Painted Vase DIY With Baking Soda Paint

Transform an old ugly case into a beautiful one with this super simple painted vase DIY. The finished look will amaze!

From Drab To Fab

Do you have an old, ugly thrift store vase which is just gathering dust but you don’t know what to do with it? Don’t throw it away just yet, because you can easily upcycle this drab piece into something gorgeous and stylish.

Don’t let old objects go to waste. Let’s take a moment to think of the possibilities that are available to us each time we open a thrift store door. Let’s make something new out of something old.

Let me walk you through the complete process of transforming an ugly old vase, from gathering the supplies, to mastering the baking soda paint technique, to the final touches. You don’t have to be a DIY expert to pull off this DIY. Transforming an old case from drab to fab is super simple, affordable and rewarding.

Let’s start this upcycle!

How To Recreate This Painted Vase DIY

This DIY project is a great way to breathe life into an old, ugly thrift-store vase. It doesn’t take any special skill to create a beautiful, stylish faux stone vase using baking soda paint and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Supplies You Will Need

  • An thrifted tall vase in any colour
  • White acrylic paint
  • Baking soda
  • Cinnamon
  • Large paint brush
  • Large chippy brush
  • Buffing brush
Watch the video to see the step by step instructions on how to make this vase and several more DIY thrift flip DIYs.

How to Recreate This Painted Vase DIY

Start by wiping the vase down with a slightly damp cloth and let air dry. While drying, in the plastic cup, mix together the white acrylic paint and the baking soda. I don’t have exact measurements. It will depend on the size of your vase. But you are going for the look of really melting soft serve ice cream.

Apply this laboriously to to the whole vase. Use that large, dry chippy brush to add as much texture are possible.

You are going to want to apply a few coats, so allow the vase to thoroughly dry in between coat. Once you are happy with the whole look, it’s time to have a bit more fun!

PRO TIP: To keep your baking soda mixture wet while the vase dries in-between coats, cover the plastic cup with saran wrap and an elastic.

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Add a bit of cinnamon to the baking soda paint. This will make the mixture thicker so try not to add too much. You’re going for a soft cinnamon colour. Add the mixture with a foam brush and then using your buffing brush blend the cinnamon/baking soda paint mixture into the vase. Add the colour where you want it and then buff it out with the large brush.

NOTE: It’s best to do the next steps when the white baking soda paint mixture is still damp on the vase. It will blend better and take the cinnamon colour better as well.

To add even more texture and the cinnamon colour, sprinkle some directly onto the damply painted vase. Again, using your buffing brush gently work the spice into the damp paint mixture. This adds a bit more depth of colour and creates an interesting speckled appearance to the finished look. Let some of the sprinkles be.

Let the whole thing dry over night.

Est Voila! That is all you nee dot do to upscale an old. ugly vase into a beautiful one that looks like it came from a home decor store. Seriously, someone call Pottery Barn ’cause they are going to want to steal this look!

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On This Painted Vase DIY

Upcycling has become an increasingly popular way to save money while also doing our part to reduce waste. Through a little creativity and resourcefulness, an old, unwanted item can become something beautiful.

You don’t have to be an interior designer to upcycle an old vas. You just need a little imagination and a few supplies to create something amazing. And with all the crafting supplies and tutorials out there it has never been easier to upcycle and create something new and stylish with existing materials.

So, why not give upcycling an old vase a try? With just a little imagination and effort, you can turn that old, ugly thrift store find into something you can be proud of and love.

Tell me what is has been your favourite upcylce? Share in the comments and hey, pictures are always a good thing.

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