Christmas Hacks To Add A Bit Of Holiday Magic

These 12 easy Christmas hacks will add those extra special touches that will bring your holiday celebrations to a whole new level.

Hacking Into The Magic Of Christmas

Are you feeling the holiday stress? Is the prospect of shopping for gifts, decorating, and planning family activities causing your anxiety levels to rise? Are you looking for hack that can make it easier to experience the full joy of Christmas? Well, you’re in luck!

Today I have 12 Christmas hacks that are guaranteed to bring a little more magic into your holiday season. Find ways to elevate the marshmallow, strategies easy ornament ideas, and tips for decorating your Christmas tree. Each of these hacks will add an extra dose of Christmas magic. Let me help you find a bit more joy in the holiday season.

Let’s get started!

Watch the hacks! Skip the read and watch instead. See each of the hacks come to life.

12 Christmas Hacks That’ll Bring The Magic

Who doesn’t want to make their holiday season to be a bit more magical? These 12 Christmas hacks are sure to do just that! Each if these hacks are simple and inexpensive.

Tip 1: Elevate The Basic Bauble

Every DIYer knows how about those inexpensive, clear ornaments at Dollar Tree. Here’s the secret to making those Christmas baubles look extra chic and high end – no expensive boutiques necessary!

All you need is a can of spray paint in any colour you choose. Simply, remove the toppers from each of the ornaments. Then give the toppers a light coat or two of spray paint. Let dry and voila! Those once cheap ornaments are now super stylish and ready to be flaunted!

Tip 2: Cheap & Easy Faux Snow

This winter season, try your hand at creating faux snow with just Epsom salt. A large bucket of Epson salt can be found at Costco for around $8, when it goes on sale. Doing a DIY project with the salt is not only easy but very budget friendly.

You can use it in ornaments, decoupage it onto wreaths, or add it to a winter vignette. Have fun playing around with this versatile material and get creative with your projects this season!

When placed in an air tight container the Epson salt provides a realistic look like freshly fallen snow while still retaining a bit of its sparkle. If it’s placed in a non-airtight container it losses its sparkle but ends up looking even more realistic. So either way, it works!

The only minor downside is that it can clump over time. But this is so easy to fix. Just give it a little shake, and voila, it’ll look good as new! As the salt loses its moisture and sparkle, you can easily replenish its contents with a bit more Epson salt.

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Tip 3: Marshmallow Hack

Making hot chocolate is an easy, festive way to celebrate the holiday season! With just three steps, you can make unique marshmallow shapes for your favorite drink. And no Martha Stewart level skills required!

Sure you can make homemade marshmallow shapes. But I’ve come up with an easy hack to get the look for a lot less work. To make these marshmallow shapes you’re just going to need a bag of jumbo marshmallows, some tiny holiday cookie cutters, and a rolling pin.

Begin by rolling out your jumbo sized marshmallows onto a hard surface, using a rolling pin to flatten. Then, use the tiny cookie cutters to cut out the shapes, storing the extras in a sealed bag to be melted down later for Rice Krispie treats. Finally, make your hot cocoa, add your holiday marshmallow shapes, and enjoy! Get creative and make your hot cocoa a work of art with this easy craft this holiday season!

PRO TIP: Try and prevent the marshmallow from folding over too much underneath. This will make for a cleaner finish once you cut out the shape.

Tip 4: Tame The Bling

Transform your gaudy Christmas decorations from the Dollar Tree into sophisticated seasonal pieces with a simple can of white spray paint! Covering the sparkle of the item with light, thin coats will give you the desired look. For extra texture, you can add a bit of antiquing wax to give your piece a rustic, worn, somewhat rusty and aged look. With just a few simple steps, you can transform the budget friendly decorations into a stylish, timeless addition perfect for any craft enthusiast with a knack for interior design.

Tip 6: Doctoring The Bottle Brush Tree

No more passing up or throwing out sad looking bottle brush trees.

Bottle brush trees are essential to any DIYer’s craft collection, but sometimes they don’t come in the perfect shape. They can sometimes get smushed and bent. Fear not! This next hack will fix that. Just run them under some water. This won’t strip the flocking. Give them a light fluffing to reshape them, and then let the trees dry overnight. In the morning, you’ll have perfectly shaped and fluffed bottle brush trees.

Tip 5: It’s A Wrap

Wrapping Christmas gifts doesn’t have to be a chore! With this neat hack, you can make it a breeze. Grab some standard wrapping paper, measure out the amount you need, then fold down the excess paper and crease it firmly. Easily cut through the paper like butter with a letter opener, and you’ll get a perfect, straight edge every time. No scissors required!

Tip 7: Ornament Bundles

Discover a stylish way to spruce up your Christmas tree and give it a festive twist by making a DIY ornament cluster! All you need for this easy craft is some inexpensive ornaments and pipe cleaners. Simply thread one pipe cleaner through the top of your ornaments, add another ornament to the pipe cleaner each time, and then twist the ends together securely. Attach the ornament clusters to your try by wrapping the pipe cleaner ends around the Christmas tree branches and trim off any excess. With just a few simple steps you’ll have an eye catching decoration perfect for the holidays!

Tip 8: Candy Canes Gone Wild

Are you looking for a more sophisticated and less sticky candy cane option this holiday season? Salt water taffy is the perfect treat! With options like the pure red ones that taste like cinnamon, white ones that taste like vanilla or red and white striped ones that taste exactly like candy canes, you can fill your Christmas stockings with something extra special. Plus, no more sticky fingers with salt water taffy!

Tip 9: Top Tree Decorating Tip

Create a breathtaking Christmas tree with this easy pro decor tip! Many of us are accustomed to decorating our Christmas trees with the same formula our parents used, but you can easily take your tree decorating to the next level. You just need to look at your tree a bit differently.

Christmas trees come alive when they are decorated in three dimensional layers. That’s right, a tree isn’t flat. There is depth to the tree. For the best results it’s best to recognize that the Christmas tree is 3D and then decorated it as such.

Start with the basics: invest in inexpensive, unbreakable ornaments to adorn along the trunk and inner branches of your tree. Then finish by adding your prettier, more precious decorations to the outer branches. By layering ornaments in this way, it creates a visually stunning effect that draws the eye both inside and through the tree. Trust me. With this savvy trick, you’ll be ready to wow your guests this holiday season!

Tip 10: A Sparkle Free Existance

Tired of cleaning up the glittery mess left behind by Dollar Tree’s cheap, sparkly holiday ornaments? Then this hack is for you! To keep surfaces free of stubborn sparkles, simply give your ornaments a nice thin coat of hairspray. Let it dry, and enjoy a sparkle free existence during the holidays.

Tip 11: Getting Sentimental

If you’re a Christmas freak like me, you appreciate having your main Christmas tree decorated with style and current trends. But then what do you do with all of those sentimental ornaments that don’t fit this year’s theme? It can be hard to find a balance.

fMy hack? Buy a smaller, more affordable tree for the family room or den and let the whole family decorate it with all of their special ornaments. That way, you can still enjoy all the sentiment each year, without compromising your own holiday decor vision.

Tip 12: Wreath Options

Love changing up your front door wreath but want to save money? Here’s the hack for you. All you’ll need is a grapevine wreath form, plus some inexpensive picks, berries, and greenery from the Dollar Tree. Start by sliding the picks in between the branches of the grapevine wreath form. Once you’ve added the berries and greenery, you can hang the wreath up for a beautiful look. When you’re ready for a new look next year, simply slide out the picks and slide in new berries and embellishments. Voila, you have a new wreath for your front door!

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On The 12 Christmas Hacks

With these 12 easy Christmas hacks you can easily make your life simpler and your holiday season a bit more magical.

The holiday season should be a time full of joy and relaxation, not filled with chaos and stress. With these hacks, you can make sure that your Christmas season is as stress-free and magical as possible. Whether it’s sweet treats, decor ideas, or tree decorating, these 12 simple hacks will help to make sure that your Christmas season is filled with memories, not stress.

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