31 Unusual Craft Supplies from Dollar Tree

So excited to share my ultimate list for unexpected and unusual craft supplies from Dollar Tree that are perfect for the DIYer.

Save Money With Dollar Tree

DIYers are always on the lookout for ways to save money, which is why we love coming up with our own ideas and challenging projects. But finding supplies that are affordable can be hard work – many craft stores charge hefty prices when they’re not sale-priced! Luckily there’s the dollar store.

The best part about shopping for DIY supplies at the dollar store? You get what your heart desires without breaking any bank accounts.

Why Go With Unusual Craft Supplies From Dollar Tree

One of my favourite ways to save money with my DIYs is to window shop at some of my favourite, high end decor stores. I collect images of the the decor I like best and then I head to Dollar Tree or Dollarama to see how I can replicate it for a whole lot less.

Now, I know that we all know about the craft, seasonal, and stationary sections of the dollar store and that you can get a ton of amazing crafting products inexpensively to DIY with but have you ever looked at the other sections of the store?

25 Unusual Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree That Make for Amazing DIY Supplies

There are numerous products to be found in every aisle of the dollar store that are awesome additions to any DIYer’s repertoire. Look past the obvious products and explore a little further. Let’s delve into the world of unusual craft supplies.

The Makeup Aisle

  • Nail Files – fantastic for when decoupaging and you need to remove any paper from the edges. Just rub the nail file back and forth and the paper will cut off cleanly.
  • Makeup Brushes – perfect for removing saw dust from crevices, painting with in a pinch, or applying glue or Mod Podge.
  • Foundation Sponges – much like the makeup brushes, sponges are great for sponge painting and applying glue (especially for difficult to reach places).

The Kitchen Aisle

  • Silicone Baking Mat – the perfect solution for protecting your craft table from paint splatters or hot glue drips.
  • Broom stick handles – ideal for attaching holiday and decorative party signs to, beautiful when wrapped in outdoor fairy lights for outdoor decorative lighting, or for making Charlie Brown or modern wall mounted Christmas trees.
  • Bamboo Sticks – use to create decorative wall art, attache to glass vases for unique candle holders or vases for flowers, line the bottom of serving trays for a decorative touch, use as the stand for holding up topiaries, and for adding detailing to DIY lanterns.
  • Saran Wrap – can be used to create texture when painting. Is also great for wrapping wet paint brushes so that the paint doesn’t dry out on the brush.
  • Lazy Susan or Spinning Cake Stand – this is just great for anytime you need to paint or spray paint because you can simply give it a spin and get all the sides evenly. Make sure you take the time to check out how to make the adorable stone bird.
  • Wire Mesh Grease Guard – is ideal for straining blended pulp in order to make your own homemade paper or seed paper for the garden.
Try using a wire mesh grease guard to make recycled seed paper cards and gift tags.

The Toy Aisle

  • Pool Noodle – can be used to make gigantic wreaths, as an alternative for floral foam, or as a support base for long table decor arrangements.
  • Plastic animals – to create fun wall art, book ends, or figurines. A can of spray paint and a hot glue gun is all you need to make fun, child friendly decor.
  • Tumbling Tower – blocks are perfect for crafting.

The Baby Aisle

  • Baby wipes / Face wipes – great for wiping away paint or glue, cleaning paint brushes in a pinch, removing crayon and marker markings on your craft table, and wiping clean chalk board messages made with chalk pens
  • Baby shoes- Make adorable bases for balloon arrangements for baby showers. Some people also like to use them for gnome feet.

The Toiletry Aisle

  • Rubbing Alcohol – helpful for removing price stickers, for removing clay residue, and for making stunning ink wall art.
  • Toothbrush – great for cleaning difficult to reach places, add texture when painting, smoothing down decorative foil, and for speckling on paint.
  • Epson Salt – creates an excellent texture when mixed with paint, makes realistic faux snow on wreaths or displayed in vases, for decorating the outside of candles and candle holders, and for decorating Christmas ornaments.
Learn how you can use Epson salt and paint to create faux stone accessories.

The Clothing Aisle

  • Scarves – are great for wrapping wreath forms, making throw pillows, as a backing in picture frames, for wrapping gifts, creating party banners, making rag carpets, and table runners
  • Socks – make excellent stuffed animal decor for kid’s rooms, use to decorate winter coffee mugs, for covering planters, creating fall cloth pumpkins, and for making gnomes.
  • Shoe Stain/ Polish – an excellent option for staining wood or wood beads and for antiquing painted objects.

The Tool Aisle

  • Wood Glue OK, maybe some of you have thought of this but remember to always check out the dollar store tool section. There are a ton of products for DIYing to be found there. And if you are gluing wood please use wood glue. I beg of you.
  • Sand Paper – Sand paper is great for sanding but it is also great for removing paper from edges when decoupaging. Spray painted and used in picture frames sand paper can also create a wonderful textured look.
  • Wooden Plant Stakes – are great for framing, creating boxes, building faux decorative fences, and for making decorative faux lanterns.

The Glass Ware Aisle

  • Plastic Dessert Cups – especially if they come with lids, are perfect for mixing and holding larger amount of paint, beads, glitter, or glue. If you get the ones with the fitted lids they save your paint from drying out for several days.
  • Clear Plastic Shot Glasses – ideal for holding smaller amounts of paint, glitter, beads, decoupage, or glue.
  • Glass Containers – make excellent storage for craft supplies and the Mason jars are wonderful for storing your access mixed paint. Fill the jars with melted wax and add a wick and essential oils to make beautiful scented candles. Use large Mason jars for rustic flowers arrangements. Label smooth glass jars for attractive bathroom storage, use to make 3D floral wall art, or fill with stones, faux greenery and twinkle lights for a whimsical table decor.
See how I made the above into LED fairy light, faux greenery table decor.

House Wares

  • Picture Frames – turn these into beautiful trays, lanterns, memo boards, wall decor with faux flowers, trinket holders, table place cards… the list truly goes on.
  • Place Mats – stuff ’em pillow fluff, whip out the hot glue and you have fantastic throw pillows. Can also be great for framing and using as wall art or a back drop for pictures.
  • Plant Pots – the decorative ceramic ones are ideal for making candles, holding painting sponges or for storing your paint brushes.
  • Small rugs – can be turned into throw pillows, to make handmade stuffies, or to cover small foot stools.
  • Wicker bin baskets – can be made into plant pot covers, as a lamp shade, or as blanket storage.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts on Unusual Craft Supplies Found at Dollar Tree

When we start to think outside the box magical things happen.

Dollar Tree is a great resource for the DIYer. It helps us create fantastic home decor while getting a great deal. And although, I will always head down the craft and decor aisles I know that there is a whole lot more offered for the DIYer than just the usual.

So stretch your imagination. Walk the other aisles and see what you can find. Search for those amazing unusual craft supplies. You won’t be sorry. Promise.

Do you search for unusual craft supplies when you go shopping at Dollar Tree? What are some of your favourite unusual craft supplies?

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