Thrifting Tips That’ll Save You Tons Of Money

19 money saving, thrifting tips from a frequent thrifter that you haven’t heard before. Not your every day tips.

Why Thrift

Lately, for just about all of us, money has been a bit tighter. It seems like the price for everything is going up and we’re all trying to find ways to save. One way we can do this is by getting the most out of our shopping.

There are so many great reasons for you to take up thrifting. Some of my top reasons include:

  • No taxes
  • I can get itmes for my home for a lot less then retails
  • Good for the environment
  • I’m big into DIYing and thrifting gives me tons to work with

Thrifting Tips For When To Shop

To get you started I thought we would take way back to the basics. This blog post is all about ways to save money using methods that thrift store offer their customers. To get the most out of your thrifting: some pro thrift shopping tips.

The earlier you show up the better. The number of people shopping will be less which will provide you with the opportunity to get to know the staff a bit. You will have more to choose from. Plus, the store will be cleaner and better organized at the start of each day,

The weekends can get a bit hairy scary and the selection has been thoroughly picked over by then. By shopping mid week you will avoid the hassle of the crowd and you will have more items to choose from.

Find out which day your local thrift stores restock and make sure that you plan your shopping times around that. This is when the selection will be at it’s best and you’ll be sure to score some great deals.

Coupon Catastrophes

Ok, maybe catastrophe is a bit of a strong word. But I think we can all agree that there is nothing worse then having the perfect thrifty, money saving plan only to find out at the register that your coupon is a dud.

Here are a few things to look for when using your thrift store coupons:

  • Check days of sales. Often thrift stores will have particular days for their regular sales. So double check with your thrift store which day is their sale day.
  • Check for what is on sale. Don’t assume that everything in the store is on sale. Sometimes the sale is only for clothing and accessories.
  • Check the dates on the coupons. You’ll often find an expiry date.
  • Check for minimum purchases requirements. Sometimes to get a percentage off you need to spend a minimum amount.
  • Are new items excluded? Double check this. Often tags are colour coded and the coupon or sale is only good for older items.
  • Check for any black out days. There may be rules about when gift cards and reward cards can be used (such as Boxing Day.

Insider Thrifting Tips That’ll Save You Money

Shopping at a thrift store is a great way to save money. But you want to save even more money. I get it, every dollar matters. Here is a list of all the ways that you can save even more money while thrifting:

Example of one of the thrift store tips


Almost all thrift stores have coupons. They will hand them out at the cash register. You can often find them on their web sites. There are a bunch of ways to get coupons that we’ll go over. Remember to read the fine print and to keep these handy for when the mood to thrift hits.

Sale days

These tend to be the same day each week The days can differ store to store and franchise to franchise. So make sure that you first find out which days your thrift store holds their sales. Again, check the fine print. Sometimes they have only certain items on sale for that day.


Almost all thrift stores give it a coupon for donations. This is usually a percentage off for a certain amount spent. Simply bring in any items you want to get rid off and drop it off either at the front desk or sometimes their will be a drive through donation. Once you hand over the items they will hand you the coupon. Check for any restrictions before using.

PRO TIP: I like to keep a donation basket in the bedroom. Once I have enough items to fill a bag, and I need something from the thrift store, I donate it and then use my coupon for shopping.

Thrift store items all in silver

Become a member

Many thrift store now have member clubs. You will often receive a coupon when you sign up. You will receive emails with exclusive discounts. Plus, notices for upcoming events and sales. Sometimes they will have reward systems that are for members only. The percentage that you receive off items is often higher than regular coupons. It costs nothing to join.

Get their emails

Most often this happens because you signed up to become a member. Again, it cost nothing to sign up for emails. In addition to the exclusive discounts and announcements, you’ll also find ideas for upcycling, styling tips, and insider “secrets.”

Birthday coupons

Personally, I’ve only come across this at Value Village but it’s worth asking for at other stores. Who knows, maybe they will adopt the practice.

Basically, when you sign up for their Super Saver Club, in addition to all the other perks you also receive 20% off any minimum purchase of $50 during your birthday month. You must spend the $50 at one time.

Buying decor with these thrifting tips

Get a job there

If you’re looking for work and you love thrifting this might be a match made in heaven. Thrift stores can have excellent employee perks including sometimes up to 30% off your in store purchase. Plus, you’ll know when all the good stuff comes in and when all the good sales will be held. Something to think about.

Seniors, post secondary students or military discounts

Many thrift stores will offer special discounts for certain groups. These sales are most often held on specific days. Usually they are offering around 20% off. If you fall into one of these groups it’s definitely worth inquiring.

Frequent shoppers card

Some thrift stores will offer frequent shoppers a way to save even more money with a stamp reward card. Basically, every time you make a purchase you receive a stamp on your card. Collect enough stamps and you’ll eventually receive a discount. Usually it’s 10 stamps equals a few dollars off your next purchase.

Items to purchase using the thrift store tips

Monthly draws

Some thrift stores that offer a frequent shoppers card will also offer monthly draws. You fill out the card and enter it for a draw. If you win you will get a decent coupon. It can be as high as $25 off. Definitely worth looking into if you are a card carrying, frequent thrifter.

Give a gift card

Give the gift of thrifting and receive a little loving back. Sometimes you will receive a coupon when you buy a gift certificate. These coupons are usually worth around $5 off when you spend a certain amount. Check for any additional fine print.

Even More Ways To Save Money Thrifting

Believe it or not, there are even more ways that you can save yourself some money when thrift shopping. These are all practical thrifting tips that when applied, add up to big savings. So the next time you’re thrifting remember to:

If you’re going to be a regular it’s nice to get to know the staff. It makes your whole shopping experience more personable and pleasant. Plus, when you get to know people and show interest in them they are often willing to help you out.

I’m not suggesting you schmooze them but there is a lot to be said for being friendly, respectful, and personable.

Almost all of us have a smart phone with data now so use this to your advantage. If you find something at thrift store and you’re not sure it’s worth the price or you think that you may have found a super steal…Google it.

Look the item up on line and see how much it’s selling for at regular price. If it’s an older item that’s no longer in stores and you want to know how much it sells for second hand look it up on Kijiji, Facebook Market Place, or eBay.

I know, a little snooty but it is what it is. The more money they have often the nicer the stuff. Now, that ‘s not to say that you can’t find items in other areas but it is definitely worth a look. Also, don’t forget to check out smaller towns and cities around you. Sometimes you can find the most amazing items there.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount when you think it might be warranted. Lately, it seems like everything is going up in price and the thrift stores are no different. If you think something is overpriced then ask. Worse case scenario, they say no and then you just put it back.

Often times, thrift stores will hold special holiday sales. If you have signed up to receive emails than you will be notified in advance about any upcoming sales. If however, you haven’t signed up for emails then make sure that when you pass by any thrift stores pre-holiday, you check out their billboards for any sale announcements.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On Thrifting Tips To Save You Money

Thrifting is a rewarding way to shop. You can find so many wonderful things there. It does take some time and effort. Fortunately for you, if you combine the money saving ideas shared here with these pro thrift shopping tips you’ll be saving yourself a ton of cash and shopping like a thrifting pro in no time.

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