Autumn Centerpiece Ideas Easy and Rustic

Let’s make easy and rustic autumn centerpiece ideas that will look beautiful on your dining room table.

Autumn Centerpiece Ideas

Today we are going to create two autumn centerpiece ideas that are as lovely as they are rustic.

Who doesn’t love fall? It is so peaceful and beautiful. It’s the time for fluffy sweaters, giant mugs, bubbling stews, and rustic fall decor.

It’s time to start giving our homes that little bit of extra TLC. Keeping it easy and taking care of your home is key! These centerpieces are so simple, but also very affordable – perfect for those last minute table decor needs because you can make them quickly without compromising quality or durability in any way.

Autumn Wicker and Pumpkin Centerpiece

The first of these autumn centerpiece ideas is just charming.

Now, you can make these autumn centerpiece ideas in a few ways. One possibility is to use larger pumpkins. The other idea is to use smaller pumpkins. Or you could use the mini, real ones.

These pumpkins can all be painted one colour or you can use different coloured pumpkins like grey, blue, white, or green, orange, yellow, brown, or metallic. The choice is absolutely up to you and your preferred style.

Supplies You Will Need For Autumn Wicker and Pumpkin Centerpiece

There are very few supplies needed for this centerpiece and the majority of the products used were either purchased at Michael’s or from the dollar store. You will need:

  • Wicker basket or wooden dough bowl
  • Either Larger Foam Pumpkins OR small foam pumpkins from Dollar Tree
  • Faux Fall Grasses AND/OR Real Dried Grasses
  • Faux Eucalyptus Stems
  • Faux Ivy
  • Faux Off White Fall Leaves (Optional?

How to Make Autumn Wicker and Pumpkin Centerpiece

Layer and arrange the fall grasses stems at each end of the basket.

Next, if you are using larger pumpkins now is the time to add them. Place one on each end of the basket and one in the middles. If you are using little pumpkins save this step for last.

Now you’ll want to add a few grass stems at the sides of the wicker basket. This will add texture and interest throughout the whole arrangement and it will tie the two ends in perfectly.

Clip the eucalyptus leaves down into more manageable stems. Add these to the ends of the basket and throughout the arrangement.

If you are using the smaller pumpkins add them now and place the leaves among them. Crowed in the pumpkins. This will give the arrangement a fuller look.

Autumn Wooden Crate

OK, I know I said the first of the autumn centerpiece ideas was my favourite but I am so in love with this centerpiece. Y’all, it’s a toss up. It is so gorgeously elegant but is still perfectly rustic. The project is super simple to make and once the crate is built the rest takes only seconds to decorate. So you can make this super easy autumn centerpiece and have it on your table in no time.

Supplies You Will Need for Autumn Wooden Crate

How to Make Autumn Wooden Crate

  • Place the 3 battery operated candles inside of the painted crate. I used a large candle in the middle and 2 shorter candles on each end.
  • Start by placing the hydrangeas in first. Nestle these among the candles. In this image I am using real, dried hydrangea stems from my garden.
  • If you prefer you can use faux hydrangea stems instead of the real deal. This will last for as long as you need it and all the blooms can be reused in other arrangements. I just personally, prefer the look of the real hydrangeas in this arrangement.
  • Cut the mum and zinnia stems down so that they are left with a couple inches of stem.

    Add the faux mum and zinnia blooms next. Fill in any spaces left from the candles and the hydrangeas.

And Voila! A beautiful centerpiece that doesn’t look like it came from the dollar store. Whether real or faux, this centerpiece will look sophisticated and gorgeous on your dining table.

PRO TIP: Make sure that you put the batteries into the candles before finishing the rest of the centerpiece. Remote control candles work best because then you can leave the centerpiece up for a several days or weeks and you can turn the candles on and off with the remote timer.

Bonus Autumn Centerpiece Idea!

Use two wooden crates and place them side by side, lengthwise. Fill the crates as outlined above. This makes the ideal solution for a long dining room table.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On Rustic Autumn Centerpiece Ideas

If there was ever a time to go rustic, it’s autumn. Both of these modern farmhouse inspired, high end autumn centerpiece ideas tick all the boxes. They are each easy and inexpensive to make. Each of the autumn centerpiece ideas are long lasting, reusable, and are easily adaptable to your preferred colour pallet. But the best part about each of these centerpieces? They are absolutely beautiful.

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