It All Starts With a First Step

When In the Mood to Decorate Your Palace

Wanting a beautiful home is something we can all relate to. A special kind of pride comes from having a home we love and few things in life are sweeter than a compliment received on a piece of decor that we ourselves made.

We spend hours scrolling through Pinterest day dreaming of our perfect home. Turning this vision into a reality can be expensive and sometimes overwhelming. Questions pop up like: Should I paint this piece furniture? What can I do to make our home feel cozier? Should I pay this much money or can I make it myself? 

Sometimes these questions can stop us in our tracks. We have the vision and the desire but not necessarily the confidence to make that first paint stroke or invest in that perfect chaise lounge. Sometimes we can be so sure that something will work but still that little voice sows the seeds of doubt. What if I get it wrong?

Luckily, that’s where At Jenny’s Place comes in! Step by step tutorials and beautiful photographs will inspire you and when needed, break you out of your comfort zone. Then armed with the basics, a few handy tips, and a bit of courage you will create those affordable and beautifully decorated spaces you dreamed of.

When In the Mood to Craft Your Self Silly

Taking something that was meant to be or look like something else and transforming it into something that is beautiful and that I am proud to show off is admittedly one of my cheap thrills in life.

I love walking the aisles of the dollar store or the hardware store exploring various items and picturing what else they could be. A scarf becomes a fluffy winter wreath. Cheap picture frames become a spectacular crate centerpiece. The smell of the Thrift Store is the smell of money saved. Few things are more satisfying than hunting for and discovering that perfect discarded item that is craving to be made anew with a simple can of spray paint and a bit of imagination.

Crafts are a fun and inexpensive way to decorate your home for everyday use or seasonally and for the holidays. One of the things I love to do is make wreaths for the changing seasons and for the holidays. In order to make your crafting experience easier step by step instructions and pictures will of course be included in every post.

When You’re In the Mood to Entertain the Masses

Hosting is definitely one of my specialties. I love party planning and I want you to love it too. Hosting plays a big part in creating memories and carrying on family traditions. Accepting the flaws and embracing the beauty in our homes and adding to this by creating more beauty through decorations, attention to detail, good food, and ambiance can make even the humblest of homes into a party experience to remember. Knowing how to pull this off is where this part of the blog comes in. Together we will get you planning ahead, decorating like a pro and pulling off the most spectacular Pintrest worthy parties that will definitely have your guests leaving feeling indulged and impressed.  

When You’re In the Mood to Get Your Chef On

With over 20 years of experience cooking and baking for numerous family get togethers, parties of all sizes and the holidays I have learned a thing or two in the kitchen. Let’s have some fun making a mess. Together we will churn out delicious dish after delicious dish that will be sure to have your loved ones clamouring for more.

In these pages you will find simple and affordable recipes for all kinds of entertaining situations including easy recipes for DIY gifts and tried and tested gluten free options that are sure to please.  I promise you that every recipe I post has been friend and family tested.

When In the Mood to Life

Women thrive on community. It gives us a sense of purpose and allows us to share our struggles and our accomplishments. Life happens to us all and I want At Jenny’s Place to be a place where as my guests you feel safe and welcome. As I share my stories and projects I invite you to do the same. I want you to see it warts and all. I am far from perfect and my home could use more than it’s fare share of work. I wish for us to grow together. Let’s build a strong, crafty, and caring online community where we can all thrive and shine.

Our homes are our own little pieces of Utopia. It’s where we go to feel nurtured, safe, and relaxed. Having a beautiful home that is adorned with decor pieces we love and have made ourselves makes for a euphoric place that will have you and your family embracing the ol’ adage, “*There’s no place like home”.

*Wizard of Oz 1939

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