Halloween Homemade Decor – Spooktacular

Looking to add a touch of spooky- delight to your home this Halloween? Then these DIY Halloween homemade decor ideas are for you!

It’s Spooky Time

It’s that spooky time of year again, and you’re likely already feeling the Halloween spirit! Are you looking for a way to upgrade your Halloween decor without spending a whole lot? DIY projects are a great solution for budget conscious Halloween decorators looking to get a bit creative.

So, for those looking to go a little further and get creative for this Halloween (without breaking the bank!), try out one or all of these 4 super high end and yet ridiculously inexpensive DIYs. From a terror inducing hanging basket, to a trio of rustic twine pumpkins, these projects are the perfect addition to your holiday decor.

With just a few cheap supplies from Dollar Tree and a glue gun, you can craft the perfect Halloween decor that will stylishly haunt your home until the witching hour!

Halloween Homemade Decor

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Skull On A Stand

This spook-tacularily stunning skull decor is super simple to make. This particular skull was found at Dollarama but you can easily find similar skulls at Dollar Tree. The ones from Dollar Tree are a bit more off white in colour but will work just as well.

You will also need an inexpensive candle stand. The one shown is one that I got from Dollar Tree. Also, grab yourself about 3 large faux flowers. For the piece shown I decided to go with a Zinnia, a Cabbage Rose, and a stem of hydrangea. All the flowers shared a light peachy-pinky colour scheme.

Using a combination of hot glue and E6000 adhere the skull to the stand. Next arrange and then glue the blooms to the top of the skull with generous dollops of hot glue. I find it looks best if the blooms are placed jauntily to the side.

And, that’s it.

Truly, I’m being serious. This super high end looking decor piece would cost you a whole bunch of money if you bought it from a home decor store. However, you can see for yourself that for just a couple of dollars and a few minutes of your time you can recreate this look with no problem.

Pretty In Pink Pumpkin Wreath

Around the start of fall Dollar Tree is always coming out with these simple, wire pumpkin wreath forms. Here is an easy way to decorate this wreath form and turn it into a beautiful, high end Halloween wreath.

You’ll need the wreath form, hot glue gun and glue sticks, and a bunch of pink, white, and rose coloured faux blooms. You will also want to collect a bit of greenery. I went with faux ivy leaves. You can recreate this wreath with any coloured roses that you like. This time I went with a more pinkish, white, and cream colour scheme. But a few years back I made a similar wreath using peach flowers and it turned out perfectly. It’s still one of my favourite DIY wreaths.

To make this particular wreath though, simply cut the blooms off their stems and hot glue them to the wreath form. You will want to use a generous amount of hot glue to adhere these properly. Start by arranging the blooms so that they are clustered thinner at the top and then arrange them so that they are thicker in the middle. Then, as you work your way down and begin to reach the other side of the wreath form, taper them off again.To finish everything off – using hot glue, attach twine to the pumpkin stem and adorn with a little flower.

Voila! You have yourself a gorgeous and seasonally appropriate front door wreath that will work for both Fall and Halloween.

Hanging Basket of Skulls

This hanging beauty makes for the perfect front porch decoration. And it is so easy and cheap to make. You’ll need an inexpensive dollar store hanging basket, some old newspapers, and a bag of moss. You’ll also need some dark blue, purple, and black faux roses and flowers and a pair of wire clippers. Lastly, grab yourself one of those velvety, black skulls they are now selling at Dollar Tree.

Fill the base of the hanging basket with the newspaper and then hot glue the moss to the top of the paper. Stick a skewer into the bottom of the skull and then stick that into middle of the basket. Add the faux flowers to the top and bottom of the arrangement, sticking the stems into the moss and through the paper. For a finishing touch, use a bit of hot glue to attach some random blooms and textured moss to make it appear as though they are poking through.

And there you have it – a stylish and perfectly spooky front porch Halloween decor.

PRO TIP: If you can’t find one of the velvety, black skulls – no biggie. Just buy one of the regular plastic skull heads and spray paint it matte or glossy black.

Rustic Twine Pumpkins

This trio of pumpkins is beyond adorable. If you’re looking to add a touch of rustic cuteness to your Halloween decor this year then this is the Halloween homemade decor DIY for you.

To recreate this trio, you will need 3 of those tinsel wrapped pumpkins, some twine, hot glue, and a bit of black cards stock. Remove the tinsel and replace it with the twine. Attach the twine using a fine tipped hot glue gun and glue sticks. Next, use the black card stock to cut out pumpkin face shapes and hot glue these to the front of each of the twine pumpkins. Lastly, add burlap leaves and a pretty faux bloom … and you are all finished.

There you have it: 4 simple and inexpensive Halloween DIYs to get you in a spook-tacular mood.

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Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On Halloween Homemade Decor

The Halloween season brings out the crafty side in all of us, and there are plenty of creative and inexpensive ways to spookify your space. Why overspend on dull, everyday Halloween decorations when you can unleash your crafting genius and instead make your own spooky decor for a fraction of the cost?

There is truly no better way to celebrate the start of the spooky season than to make your own fun and festive Halloween decorations! With these four simply and inexpensive DIYs, you can create the perfect ambiance and atmosphere for you and your family.

So this Halloween, spend some time making memories with your loved ones by crafting your own decorations. After all, it’s not about how much money you spend but how much you can terrify everyone.

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