Thrift Store Decor Ideas For Fall You’ll Love

Decorate your home for fall with these thrift store decor ideas. The best part – these decor ideas can also be used all year long.

Thrift Store Fall Decor DIYs

Do you dream of sprucing up your home for fall without breaking the bank? You’re totally in luck! You just need a smidgen of creativity and some basic thrift store finds. With that, you can easily make high end home decor to die for. Trust me, you’re about to find the perfect DIY thrift store project that’ll give your home those cozy fall vibes.

Let’s take your home decor game up a notch this season. Together we’ll make a stylish and unique statement and all without breaking the bank! All ya need to do is grab a few budget-friendly items from your local thrift store and start recreating these rustic, high end fall home decor DIYs.

From upcycling wicker baskets to wooden spoon wall art. You’re about to learn 5 easy and creative DIY decor projects that are perfect for giving your home a refreshed look. Embrace your inner thrifter, and transform everyday objects into beautiful home decor that you can enjoy for many years to come.

So get ready to hit the thrift store. It’s time to make something new out of something old!

AJP 10 Top Thrift Tips

To get you started on your fall thrift decor adventure here are my top 10 thrift tips for ensuring a successful thrift store shopping experience:

Bring your design samples

This will make thing easier when you are trying to match up colours, styles, or patterns.

Become a member

Many larger thrift stores offer perks to those who sign up to be members. Get advance notice of sales, birthday coupons, extra discounts and so much more.

Sale days

Are often a set day during the month or week where thrift stores offer discounts on certain items. Find out which day your’s lands on.

Visit often

New things arrive at the thrift store daily. So make sure that you pop in frequently to search out those true thrift store decor gems.

Make a wish list

This will remind you of what you are looking for. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep an open mind but a list of wanted items will help keep you on track.

Look at the shape of the item

Ignore the colour or pattern. Those are things that can easily be changed up. It’s the shape of an object that matters. This tall, faux pottery vase is the perfect example of this.

Donate items

This won’t only help to declutter your home but it helps out others. The added bonus – the thrift store will give you a discount coupon that you can then use on your next purchase.

Be friendly and ask the staff

You will be amazed at how far a little kindness can go. Get the inside scoop and make your thrift store shopping that much more enjoyable.

Bring your smart phone

So that you can look up the prices of items, keep track of your wish list, have access to Pinterest, and so much more.

Take measurements

Since thrift store items can’t be returned (they can be redonated but not returned) it’s always a good idea to bring a list of measurements along. This way you’ll know if the item will fit.

BONUS TIP: If you want even more thrift store tips check out even more top tips. To save even more money while thrifting you’ll want to check out my top tips for saving big . For an idea of what to look for when thrifting this list of 35 thrift store decor items will be right about your alley.

Watch the video on YouTube to see exactly how each of these fall thrift store decor ideas were created.

Bushel Basket of Apples

Thrift store decor ideas using a wicker basket

One of the most commonly found items at the thrift store is baskets. You can find baskets at the thrift store all year long and they are as cheap as borsht to buy.

This particular basket is a made in a basket weave style. The chunky weave and curved handles gave it a boat load o’ charm. It was never really an ugly basket. However, the paint was yellowing and the Christmas holly motif wasn’t really my style..

So… I gave it a couple coats of white chalk paint. Then I downloaded the printable from At Jenny’s Place Printable Library. I printed the image out onto tissue paper, and then decoupaged it to the front of the basket with matte Mod Podge.

White whicker basket with apple image

This came out looking positively charming. This basket is perfect for fall and apple collecting but it could also be used in spring or summer. I love the simplicity of the overall look. I can see us using this for summer BBQs to serve buns or filling it with fresh summer blooms.

The best part – if I get tired of the look it’s only tissue paper and Mod Podge. A simple wetting of the paper and a bit of sand paper will quickly remove the image. Then I’ll once again have a fresh new basket ready to be made over once again.

Get the printable!

To make this DIY get the free printable!

Wooden Spoon Wall Art

Wooden spoons from thrift store

CONFESSION: I thought it would be so much easier to find wooden spoons at the thrift store then it actually was. I am always thrifting but I admittedly never looked for wood spoons until now. Turns out, if you want to get all pre-loved wooden spoons it’s going to take a bit of hunting.

So you can make this project happen in three ways.

1- You can take your time and hunt out those elusive wooden spoons . Look at thrift stores, garage sales, or even ask friends and family.

2- You can buy the wooden spoons from the dollar store or an inexpensive home goods store.

3 – Make like me, and do a combination of thrift store spoons and dollar store ones.

To make this wooden spoon wall art I started by distressing and staining the dollar store wooden spoons. I then found a piece of tongue and groove board that would work perfectly for this project. I add a wooden frame made with old, grungy wood that was leftover from an old park bench. The spoons were then arranged on the tongue and groove. Then with a bit of wood glue and some hot glue, each spoon was attached.

Wooden spoon thrift store wall art

The finishing look is one that is rustic, charming, and stylish. This will be hanging in our dining room beneath the piano window. However, this would totally work in a kitchen, panty, breakfast nook or hallway. I am so in love with this piece but tell me, what do ya think?

DIY Fall Scented Candle

What ceramic bowl with scalloped edges

Interesting ceramic bowls are as common place in thrift stores as candy bars are in grocery stores. The trick is to find those diamonds among the rough. When this little beauty was spotted you can bet your bottom dollar it was a keeper.

All this bowl needed was a couple of wicks, some fall essential oil, and a bit of melted candle wax.

Thrift store decor ideas homemade candle

It’s now a beautifully scented candle. This candle can be used during the fall months and really all year long. Who doesn’t love a beautiful, high end scented candle for next to nothing?

Basket of Pumpkins

Thrift store grey wicker basket

Ok, we’ve already established that I am a huge fan of the thrift store basket. This is another thrift store decor piece that could be used for more than just fall decorating. Seeing as it is fall, it was easy to choose which direction to take this in. All it need was a bunch of the textured pumpkins I had made previously.

Thrift store decor ideas basket of pumpkins

Seriously, that’s it! This really shows how something so basic and common can be easily made into seasonal decor. Later on this basket will be filled with pine cones and greenery for the winter months. Or fill it with bloom during the dog days of summer. Whatever the season or reason, this basket will offer up a plethora of possibilities.

Wooden Candle Bowl

Wood bowl, candles and pinecones

Much like the last thrift store decor ideas this too is made from a common thrift item… the wooden bowl. It is also super simple. This bowl had a particularly interesting shape. All it needed was a trio of battery operated candles and a handful of pinecones.

Wood bowl filled with candles and pinecones

For a couple of dollars and a bunch of free pinecones you can create beautiful, simple, and rustic table decor. The nicest thing about this idea is that it will fit any decor style.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On Thrift Store Decor Ideas For Fall

Thrift store shopping is a great way to get creative, save money, and add character to your home. For fall maybe take a trip to the thrift store to find some of these basic supplies. I have zero doubt that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the perfect pieces you’ll find.

You’ve been able to see how getting creative with thrift store finds can lead to unique and beautiful decor. With almost endless possibilities and a wide variety of items to choose from, you can create decorations that are fascinating and eye-catching. From seasonal decorations to more long term additions, there’s something for everyone.

What is your fall decor style? Do you prefer cutesy, rustic, or elegant? Let us know in the comments below.

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