cut the ends on a 45 degree angle
  • I spread the wood glue along the outside edge of the picture frame and affixed each of the wood trim pieces to the frame.
  • I made sure to add the wood glue to the joints where the two wood trim pieces would meet. I let the dry.
  • My next step was to get rid of any of the cracks showing where the two pieces of wood trim met in each of the four corner.
  • I did this by smearing on a bit of wood filler to any cracks, dents, or holes on the wooden picture frame. I let this dry for about 20 minutes and then I sanded down the areas where there was wood filler and then wiped the hole picture frame with a slightly damp cloth.

Adding A Little Heart

I then painted the trim in the FolkArts Milk Jug chalk paint so that it matched the interior and covered up any of the wood filler.

Using a dry paint brush and a little more of the FolkArts Milk Jug chalk paint I lightly painted the wooden heart so that it looked distressed. I let this dry.

Again using wood glue I glued the painted wooden heart to the top, middle of the picture frame.

Get Hooked

Now I could have hot glued a picture claw to the back of the frame but it was a pretty beefy picture and I was afraid to go with that option so instead I decided to drill a whole in behind the heart so that I could directly hang it on a nail.

I did this by first measuring the width of the picture frame and then finding the exact middle. I then marked this spot with a pencil.

Using an electric drill with a 1/4 inch drill bit, I drilled a hole where I had marked the middle. I was careful to go slowly with the drill so that I wouldn’t accidentally go through the wooden heart too. I only want the hole to go through the back of the picture frame.

The Finishing Touch

I placed 2 AA batteries into the battery pack located at the bottom, inside of the picture frame and switched it to on.

Using the mini, gold sparkly clips I clipped pictures onto each of the fairy lights string

And Voila! A magical way to hang up your memories. This is a fun way to display your latest pictures and the best part is that you can change it up anytime the mood strikes.

NOTE: Make sure that when you hot glue the battery pack down you ensure that the sliding lid to add the batteries is facing up and that the on/off switch is pointing outwards so that you can turn it on and off. See picture above.

Fairy Lights Sun Burst Wreath

I love using grapevine wreaths. They are just so easy to work with. They look beautiful on their own but add a few simple embellishments and you have yourself a stunning wreath that you will be proud to display on your front door. For this wreath I needed to use hot glue but often I will use grape vine wreaths to create reusable, no hot glued needed faux floral wreaths.

This sun burst wreath is beyond easy and has a pleasant, understated look. And the little ones who visit are completely enchanted with it’s glowing appearance.

Supplies You Will Need

  • Grape vine wreath
  • Battery operated fairy lights
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Metal sun wall hanging (from the dollar store)
  • Thick jute twine
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • Rustoleum spray paint in Hammered Copper *(optional)
  • Metal string *(optional)

How to Make Fairy Lights DIY Sun Burst Wreath

Start by wrapping the fairy lights around and around the grape vine wreath making sure to space the string out evenly. Make sure to leave the thicker plastic wrapped wire portion and the battery box loose and pointing to the middle of the wreath form.

Spray paint it with the Rustoleum Hammered Copper spray paint. This takes about 5 lightly sprayed coats. Let this dry completely.

Using hot glue, attach the metal sun onto the grapevine wreath.

Next, glue the battery back to the backside of the metal sun. The easiest place to glue the battery pack to is across the cheeks of the sun.

Reinforce the sun to the grape vine wreath by tying the two together with wire.

Add 2 AA batteries to the battery pack and some thick jute twine to hang the wreath with.

And Voila! A beautiful and completely unique front door wreath that is sure to get a lot of attention.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts on Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are so much fun to decorate with and they are very versatile. They are perfect for adding that little bit of bedazzle where needed. I love that they come is varying price points and that being battery operated you can really use them just about anywhere.

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