How To Decorate A Heart Shaped Wreath

Find out how to decorate a heart shaped wreath easily and inexpensively.

How Do You Make A Simple Valentine Wreath?

If you’re reading this tutorial then like me you also love a front door wreath. I can’t help it. Any excuse will do to find new and creative ways to make a wreath will do.

Sometimes it’s fun to go all out and create detailed, over the top wreaths. And sometimes it’s nice to keep things simple.

To make a simple Valentine wreath consider:

  • Going with a heart shaped wreath form. This way the shape is already doing half the work and then you can keep the decorations simple.
  • Limit florals. Stick to one or two different faux blooms that pack a real bunch.
  • Make a No Hot Glue Needed wreath like these gorgeous spring wreaths.
  • Simplify attaching embellishments by using hot glue and large wire ornament hooks to affix florals, wood cut outs, and decorations. Straighten the wire hook, squirt a nice gob of hot glue on the back of the decoration, stick the wire across the glue and let harden. Once dry attach it to the wreath by twisting the wire on.
  • Go with a simple back drop. Cover a round, wire wreath form quickly and easily with an inexpensive scarf, strips of fabric, or burlap for the perfect base to start decorating your wreath.
  • Choose embellishments that scream Valentines. Think: hearts, arrows, love birds, playing cards with hearts, roses, and basically anything that is pink or red.

How Do You Make A Heart Shaped Wreath?

There are several ways to make a heart shaped wreath:

  • The simplest way is to wrap a heart shaped wreath form in burlap, cloth, or an inexpensive scarf.
  • Purchase a wreath form that is already shaped like a heart. These come in wire, plastic, or grape vine. Embellish it any way that you like.
  • Using hot glue, decorate a cardboard cut out heart with faux florals, fabric, yarn, ribbon, burlap, or bows.
  • Or you could shape a coat hanger into a heart shape. Leave the hook part on to hang it from or clip it off for a clean heart shape. Cover this with faux greenery, florals, or ribbon.
  • Take the coat hanger idea a little bit further and cover the wire form with a pool noodle. Cover this with cloth, twine, burlap, yarn, or ribbon. Add embellishments for a professional finished look.
  • Attach two candy cane forms together with duct tape and then cover. Decorate any way you like.
  • Makeover a Dollar Tree compressed, cardboard, heart shaped sign with paint, fabric, metal, or decals. Hang alone as a wreath on the front door or use it as part of a larger wreath.


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How To Make A Dollar Tree Valentine Wreath

Supplies You Will Need To Make Heart Shaped Valentines Wreath

  • Tinsel Plastic Heart Wreath Form from the dollar store
  • Burlap Roll
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Wire Cutters
  • 3 Faux Blush Pink Roses
  • 3 Light Pink Roses
  • 5 Faux Off-White Mumms
  • Faux Ferny Greenery

How To Decorate A Heart Shaped Wreath

Remove all of the shiny tinsel. This is really easy to unravel.
Using the wire clippers cut all of the plastic nubs off of the plastic heart frame. Toss these.

Fold the burlap in half. With a bit if hot glue, attach the burlap to the center, top part of the heart.

Add another line of hot glue to the front of the wreath form. Attach the burlap to this.

Wrap the folded burlap around and around the wreath form. Over lap each of the layers just slightly so that you can’t see any of the plastic frame.

Remove the stems from the faux mumms and roses. Cut any remaining stem off of the bottom of each flower.

Apply a nice thick gob of hot glue to the bottom of each of the 5 mumms.

Next apply the mumms to the bottom, right hand side of the burlap wrapped heart frame. Place 3 of the mumms more towards the top, inside.
Place the other 2 mumms on the outer side of the wreath.

Next, apply a generous gob of hot glue to each of the 5 roses.

Carefully separate the mumms and position the roses in between the mumms. Stagger the darker and lighter pink roses.

Using a little more hot glue attach a few sprigs of the faux, ferny greenery to the top of the floral cluster.

Now, attach a few of the faux ferny greenery stems to the bottom of the flower cluster.

Voila! A gorgeous, elegant Valentine wreath that will look perfect on your front door.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On How To Decorate A Heart Shaped Wreath

There is just something extra romantic about a heart shaped wreath for Valentines. After all, it is the holiday of love and nothing says love and romance quite as well as a heart does.

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