Mother’s Day Gift Basket For Every Budget

Get all the tips you need for creating a beautiful and thoughtful Mother’s day gift basket on any budget. Mom will love it!

Mother’s Day Is Around The Corner

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and as a DIY enthusiast myself, I know how special handmade gifts can be for the women in our lives. That’s why I wanted to share some tried and true tips on how to create stunning Mother’s Day gift basket.

Whether you are making a gift basket for your mom, your step-mom, a daughter, or another woman who plays a big role in your life – I have a basket idea that will work for you.

Let me guide you through the process of putting together a beautiful gift basket while also providing practical advice for creating a presentation that will be sure to impress. Say goodbye to generic, boring gifts and hello to personalized, thoughtful surprises for the mothers in your life. Let’s dive in!

10 Basket Ideas That Mom Will Love!

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to brush up on your gift basket skills. In celebration of this special day, I’ve put together a list gift basket ideas. Simply select the one that matches your recipient best and then follow the tips below to create the ideal basket.

  1. TLC – Think all things relaxing and cozy.
  2. Book Worm Basket – Put together a basket of items that any reader would love .
  3. The Green Thumb Basket – Fill it with all things plant related.
  4. Crafter’s Basket – Is easy to customize to your recipient’s hobbies.
  5. Gourmet Gift Basket – Includes everything they need to make a gourmet meal.
  6. PicNic Gift Basket – Pack everything they need to have the perfect picnic including the basket.
  7. Cheese & Wine Basket – Do I really need to explain this one? Didn’t think so.
  8. As Sweet As You Gift Basket- This is for the woman who loves all things candy.
  9. Board Game Gift Basket – Trust me, done right this will be anything but boring.
  10. Memories Basket – Fill this basket with DIY and purchased mementos of happy moments shared.

BONUS TIP: Not all of the ideas shown in the following images are shared in the list above. And not all of the tips shared here are in the video.

So, if you want to see how I put together 5 Mother’s Day gift basket together and everything I put into them PLUS even more ideas for getting the looks for less – You’ll want to check out both!

Top Tips For Creating A Mother’s Day Gift Basket

Here are a few of my best tips for putting together the perfect Mothers day gift basket. Get ready to impress your loved ones with your beautiful gift basket presentation! No matter your budget.

Picking the Right Basket

Sure you can pick any ol’ boring basket but why do that when you can make such a big impact right from the start? When on the hunt for the perfect basket for your gift consider:

  • Whether or not it will fit your theme
  • Is it sturdy and practical
  • Does it have a touch of the unexpected
  • If it can hold all of the contents
  • Can it be reused? The best basket ideas are ones that can be used with the gift or as something else afterwards

BONUS TIP: Get your gift baskets from the thrift store. I do this all of the time and you would be amazed at the cost effective options available to you. PLUS when you do this you can easily find ways to think outside the basket.

Use Unexpected Filler

Sure you can always use everyday paper basket filler. But why do that when you can just as easily and affordably use an unexpected filler for an added personal touch? Think of ideas that can be both part of the gift and work as the filler.

Here are a few examples for the above baskets to get you started:

  • Shower puffs – for TLC basket
  • Cozy socks – for Book Worm or TLC basket
  • Blanket – for the TLC, PicNic, or Book Worm basket
  • Tea towels – for the Gourmet basket or Wine & Cheese basket
  • Apron – for the Gourmet or Crafter’s basket
  • Bag of homemade lavender Epson salt – for TLC or The Green Thumb basket
  • Bath bombs – The Green Thumb, TLC basket
  • Decorative bag of popcorn kernels with instructions on how to stove pop – For the TLC, Board Game, or Book Worms basket
  • Bag of candle melting wax – For the Hobby basket

Customize A Mother’s Day Gift Basket to Fit Any Budget

Let me let you in on a little secret… any gift basket idea can be made to fit any budget. Set your budget and work within that. If you’re working with a smaller budget – don’t fret. With these tips you can still create a Mother’s Day gift basket that she will love.

  • Pick one or two items to splurge on and save on the rest. Picking just one or two higher priced items just makes the whole basket seem more luxurious. (NOTE: Splurge depends on what your budget is.)
  • Pick items that look expensive but aren’t. Good packaging can make a cheap item look more expensive.
  • Shop sales, end of season sales, and discount stores.
  • Remember that the dollar store is a gift basket creator’s best friend. This is a great place to find those items that look more expensive than they actually are.
  • Don’t skip the thrift store, antique stores, garage sales, and used book stores. You can often find like new items for a whole lot less.
  • Add something homemade. Homemade can look or taste just as good, if not better than store bought.
  • Buy similar items but for less. An example would be skip buying the gourmet cheese at a fromagerie and instead opt for brie from the grocery store.
  • Adding your own decorative details to items will elevate the whole look. Think: tags, ribbons to tie things together, personal notes, or stickers.

Bulk It Up

To up the ante pick a few items that are low in cost but make the basket appear fuller. The dollar store is the ideal place to find these items but homemade can also work well. Here is a list of ideas that you could consider for those bulk up items:

  • Smaller, less expensive items. Think: lip balm, Kleenex, or bath bombs.
  • Consumable items. Think cookies, cupcakes, or candy.
  • Dollar store items. You can find tons of these type of at the dollar store. Skies the limit.
  • Bath accessories. Shower puffs, shower mitts, bath bombs, homemade sugar scrub, etc…
  • Pick a main theme and then add smaller items to bulk the bigger item up.

Basic Of Presentation

One of the easiest ways to make a gift basket look high end is to take your time with presentation. Here are a few ways to make your basket look the best that it can:

  • Choose a theme. This is the best way to make a basket look high end.
  • Put your larger items to the back smaller items to the front.
  • Add something pretty to your basket.
  • Pick a colour scheme and try to stay within it as much as possible.
  • Don’t make it to be too matchy-matchy but you do want everything to work together cohesively so still work within that colour scheme and the theme.
  • Keep everything cohesive, neat and organized. Package things, wrap things together, and label where needed.
  • Don’t be afraid to change things around move things about. You might find that when you’re putting things together things don’t go together perfectly right away. No need to panic. This happens to everyone. Just move things around until you find the look you like.

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Pretty Inside & Out

The final step to any Mother’s Day gift basket or really any gift basket – is to make it pretty. Here are a few ideas:

  • Add something pretty to the front of your basket. Clip something to it, hang an item over the edge, or place a decorative item in the front.
  • You can find large rolls of cellophane that you can wrap around your baskets. Perfect for gift baskets that are smaller or extra large in size. Another great option is these basket bags at Dollar Tree. These are perfect for average sized gift baskets.
  • And don’t be afraid to use little bits of tape to tape closed or down any corners or openings. This is especially important if you’re using the cellophane rolls but even with the bags you’ll likely need to do a bit of tucking and taping to keep everything looking nice.
  • Wrap the opening of the clear basket bag with tape to keep everything closed. You can also use an elastic for this.
  • Use some burlap or fabric ribbon to cover up the taped or elastic covered opening.
  • I like to dove tail all of my ribbon ends for an extra touch.
  • Add a few pretty details to the knot at the closing. Such as: faux floral, ornaments, decorative bows, decorative name tags, or faux greenery.
  • Make sure that the details work with the colour scheme. Think – tissue paper, ribbon, filler, and item tags.

Jenny’s Final Thoughts On Creating A Mother’s Day Gift Basket

As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how to show the special women in our lives just how much they mean to us. And what better way to do that than with a handmade gift basket?

Today we’ve covered everything from basket ideas to practical tips for creating a stunning presentation. It’s time to say goodbye to generic gifts and hello to personalized, thoughtful surprises.

So why not get a bit creative this Mother’s Day? And the easiest, best way to do this is with a gift basket. Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there!

If you could only choose one of the Mother’s Day gift basket which one would you choose? Leave it in the comments below.

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