Easy DIY Decor Ideas Change Home Deocr

These easy DIY decor ideas change your home decor and breathes new life into your spaces in no time.Quick and easy tips!

Update Your Home With Easy DIY Decor Tips

DIY fanatics love to change things up in the home. They start planning months in advance of an event or a holiday. Free time is gleefully filled spending free time dreaming up DIY decor.

But sometimes it all sounds so involved and expensive. Let’s be honest, even for those of us who love to decorate and create DIY decor, sometimes there just isn’t the time or the energy to invest in a whole new look.

The good news, this is where easy DIY decor changes can save the day. Whether you are a seasoned decorator looking for some new inspiration or a novice decorator who needs a few ideas as a jumping off point this post will make changing up your home decor easier.

Why DIY Hesitation Occurs

Is your home in dire need of a style update but you don’t know where to start?

Between work, kids, and a bit of a social life there just aren’t enough hours in the day. You want to redecorate your living space but this leads to mental images of decor chaos. You’re sick of the same tired decor. You find yourself doing your best not to see all the little things that are bothering you. Maybe there is a holiday coming up or a seasonal change. Problem is, you’re just not sure how to make that happen without it becoming a major project.

Fear not, fellow DIYer! I’ve got you covered with eleven of the best tips for updating your home decor on a budget. From the walls to to the floors, we’ll show you how easy it is to give your space a fresh look without breaking the bank. So get inspired and get ready to transform your home decor!

What kind of DIYer are you?

Most DIYer falls into one of three camps. Which one are you?

  • WEEKEND WARRIOR – Requires woodworking and painting skills. Wood working machinery needed
  • DECENT DIYer – Requires some basic DIY know how but nothing major. Cost will be less if you already have some basic supplies on hand
  • TOTAL NEWBIE – Requires no skill at all. You are here to learn or you have no time for DIYing

Whatever camp you find yourself in , you know you need a change and you need it now.

11 Easy DIY Decor Tips to Update Your Home

Do you ever feel like your home could use a little refresh? Like maybe the walls are starting to look a bit tired or the furniture is looking a little dated? If so, then you’re in luck! In today’s blog post, we’re going to share with you 11 of our best tips for updating the look of your home decor on a budget. So read on and get inspired to give your home a fresh new look!

Tip # 1: Change up your throw pillows

There are so many fantastically easy and inexpensive ways to do this.

  • Add embellishments to already preexisting throw pillow in your home. Cut felt, buttons, belt buckles and cord are all great items to try.
  • Buy a few good quality throw pillows and some inexpensive covers. You can find inexpensive covers at dollar stores, Ikea, and on line discount sites. Home good stores will often put out of seasonal and/or discontinued covers on sale throughout the year.
  • Make your own from place mats or table runners. Simply use your hot glue gun and glue all sides together leaving a small hole to stuff in pillow fluff. You can find bags of pillow fluff at you local craft store or the stuffing from a sleeping pillow.
  • Use what you have. Large scarfs, shawls, and small blankets can be wrapped around and tied in the front for an elegant non permanent look.

Tip #2: Change up your wall art

This is a quick way to change things up that can be achieved in several ways. Some options are more costly than others.

  • Change up your art pieces. Although technically not a DIY I mean for you to take this literally. Some people like to have extra art pieces that represent the current season or holiday. Others like to keep different art options that they can change with their current mood or house vibe. Down side to this option: It takes up storage space and can be costly depending on where you get your art pieces from.
  • Paint out a wooden plaque or sign. You can find these on sale in home decor stores (I once found a ton of ugly but cheap wooden signs that were perfect for making over at my local grocery store), dollar stores, discount warehouses, and thrift stores. Change things up with paint, decoupage, glass decals, stencils, and embellishments.
  • Chalk board signs are a great option because they are cheap to make and all you need are chalk markers to switch things up.
  • Repurpose an existing frame with a glass front, attractive craft paper, clip art, scissors and glue or tape you can create amazing art that can be quickly changed out as needed.

Tip #3: Spray paint it

Spray paint is easy to use, requires no additional tools, and dries quickly. Spray paint these days come in a number of different colours and textures so you can almost always find exactly the colour that you need to work with your preexisting decor.

Somethings that you can quickly spray paint for a new look are:

  • Lamp bases
  • Small pieces of furniture
  • Decorative objects such as candle holders, statues, platters
  • Hardware
  • Baskets and bins
  • Vases, bottles, mason jars

Tip #4: Change up those shelves

Book shelves are not just for books. A mix of books, decorative objects, art, and baskets make plain book shelves look their best. The only exception I can think of is if you had a library with floor to ceiling bookshelves and even then using some of that space to switch things up would be appealing to the eye. Shelving can easily be switched up for the holidays, seasonal changes, or just because you are sick of the same look.

Tip #5: Bring in new textures

Texture is crucial in any and all decorating. Whether it is in your DIY crafting or home decor texture is what elevates a look. Texture can bring interest to a DIY decor piece. When used in a mono chromatic scheme it can bring a touch of excitement. In the bathroom or the bedroom it can invoke calm and a sense of comfort. So search out those wool fabrics and those gorgeous knits. Embrace the corduroys, the fluffy faux furs, and burlap fabrics and ribbons. Distress, crackle, and add metals. Have fun!

Tip #6: Change up your drapes

Changing up your drapes doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. A few things you can do to shake those drapes up are:

  • Add a panel of fabric to the bottom or side of your existing drapery. Use a complimentary fabric for a classic and elegant look. Contrasting fabrics will create a more exciting and adventurous look.
  • Change your curtain rod, finials, or hanging hardware. You can change up the colour, the material. You can go bold or go for the more minimalist approach.
  • Add embellishments by adding trim, ribbon, buttons, pompoms, tassels, or fringe and even hanging plants are all great ways to create a new look.
  • Layer curtains either by placing fabrics behind each other or by having more than one curtain panel on each side.
  • Think outside the box. Shower curtains, tie dyed natural materials, and blankets are all great ways to create unique curtains.

Tip #7: Toss it on the floor

Change up your floor space and you change up the look. Try:

  • Layering carpets by thinking opposites with this one. Mix a fluffy faux fur with a neutral sisal rug underneath. Bright and lively patterned rugs with a more grounding solid coloured rug looks fantastic. This is a great place to mix higher end with less expensive options.
  • Large throw cushions will add extra comfortable seating as well as opening up the opportunity for pops of colour and texture and they are easy to DIY!
  • Change up your floor mats in the bedroom, the bathroom, the front entrance, mud room, laundry room. Mats are so easy and cheap to DIY that you can change them out whenever the mood strikes.

Tip #8: Take it to the bedroom

Our bedrooms should be our oasis but it is often the first area we neglect. Changing up some small things in the bedroom can go a long way to creating a tantalizing spaces you can be proud of. Whether you prefer a calm oasis feeling in your bedroom, or a romantic, sexy look or a family centered space these few changes can have a big impact.

  • Change duvet or comforter
  • Add or change up throw pillows
  • Change or add wall art
  • Add a “statement” throw to the end of the bed
  • Bring the outdoors in with plants and florals
  • Add seasonal or holiday decor

Tip #9: Change up the loo

To pee or not to pee… in style. That is the question.

The bathroom is a great place to add your DIY touch. Most things that go in a bathroom are not costly. They are easy to find and the products needed come in a variety of styles and colours. Add your personal touch and you can take your old bathroom into current styles with very little effort.

Look at making changes to your towels, wall art, shelving, hardware, floor mats, shower curtains, or window coverings. Many of these things can be found inexpensively or modified by your own two hands.

Being one of the smaller rooms in the house and if you are feeling ambitious you could tackle a quick paint job, change up the mirror, add floating shelves, and/or replace or update the medicine cabinet.

Tip #10: Put your everyday items on circulation

Rotating decor means that you never get bored. Often decor pieces can be used in several different ways. One fun part about putting your decor on circulation is that when you take things out it’s like you haven’t seen in awhile. It feels brand new!

Tip #11: Move pieces around or try a friendly furniture swap

So often we get stuck in our ways. We find our home, we buy our home, we furnish our home and then we think, “that’s it.” Look again. That antique wooden dresser in the bedroom may work beautifully in the hallway. The stool in the living room may work as a chic place to put a candle and a glass of wine on beside the tub. Think outside the box.

Another option that can work is furniture swapping. Basically, you and a friend agree on the objects you are willing to exchange. This works best with decor or small pieces of furniture. There are definite risks with this option. Your possession could get wrecked or lost so it’s best to pick decor that you are ok with losing. Keep your more precious and/or expensive items at home.

Jennys’s Finishing Thoughts On Easy DIY Decor

Changing up your DIY decor doesn’t have to be a big project. The devil is in the details and sometimes the smallest of changes can produce a totally new look. With a little creativity, a bit of tweaking, and by being open to rethinking what you already own changing up your space can be quick and painless.

Hey my lovely reader, in the comment section below please add to list above. I would love to hear about some of your quick and easy DIY decor change ups!

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