Spring Wreath DIY So Pretty & Easy

This beautiful spring wreath DIY is going to look perfect on your front door. So easy and inexpensive to make you won’t believe it!

The Beauty Of A Spring Wreath

Every once in a while some nay saying trend forecaster claims that non Christmas wreaths are on their way out and each time they are wrong.

Yes, Christmas is still the most popular time to throw up a front door wreath but we home decor lover’s know that these little beauties can be used all year long. Your front entrance is the first impression your home makes so why not make it as spectacular as possible?

Now, wreaths can cost a pretty penny. You can easily find wreaths with price tags that are well into the hundreds. In fact, this wreath was inspired by own that Wayfair had on SALE $95! I don’t know about you but I can’t afford to pay that for a wreath!

Enter the DIY wreath. You can get the look for a fraction of the cost. And do I ever have the best looking, super inexpensive, and ridiculously easy spring wreath for you! Your door has never looked so pretty.

Supplies You Will Need for Spring Wreath

  • Grape vine wreath form
  • 2 – 3 bunches of faux lavender
  • Bunch of lambs ear
  • Smaller leafy faux greenery
  • Burlap ribbon

How to Make This Pretty Wreath

This beautiful lavender and burlap wreath is so easy to make. You don’t even need a hot glue gun! All you’ll need is a pair of wire clippers and few minutes.

Start by clipping the bunched of lavender down so that you end up with clusters of purple blooms. Do the same with both types of greenery.

Tuck the faux floral stems in between the branches of the grape vine wreath. Start with the lambs ear, then the smaller greenery and lastly the lavender.

Now, you can use a few dabs of hot glue to adhere the stems to the wreath form but it isn’t really necessary. In fact, I made these 3 beautiful spring wreaths and never once touched the hot glue gun. And when you skip the glue you can reuse the wreath.

Cut a few pieces of the burlap ribbon to tie into a simple bow.

Option 1: Hot glue the bow to the front of the wreath.
Option 2: Slip some wire through the back of the ribbon and attach this to the wreath form.

Tuck a few more sprigs of the lambs ear around the bow. You want the bow to look like it’s been nestled into the greenery and lavender.

Finished lavender and lambs ear spring wreath DIY

Voila! In just a few minutes you have yourself a super simple yet stunning spring wreath for your front door.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On This Pretty Spring Wreath

There is something appealing about a spring wreath hanging on the front door. It’s so pretty and inviting. Somehow your home just looks friendlier, much more inviting, and well cared for. Including these charming little decor additions can go a long way.

What is your favourite spring flower? And have you ever made a DIY spring wreath with it? Let me know in the comments below.

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