Recycled Christmas Decor Ideas To Try

This Christmas create one of a kind decor with these rustic recycled Christmas decor ideas. The perfect solution to a budget friendly holiday.

A Thrifted Farmhouse Christmas

With the Christmas season upon us, there is no better way to get into the holiday spirit and make your home look truly festive than by creating unique and magical decorations. If you’re looking for rustic farmhouse style decorations that won’t break the bank, have no fear, because with a bit of creative thinking, it’s easy to transform thrift store finds into beautiful, unique Christmas decorations.

Whether you’re a DIY-enthusiast or a crafting novice, these thrifted Christmas DIYs offer a unique, rustic, farmhouse take on holiday decorating. Let me show you how easy it is to transform a few diamonds in the rough into 7 Christmas decorations that will give your home that wonderful homey, cozy feeling for the holidays. With just a little bit of elbow grease and some chalk paint you can upcycle your thrifted finds into something that will help you make your home look like a farmhouse, winter wonderland.

6 Recycled Christmas Decor Ideas To Try

From a rustic farmhouse wreath to homemade gifts and decorations, these 6 thrifted Christmas DIYs will help you create a unique, personalized holiday with a limited budget. Get inspired, get creative, and start transforming those thrift store finds into stunning rustic decorations!

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Rustic Wooden Holiday Decor

Out of all of these recycled Christmas decor ideas I think this one is my favourite. These were made using an old park bench that once sat in our backyard. I’d cut a few of the bench boards down to make this farmhouse wooden spoon wall art and was left with these two end pieces.

They both had such a wonderful, worn texture and the hole at the top added even more character. These didn’t need much to make them holiday worthy. For the past couple of years Dollar Tree has carried these charming holiday stencils. I bought ’em all and have reused them several times. One offered a few different snowflakes options and the other had a simple berry design.

All that was needed to holiday-ify these beauties was some white chalk paint and a small stencil brush. Using the Dollar Tree stencills, I painted on the motifs. Then each of the wood pieces were wrapped in twine, and a few frosted pinecones were glued ob.

Et Voila! The perfect rustic addition to any holiday decor. BONUS! The snow flake one can be used during the winter months as well.

Festive Rustic Farm Bell

What’s not to love about this farmhouse cow bell… except that it looks a little too perfect and new. White chalk paint to the rescue. I am a huge fan of the enamel look. For Christmas last year I made over a thrifted ceramic candle stand into a faux enamel one. Simple and divine. So this little beauty got the same treatment.

I painted on a couple coats of white chalk paint, letting it dry in-between coats. Once dry, I distressed it with a bit of sandpaper. Then some red and white baker’s twine and regular brown twine was wrapped around the handle and some greenery along with a frosted pinecone was glued into place.

And there you have it! The best part about this DIY is that you can easily remove the holiday touches and reuse this cow bell throughout the year.

Whicker Sled Makeover

This whicker sled was suffering from a serious case of the doldrums. However, it had a lovely shape and I simply loved the sleigh treads. This is one of those recycled Christmas decor ideas that took very little to elevate it.

Using a chippy brush and some white chalk paint, apply a bit of the paint to the entire sleigh. Don’t go on thickly. You want the finished look to be distressed and worn looking. Once dry, fill with a few springs of faux Christmas greenery and some frosted pinecones.

Simple, rustic, and beautiful.

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Festive Wood Crate Arrangement

This Christmas thrift was actually given to me by my lovely friend. She grew up in Quebec and she had several antiques that she was getting rid of while downsizing. Not wanting them to go to far she generously offered them to me.

Among them was the 150 year old wooden shoe shine box. (Or at least that’s what we think it is.) She told me that I could do anything that I want to do to it. But really, how could I? It’s 150 years old! And in my humble opinion, perfect as it is.

So, I decided to keep it simple. All it needed was a few bricks of floral foam from the dollar store and some Christmas greenery. I used a mix of Michael’s greenery (that was on sale last year) along with some inexpensive greenery from Dollar Tree.

While arranging the greenery, mix the variations of green. Add in a few leaves with white tips, and frosting. Make sure that you work in different textures and then top it all off with a few frosted pinecones.

This DIY is a great example of how some simple additions can make a world of difference.

Wooden Spoon Snowman

Hi, my name is Jenny and I have a slight addiction to wooden spoons. They just offer so many decor options. This simple charmer is going to get an easy makeover. Once again, using one of the Dollar Tree holiday stencils and some chalk paint, I painted on a simple snowman. Then some twine, winter greenery, and a little bell was added.

Much like the wooden piece with snowflakes, so too can this one be used throughout Christmas and well into the winter months.

Decorative Holiday Rolling Pin

It was the worn red handles on this rolling pin that made it perfect for a Christmas makeover. All it was going to need was a little painted makeover. I wanted to match the red colour on the handles so I went with a bright scarlet chalk paint and the berry motif that was used in the wood pieces.

First, the rolling pin was given a white wash with white chalk paint. Next, using a stencilling brush, I painted the motif onto the rolling pin. To finish it all off, I added a few sprigs of Christmas greenery, and a few frosted pinecones.

And that is it. Display these with other holiday kitchen tools and some more greenery and you have yourself stunning and unique Christmas decor.

Christmas Candle Decor

I really couldn’t tell what this piece was originally for. It looked like a candle holder but was tad too big and it had two holes in it. Either way, it don’t matter because it was about to get a new lease on life.

In my craft stash was some black foam. So I cut it down and used that to fill in the space in-between the battery operated candle and the edge of the candle stand. This is what the greenery would be attached to. Using hot glue, I adhered each of the faux greenery stems to the foam.

The greenery was added all facing in the same direction. The textures and variations in green were mixed together to create a pleasing look. The final touch was a few frosted pined cones.

And there you have it! A stunning holiday arrangement that

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On Recycled Christmas Decor Ideas To Try

This holiday season, don’t be afraid to think outside the box! By experimenting with thrifted, farmhouse, Christmas decor, you can create beautiful holiday decorations without spending a fortune.

Bring together the old with the new, you can turn any ordinary space into a cozy, inviting, and rustic holiday home. These 7 recycled Christmas decor ideas are easy to make and require minimal effort and money, making them a wonderful alternative to overpriced store bought decorations.

So this Christmas season, be sure to get creative and take advantage of thrifted items to give your home a festive and memorable look. As you look ahead to the upcoming holiday season, take the time to create a look that is unique and special to you. Whether it’s a wooden crate, a cowbell, or rustic wood pieces, there are endless possibilities to bring the farmhouse charm into your home while keeping things budget friendly. So let’s get our DIY on. The holidays are just around the corner!

Do you have a favourite Christmas thrift in your home? Share it in the comments below.

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