4 Super Simple High End Faux Succulent DIYs

Faux succulent decor when done right can look realistic and high end. Today let’s find out how.

Faux Succulent Wooden Crate

I love succulents. They are so interesting. Their unique textures, colours, and shapes always make for such eye catching displays.

Now usually, when it comes to plants I lean towards the real deal but sometimes I just want something simple and attractive that requires zero care. Plus, there are those times where a spot is screaming for some greenery but I know that it’s unlikely anything will successfully grow there.

Luckily, I have found that with a little attention to detail and a bit of creativity you can get the look without all the care simply by going faux.

This faux succulent wooden crate makes for gorgeous table top decor. I plan on putting this arrangement on the antique farmhouse table on our front porch. This is often a spot that I forget to care for and it gets zero sunlight but it’s front and center so I like to have something pretty there. This definitely fits the bill.

I think that this just looks so realistic. I love that you can find all of the supplies at Dollar Tree and I especially love that I never have to water it. Win, win.

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Supplies You Will Need to Create Faux Succulent Wooden Crate

*PRO TIP: All of these supplies, including the succulents, can often be found at Dollar Tree (with the exception of the chalk paint but you could always use the acrylic paint found at Dollar Tree instead).

  • Wooden crate
  • Wooden plant labels
  • Floral foam
  • Twine
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • Chalk paint (FolkArt in Milk Jug)
  • ArtMinds Antique Wax
  • Paint brush
  • 5-7 Faux succulents in varying looks
  • Small rocks and pepples

How to Make Faux Succulent Wooden Crate

Start by removing the plastic lining in the wooden crate. Using a dry paint brush (personally, I like to use a stenciling brush for this but any brush will do) lightly paint the crate with the chalk paint so that it comes out looking weather worn and distressed.

Make sure to paint the outside, the outside of the slats and top and bottom of the slats. Also paint the inside portion of the handle base but you don’t have to do the inside of the slats because the foam and succulents will cover this.

Also, make sure to paint further in between the slates. Once you add the wood plant marker to the inside you’ll be able to still see these spots so you’ll want the sides to be painted to match the exterior.

Let dry.

Using a pencil, line one of the wooden plant markers up with the opening between the two crate slats, and mark the wooden marker so that it will fit snuggly in this space.

Cut the wooden plant marker where you’ve marked it with the pencil. A decent pair of scissors should be strong enough to cut it.

Using ArtMinds Antique Wax stain one side of each of the wooden plant markers.

Exacto knife cuts packaging foam.

On each side of the wooden crate, slide the wooden markers into the inside so that they cover the hole in between the two existing slats.

If you measure carefully they should just slide snuggly into the crate and shouldn’t need any adhesive. You may need to trim the ends a bit with a box cutter to get the perfect fit.

Cut the floral foam so that it will fit in the bottom of the wooden crate.

NOTE: I decided to use some left over packaging foam I had on hand. Floral foam will work just as well.)

Arrange the faux succulents inside the wooden crate so that you are happy with how it looks. Stick the faux succulent stems into the floral foam. You may need to use a little hot glue for this.

Using twine and hot glue, wrap the handle of the wooden crate. Start by attaching the twine with a dab of hot glue, wrap the twine around and around the handle, finish it off with another dab of hot glue.

Finished wooden crate full of faux succulents.

Twinkling Faux Succulent Vase Arrangement

Vase with stones, faux succulents, and string lights.

Supplies You Will Need to Make Twinkling Faux Succulent Vase Arrangement

  • Vase from Dollarama – regular+ sizes
  • Battery operated LED mini string lights
  • Long stemmed Dollar Tree Bush
  • Rocks

How to Make Twinkling Faux Succulent Vase Arrangement

Ok, technically these are not succulents and Dollar Tree and Dollarama label them as Bush Stems. But some of these bush stems look a lot like ferny, succulent like plants. So I say it counts.

Make sure that your LED mini string lights has fresh batteries and that you have turned them on to the setting you enjoy the most. Personally, I am a steady light gal but there are often other settings, so you do you.

Place the battery back with the part where the string of lights comes up facing down.

Carefully add a few rocks to keep the battery pack in place. Entwine the string lights amongst the rock.

Cut the “faux succulent” stems down. Use the shorter pieces to fill in around the rocks and to cover the battery pack.

Using the longer pieces, arrange the stems so that you are happy with how it looks. While arranging, carefully wrap the string of lights around the stems.

Faux succulent arrangement without string lights on.
Faux succulent vase with string lights on.

And Voila! A whimsical twinkling succulent arrangement that looks charming during the day hours and perfectly magical in the evening. The perfect summer decor.

Ikea Lantern and Faux Succulent Decor

Ikea bird cage with faux succulent arrangement inside.

Ok, again this is technically a Dollarama bush stem. And yet again this bush stem really reminds me of ferns and succulents so I included it. This is a super simple and yet, super gorgeous faux succulent decor piece that I absolutely adore.

Now, I found this Ikea bird cage on one of my thrift store excursions. It was a part of a larger haul. You can see this haul and my thrift store shopping decor tips here.

Ikea still sells this particular lantern in this size and a smaller size. Ikea also has a ton of options for vessels that will work just as well. Another option is to use a wire bird cage. And, if you want to save a little money make sure you keep an eye out at thrift stores or garage sales. Like me, you may just find this lantern at a fantastic price.

Supplies You Will Need to Make Lantern and Faux Succulent Decor

  • Ikea Gottgora lantern glass candle holder or any other vessel of your choosing
  • Long stemmed faux succulent greenery (I used Dollaramas Bush)
  • Flower pot (one that fits nicely inside the Ikea lantern)
  • Floral foam
  • Rocks
  • Clear glass decorative gems

How to Make Ikea and Faux Succulent Lanter

Place a piece of floral foam in the bottom of your flower pot.

Cut down the long faux succulent stems so that they will fit nicely in the flower pot and place this in the middle of the lantern.

Surround the flower pot with the rocks and clear glass vase decorative gems and then just shut and latch the lantern door. Simple and pretty.

*NOTE: I decided to use a metal matte cup we had hanging around the house because I really liked the juxtaposition of the dainty detailing in the lantern and the delicate greenery stems with the chunky metal container.

Ikea bird cage with door closed.

Faux Succulent Candle Holders

Glass faux succulent candle holders.

If you thought that the last faux succulent DIY was easy this one is about to blow your mind! I mean it. This DIY is so easy it’s almost embarrassing but I had to share because I just think these candle holders are just gorgeous and they look so classy sitting there on a table top.

Super simple, super inexpensive, and super high end looking. Doesn’t get better than that.

Supplies You Will Need to Make Faux Succulent Candle Holders

  • Glass vases in varying sizes
  • Large faux succulents (large enough so that they just fit in the vase)
  • Battery operated candles
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue

How to Make Faux Succulent Candle Holders

Wash the glass vases so that they are sparkly clean.

Remove the stick or clip from each of the large succulents.

Hot glue two of the large succulents together. Stick the large succulents inside the jars so that they just stay stuck to the insides of the jar. Flip the jars upside down.

Place the succulent filled vase upside down on a table top. Top with a battery operated candle.

NOTE: I strongly recommend that you only use battery operated candles for this arrangement because really these candles will simply be placed on top of the candle base. If one gets knocked over – no harm; no foul.

And Voila! 4 super easy, really quick to create but high end looking faux succulent decor pieces that you will be proud to display.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts on Faux Succulent Decor

I get that faux flowers and plants can be controversial for some people but I have to tell you every time I see one of these amazing arrangements I smile.

Don’t get me wrong. I love plants. I have an unbelievably green thumb but sometimes I just want to keep things simple. I want the look but I don’t want to worry about the care. Faux succulents and ferny stems are the perfect solution.

But you tell me – are you for or against faux succulents? Are you all about the real deal or are you willing to embrace the fake?

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