Buying Craft Supplies Dollar Tree Beauty Aisle

Unleash your creative side and start crafting! Buying craft supplies doesn’t have to be boring. Find out which 21 Dollar Tree beauty items work in the craft room.

Exploring the Dollar Tree Beauty Aisle for Crafting Supplies

Calling all crafty DIYers! If you’re like me, you love finding clever ways to save a bit of cash when coming up with ideas for creative projects. What if I told you that beauty products found on the Dollar Tree beauty aisle could be used in your next DIY project?

That’s right friend – you can meet your crafting needs without breaking the bank and it can all be done where you least expected it! Not only are all these items incredibly affordable but they also provide an easy way for you to test out different techniques without breaking the bank.

Read on and learn how you can put together your very own craft supply kit using bargains from the dollar store beauty aisle!

How to Spot Creative Craft Supplies on the Dollar Tree Beauty Aisle

Strolling down the beauty aisle at your local Dollar Tree can be an unexpected treasure trove for the creative crafter! With a keen eye and a bit of imagination, you’ll be amazed at the versatile materials awaiting discovery.

Here are 4 quick tips to get you started:
  • Don’t be afraid to step out of your crafting comfort zone, as even the most unlikely items can be transformed into inventive and budget-friendly additions to your creative collection
  • Stroll down the aisle and keep an eye out for colourful, multi-functional items that are similar to those supplies you would find on the craft aisle.
  • Look for items that can serve more then one crafting purpose. Such as: makeup wipes that can be used for cleaning and crafting. More on that later.
  • To spot those treasures, keep an eye out for items with versatile uses or unique textures.

21 Must-Have Items from the Dollar Tree Beauty Aisle for Crafting

Ready to unleash your creative side? Dollar Tree’s beauty aisles are filled with numerous craft supplies that can get those creative juices flowing!

From inexpensive nail-art decorations, such as glitters, pearls, and rhinestones, to makeup sponges or nail files – the selection of items on their beauty shelves is enough to inspire any DIYer. Here are the 21 beauty items you should be buying craft supplies:

Get nail files when buying craft supplies

Nail scissors

Are handy little tools to have on hand. These are perfect for finicky, detail cutting. The folding scissor style is the best option for storing and transporting safely. Use to cut numerous materials such as: card stock, decorative paper, burlap, leather, yarn and so much more.

Emery board

Is the DIYers best kept secret. Use these handy little beauty tools to cut down paper to create crisp edges when decoupaging. Simply adhere the paper to the hard surface, let dry, and then using the emery board scrape back and forth until the paper separates from the edge.

Nail polish

At the Dollar Tree comes in tons of colours and finishes. You can get matte, sparkly, and glossy. Use these to paint just about anything where you want a permanent colour. Try using it on coasters, vases, mugs, tiles, holiday ornaments, glass frames…

I’m sure there are more. But that should get you started thinking outside the bottle.

Nail Art

Dollar Tree has these adorable nail art kits that come with tons confetti shapes, glitter, and mini cut outs. Use these to create shaker style picture frames, Christmas ornaments, winter globes, or craft some shaker pockets.

Get nail polish remover when buying craft supplies

Nail polish remover

Can be used to remove labels and price stickers from decor pieces and thrift finds. This also comes in handy when you are creating any DIYs with nail polish.

Nail polish hand holder

When buying craft supplies think outside the box. Is ideal when you’re weeding with your Cricut. Simply pop it on your hand like you normally would and then as you weed place the bits of vinyl into it to keep things tidy and organized.

Makeup brushes

Can be used just like a regular paint brush. These makeup brushes come in several shapes and sizes. Foam eye shadow brushes are great for adding stain or paint to hard to reach places. These disposable brushes are also ideal for working with glue and sparkles. This is especially true when doing detailed glitter and glue work.

Eye lash curler

Is definitely up there with weird crafting items but it can come in handy when you are needing to clamp down on something in order to apply a bit of hot glue. And since these are a dime a dozen at the dollar store you won’t mind when it gets covered in glue.

Get tooth brushes when buying craft supplies

Tooth brushes

Can do more than keep your pearly whites… white. You can also DIY with them. These are handy for cleaning thrifted items, getting stain into hard to reach places, adding texture to baking soda faux pottery, cleaning out glass vases or use to do some fun splatter painting.

Tooth floss

Can be used anyway that you need string. Use to tie opening together, hang decorations from hooks, or attach embellishments to wreaths.

Makeup sponges

Are ideal for applying stain. They are disposable and the shape makes them perfect for reaching those tricky spaces. Use to apply stain to touch up furniture pieces, schmear on decoupage, or to stencil on paint or stain.

Cosmetic bags

Basically anything that needs to be stored in a bag you can use a cosmetic bag for. These are perfect for holding paint brushes, stamps, or Cricut tools. Corral sewing supplies, markers, or your scissor collection. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

Get  bath pot pourie when buying craft supplies

Bathtub Potpourri

Is a decorative hack I think you’re going to like. Fill a glass jar with it and use as table decor. Place a sachet of it in your linen or intimate drawers to add a gentle, fresh scent. Place a bit in a glass Christmas bauble for a unique decoration. Or add some to the top of a DIY candle.

Travel bottle kits

Are handy little tools. These can be used to store smaller quantities of something in a smaller size. Think: paint, glue, decoupage, sparkles, wood glue, and more. You can also use the spray bottles to create splatter patterns with paint, bleach, or dye on fabrics for one-of-a-kind decor.

Hand spray bottles

Basically work the same as the ones you get in the travel kits it’s just that they’re larger and therefor can be used to create larger projects. Makeover large linens, throw pillow covers, or oversized wall art.

Get face wipes when buying craft supplies

Cotton balls

Definitely come in handy during the Christmas and Easter holidays. From simple kid friendly crafts to more adult DIYs these little balls of cuteness have many uses.

For kids think: Santa suits, bunny tails, fluffy lambs, adorable snow men, ice cream cones, or the tops of stockings.

For adults think: DIY cutton wood stems, faux snow, front door wreaths, or garland.

Make up wipes

Are a DIY life saver. A must when you are out buying craft supplies for your craft room. I am never without these little wipes. Use them to wipe your hands clean, wipe down your work surfaces, or to quickly clean brushes and tools. These are also great for wiping off excess stain, wet distressing chalk paint projects, or removing excess glue.

Epson salt

Has so many winter craft uses it’s insane. Use this crafty salt to create faux snow for snow globes, jarred winter arrangements or in Christmas ornaments. You can even use this to create a faux snow look on holiday wreaths. Use as vase filler, to frost candle holders, or to add an iridescent texture to pillar candles. Then there are all the ways that you can DIY bathroom salts. Really, the list can go on and on.

Get bath poofs when buying craft supplies


Are fantastic for detail work. Use when beading, making pocket letters, adding tiny embellishments, or creating Cricut crafts. You can also use these handy little tool to pull threads, yarn, or twine through tiny spaces.


Are just practical to have around. Thoroughly clean out thrift finds, wipe away glue, get paint into small spaces, or carefully clean up paint lines. Want to get creative? Use Q-tips to created dotted paint patterns.

Rubbing alcohol

Much like the nail polish remover is great for removing pricing ticket residue. It should also be used to clean surfaces before using command hooks.

Want to get crafty? Use this product to dissolve ink. Use a sharpie to draw a design on a piece of white fabric. Then using an eye dropper add drops of the rubbing alcohol to disperse the ink. Create a Tie dye affect but with more control.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On Buying Craft Supplies On The Dollar Tree Beauty Aisle

Venturing into the Dollar Tree beauty aisle can be like embarking on a treasure hunt for creative craft supplies. With a keen eye and a friendly, upbeat attitude, you’ll be amazed at the versatile products you can find.

Next time you’re buying craft supplies, take a moment to pause and look beyond the cosmetics and bath products; imagine how these items could be repurposed into unique crafting materials. Now that you know all about these unique craft items remember, creativity like beauty knows no bounds.

So dive right in and don’t forget to have fun! What are you waiting for? Which of these 21 beauty products are you going to try DIYing with first? Share in the comments below.

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