Farmhouse Christmas Decor DIY Thrifted Ideas

Recreate these 5 thrifted farmhouse Christmas decor DIY ideas. From festive wall art to table decor these are simple, and oh so beautiful.

A Farmhouse Christmas

Have you ever wished you could recreate the cozy ambience of a farmhouse interior like you’ve seen on Pinterest and Instagram? Now you can. With a little bit of creativity and some thrifted finds, you can easily make over your home into the farmhouse decor of your dreams.

Let me show you how to recreate 5 beautiful farmhouse decor DIYs. You don’t need to be an extremeDIYer to make these easy and affordable project.

5 Farmhouse Christmas Decor DIYs

These 5 thrifted farmhouse Christmas decor DIY ideas are the perfect way to give your home a festive and creative feel. With the simple steps outlined, you’ll easily be inspired to recreate similar affordable and unique pieces to give your home a fresh look, ready for the holidays.

Rusted Holiday Bell

When thrifting a few weeks ago I came across this green, wire bell. It was pretty tacky in its original state but that would be an easy fix. All that was needed was a couple of coats of ArtMinds white chalk paint. The top, sides, and bottom all needed to be painted. There could be no green left.

Once the wire bell was painted, a touch of ArtMinds Antique wax needed. This was easily applied with a fan brush. The wax was placed in areas where rust would naturally form. Once this dried some Mod Podge was applied again in areas where rust would occur. Then a sprinkle of cinnamon was added. To finish it all off a quick coat of FolkArts Matte Sealer Spray was used.

Now, it could be left like that. But it could also use a touch of holiday cheer. A few frosted greenery sprigs, a pine cone, and a few copper berries were hot glued added to achieve this.

And that was it! This came out so beautifully. It went from being old school tacky to farmhouse perfection.

Winter Wall Art

I am constantly coming across these wooden trays that are too small to serve anything but they are perfect for making wall art. I made this one for our kitchen but then I came across this other one. It was more delicate than the one I already have and I thought it would be perfect for holiday decor.

A few coats of forest green paint was painted on to the rims, edges, and the inner part of the tray. Once that dried, a few coats of white chalk paint was applied to give it a worn, distressed look. Only the centre of the tray was painted in solid white.

Next, using some white tissue paper and printer paper I printed out an image of three pine trees and then decoupaged this to the top, inside of the tray. Simple, beautiful, and so easy to make. This really turned out to look like an actual holiday painting.

Ornate Christmas Bell

This little holiday beauty started out as an ornate, plastic plant pot. I found it a few months back and knew it wanted to be something Chrismassy. I just wasn’t sure what it wanted to be and then it hit me… A bell. This little pot wanted to be a Christmas bell.

It got a couple coats of ArtMinds chalk paint and then was antiqued with a little bit of ArtMinds Antique Wax. A hole was punched in the “bottom” middle of the pot. Next, a twine rope with a wooden bead was added. This will be the “bell” part of the bell.

Lastly, a few sprigs of holiday faux greenery, some white berries, and a few frosted pine cones were hot glued on… and Voila! You have a gorgeous, ornate, antique looking bell for Christmas decorating.

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Time to DIY!

Pewter Christmas Tree Base

This DIY is beyond easy but it’s a great way to show you how simple, little touches can make a world of difference.

I had this inexpensive, dollar store faux pine tree in a simple white base. I popped it out of its original container and added it to a piece of floral foam. To finish it all off, the tree in floral foam was popped into the pewter cup and it was done.

Simple, easy, and classy.

Winter In A Tarnished Silver Vase

For this last DIY I used a simple tarnished silver vase and a few dollar store pine picks. The handful of picks were added to the vase along with a few sprigs of blue berries. We’re going frosted blue and brown glass this Christmas hence the blue berries. However, you can use any colour of berries that you wish. A few matte, faux greenery were added along with a few larger blue berries. A

And that is it. You now have yourself 5 beautiful, easy, and inexpensive farmhouse Christmas decor DIY ideas that you can easily create for the holidays.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On Farmhouse Christmas Decor DIY Ideas

You can take decor items from your local thrift store and easily transform them into beautiful farmhouse pieces that will add character and sophistication to your home. From sprucing up old plastic plant pots to creating unique wall art with wooden trays, you can turn inexpensive thrift store finds into timeless Christmas treasures.

These farmhouse decor pieces will bring a touch of farmhouse elegance and rustic charm to your holiday space. What’s more, you’ll also save time and money by giving thrifted items a second lease on life. Now that you have the power to recreate these beautiful thrifted farmhouse decor DIYs, it’s time to grab some paint and let’s get started!

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