DIY Pumpkins In 10 Unique Ways

Take your pick from the patch! Decorate your home with one or more of these 10 easy DIY pumpkins. From rustic to modern we got you covered.

It’s Fall Y’All!

As the leaves start to change colour and the crisp autumn air sets in, decorating your home for fall can be a great way to celebrate the season.

My humble advice? Forget about the standard store bought decorations. Those are so yesterday. Luckily, there’s a variety of ways to make unique seasonal decor out of simple plastic pumpkins. Rather than relying on the same traditional pumpkins for fall and holiday decorations, why not try something new and different with artful, creative, and unique plastic pumpkin ideas?

With these ten projects, there’s something for everyone. No matter your skill level, style, or budget there’s a pumpkin here for you. From a super stylish succulent pumpkins to farmhouse yarn pumpkin to copper pumpkins, you can create beautiful autumn accessories for your home on a budget.

Decorating for the fall doesn’t have to be expensive. With these 10 creative plastic pumpkin DIYs, you can easily spruce up your home for autumn in no time. And because they are so versatile they will take you through fall, into Halloween, and well into Thanksgiving.

So what are ya waiting for? Fall is right around the corner and it’s time to get our fall DIYing.

Before Ya Get Started…

A Little Note: All of the pumpkins shown here are one DIY of many. So when you click on the link and are taken to a blog post that is about more than just the pumpkin. Don’t panic! The pumpkin of your dreams can be found at the top of each of the posts in the Table of Contents.

Stone DIY Pumpkins

These DIY faux stone pumpkins are the bomb. They are so simple to make but the finished look is so high end. I’ve never actually come across any other pumpkins that look like these so they are truly one-of-a-kind. But they ought not to be because these faux stone pumpkins are so freakin’ stylish. And they are so versatile, you could decorate with these if you want to go rustic, elegant, boho, or whatever. Skies the limit with these sweet little gourds.

Succulent Pumpkins

If you’re a sucker for succulents then this is the DIY pumpkins for you! The pumpkin used in this DIY is one from Dollarama. I love the height and texture so that’s why I picked this one. But really, you can use any foam pumpkin to do this DIY. The one’s from Dollar Tree cost a lost less and will work just as well.

So grab yourself a foam pumpkin, some succulents, and a bit of white spray paint. Then grab yourself some space in your craft room and it’s time to get your DIY on.

Skull optional or add it later on in the season for a touch of halloween.

Rustic Copper Twine Pumpkins

Dollar Tree comes out with these ceramic pumpkins pretty much every fall. It’s super simple to transform these simple ol’ ceramic pumpkin into something truly magical. These are so cute and charming. The twine adds a touch of rustic interests. To make these yourself will cost very little but the pay off is well worth it!

Tarnished Silver Pumpkins

Love these! These stylish silver pumpkins will look so classy on your fire place mantle or on a buffet hutch. Display it alone or grouped with other metallic pumpkins. The faux tarnish adds a ton of interest. Best of all, much like the stone pumpkins, this gorgeous pumpkin look will fit into any decor style and will look awesome both for fall and Halloween.

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Floral Adorned Pumpkins

What can be better than paring pumpkins and flowers? Getting the look for next to nothing, that’s what.

A simple dollar store pumpkin can be so easily transformed with a few beautiful, and realistic looking faux florals. It your choice if you want to go with more fall looking florals or more Halloween inspired ones like the ones shown above. Either way the end result will be amazing and will take you through the whole season.

Plaster DIY Pumpkins

There is just something so sophisticated about a plaster decor piece. These faux plaster pumpkins provide just that. This simple painting technique will transform any cheap Dollar Tree pumpkin into a high end, modern masterpiece. And in no time at all. Make one to display on its own or recreate several for a stunning dining room table display.

Curly Cue Pumpkins

These super simple, super stylish pumpkins will take from fall right into Halloween. All you’ll need is some paint and Dollar Tree pumpkin and a secret ingredient. The perfect pumpkin solution for those of you who prefer the modern look. Pair these with some bright pops of fall colour and you have yourself a unique display that will leave you the envy of all your friends.

Oxidized Copper Pumpkins

What’s not to love about these little metallic beauties? The faux oxidization adds some much needed interest and texture. These stunning pumpkins can be displayed on their own, in groups, or pair them with the tarnished silver pumpkin and a few gold ones to create an eye popping, metallic, table display.

Copper Embellished Pumpkins

My dollar store is always coming out with these orange pumpkins with cute saying carved out of the front. In their original form, in my humble opinion, they look tacky. But a bit of creativity and paint can go a long way. Find out how you too can take your dollar store finds from lacking to beyond charming.

Yarn and Floral Rustic Pumpkins

Last but not least, we have ourselves the yarn and floral pumpkin. This gorgeous gourd is so elegant and soft. It looks like it will take a ton of time but it won’t. And since all of the supplies come from Dollar Tree the price is ridiculously low. The floral topper is the perfect finishing touch to the whole look.

Skull optional or add it later in the season for a sudden touch of halloween.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On DIY Pumpkins

Fall is the season to get creative with your decorations, and with each of these 10 plastic pumpkin DIYs, you can easily create a unique, stylish look for your home. These pumpkin DIYs will help you decorate your home through ought the season. Whether you are looking to for ways to decorate for fall, unique and stylish Halloween decor, or an easy centrepiece for Thanksgiving , there’s something for everyone.

Let’s tap into our creative side this season and explore all the design possibilities for plastic pumpkins!

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