Easy Christmas Wrapping Ideas Anyone Can Do

These 12 easy Christmas wrapping ideas will take your gift wrapping game to a whole new level. Guaranteed to look fabulous under your tree.

Get Your Wrap On

Are you looking for a way to really wow your friends and family with your gift wrapping skills this Christmas season? If you answered yes, then you’ve hit on the right blog post!

Christmas is the season of giving! Don’t let your gift wrapping fall flat this year. Instead, up your Christmas gift wrapping game and make your gifts fabulous with one or all of these 12 easy ideas. Whether you prefer a traditional, rustic or modern look, you’ll be able to find something for every style. From festive embellishments and easy decorative ideas to unique touches like dried oranges and cheap Dollar Tree vinyl, your presents will be the talk of the town.

No matter your gift wrapping skills. (CONFESSION: I’m a terrible wrapper) you’ll learn how to embellish presents like a professional, save time and money, and add a personal touch to every gift. So put away the boring bows and get creative this Christmas season. It’s time to make those presents shine!

Wrapping Skills Not Required

As the days before Christmas dwindle and shopping lists get longer and longer, the stress of finding the perfect gift and wrapping it in the most gorgeous way can become overwhelming. But for those who find themselves running out of time or out of ideas, look no further! There are countless creative and simple ideas that will instantly add a festive and luxurious touch to your Christmas gift giving.

These 12 simple tips will make all the difference in making your gifts look amazing, even if you’re not the best gift wrapper. So this holiday season, forget about the fear of botched wrapping jobs and instead try out these ideas to make your gifts look memorable and stunning.

Don’t get stuck in a wrapping rut, let these ideas be your guide and get those gifts all wrapped up in no time!

Prefer to watch! I got ya. Watch all of these ideas come to life plus a few more!

12 Easy Christmas Wrapping Ideas

From monogrammed embellishments to Dollar Tree solutions to sustainable ideas, this list of 12 Christmas gift wrapping ideas is sure to inspire you and get your gifts all wrapped up in no time. If you’re eager to start, here’s your go to guide:

Lay On The Vinyl

Make this Christmas wrapping extra special with this easy craft idea! You’ll need a Cricut Machine, a holiday image from free Canva or Cricut, and some cheap, sparkly vinyl from Dollar Tree. We went with brown and blue for our own Christmas colour scheme this year, but you can choose any colour you like.

Use your Cricut to cut out the holiday shapes with the sparkly vinyl. Then wrap the gift and add some ribbon. Once ready, peel away the vinyl from its backing and carefully place it on the top of the gift. Finish it off with a few embellishments, and a name tag. With just a few simple steps, you too can create a unique and beautiful present.

Crack Open A Bottle – Brush Tree

Deck your gifts in a festive way this season with this quick and easy idea: miniature bottle brush Christmas trees! Get yours from Amazon or Dollar Tree, and don’t forget a hot glue gun. Place a bit of hot glue on the bottom of each tree, arrange them in the center of the gift (or any other pattern you like), tie a name tag on with twine, and finish with a sparkly pine cone. Get creative and have fun!

Dollar Tree Friendly

Transform your wrapping from ordinary to extraordinary this holiday season with Dollar Tree’s snowflake ornaments! To start, take the ornament apart, then cut off the hoop part that connects to the hook. Now you’re ready to get gluing: start by attaching the larger piece to the top of the gift. Layer the smaller pieces on top, and complete the look with the rhinestone piece. Finally, add a name tag and you’ve got an eye catching, personal gift to give.

Wreath It

Create a show-stopping holiday gift with Dollar Tree’s pine garland! You’ll need three pieces of garland, plus a leftover rhinestone piece from a snowflake ornament we used above. Begin by forming the first two pieces of garland into circles and twisting the ends together. Cut the third pieces into thirds and wrap them around the other two circles to join them together. Tie a tag to the top with twine and fasten the rhinestone ornament piece with a dab of hot glue. Voila! You have a beautiful wreath decoration!

Go Natural

Adding a personal touch to your Christmas gifts doesn’t have to break the bank and you don’t need to head to a store! Head outside instead and cut down a few cedar branches. Then start by wrapping your gift with two pieces of ribbon, in a cross formation. Next, glue down your sprig of cedar on top of the ribbon. To keep it all in place, wrap some twine around the gift and glue it down at the back. You now have a beautiful, free, and natural way to dress up your gifts!

All Dried Up

If you’re looking for an easy, yet creative way to decorate the holiday gifts you’re giving this year, this DIY project is the perfect solution! Set your oven to 170 degrees and slice an orange into thin slices. Place the slices on a cookie sheet, and then pop the sheet into the oven until they’re completely dried out. Once they’ve cooled, wrap the gift and add a simple bow and then glue on the dried oranges. For an extra touch, add a few cedar branches with hot glue and top it off with a tag and you’re done!


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Go Big Or Go Home

With free Canva, you can create the perfect gift tag for any present. To begin, make an account and select a gift tag shape. Make the tag almost the full size of a sheet of paper and then add your recipient’s name. Print the design and hand cut it out. Use a hole punch to cut the inner circle, then thread with ribbon, secure with hot glue, and add festive decorations. For a Christmassy feel, add some holly or white berries, and a dried orange for a final touch. With just these simple steps, you’ll have a beautiful personalized gift tag for any occasion.

Sustainable Solutions

Make your Christmas gifts shine with a sustainable, decorative wrap. Starting with a solid-coloured cloth (old drop cloth makes a perfect, economical choice), tie it up with simple twine. Add a splash of festive colour with a festive pick from Dollar Tree, and get creative with some seasonal additions like cedar sprigs, dried oranges, bells, and frosted pinecones. To finish it off, attach a name tag hot glued into place. With this simple, easy to follow method, your gifts will be stylish and sustainable this season.

Getting Personal

No matter the colour scheme, make your holiday wrapping pop with monogrammed gifts using a Cricut and Dollar Tree vinyl! With a free Canva or a Cricut font, cut out letters for the names of recipients and peel back the vinyl. If any bubbles up, use the Cricut scraper to smooth it down. For extra interest, add a big tag, bow, or frosted pine cones for a final touch. Perfection not required.

Whimsey All The Way

Create an easy and memorable gift wrap in no time with this creative ribbon and berry garland hack! Start by wrapping two strands of ribbon around the gift and taping it in the back. Then take a strand of Dollar Tree’s berry garland, wrap it around the gift a few times, and trim it to your desired length with wire clippers. Finally, add a name tag and you have a unique and whimsical gift wrap.

Monogram It

Give your gifts a festive twist this year with a personalized, monogrammed touch! Dollar Tree has thin, inexpensive wooden letters perfect for painting. I used a bit of antiquing wax to give them an aged look and then some white chalk paint to distress the overall look. Next, attach the wooden letters to the gift with some hot glue, add festive greenery and white berries, then top it all off with a jingle ready gold bell. In no time, you’ll have a perfectly wrapped, personalized Christmas gift!

12th Christmas Idea – Doilies

Add a festive flair to your holiday gift wrap this year with doilies from Dollar Tree! These four-sized paper cutouts work great for quick fixes and for adding extra pizzazz after a subpar wrap job. Plus, they’ll make any gift look pretty in an instant! To use a doily, simply trim it to fit the size of your gift, then finish with a bow and gift tag. Enjoy the fancy results of your handiwork!

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On These Easy Christmas Wrapping Ideas

It looks like we’re all done wrapping for the holidays!

I promise you that these 12 creative and easy Christmas wrapping ideas will help you to create a beautiful and cohesive gift display under your Christmas tree. Whether you go for a rustic look with cooking twine and natural elements, you decide to monogram everything, or you want embellish with Dollar Tree’s help, use these ideas to give your gift wrap an extra love and care it deserves this year.

What is your favourite way to embellish a Christmas gift? Share in the comments below.

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