Easy Easter Table Decor

2 for the price of 1! I am so excited to share these two super easy Easter table decor DIYs with you.

After Winter Comes Spring

Who doesn’t love decorating for Christmas. Easter is the first real excuse you usually have to seasonally decorate after the extravaganza that is Christmas. What’s not to love? There’s the return of colour after months of white, grey, beige and brown decor. And then there are the adorable bunnies, sweet candies. and charming pastels.

To be honest though, I’m usually still a little burned out from the months of Christmas planning and all the decking of the halls. And although by Easter I am definitely ready to delve back into the world of holiday decorating I like to keep the decorating on the simple side. I want pretty but I want it cheap and I want it easy.

Egg Tip

These Easter table decor ideas are silly simple to make. Now personally, I tend to be more attracted to pastels during the spring time. Oh, I can still admire a more brightly coloured Easter pallet but for me spring is all about the soft colours. I searched Easter eggs with the “right” tint but had no luck. So, as any sane person would do, I decided to paint my own dollar store Easter eggs.

However, if you want to keep things really simple the dollar store has beautifully coloured Easter eggs that you can buy in a pack of 6 for less than $2 and these would also work perfectly.

Easter Egg Table Decor

This Easter egg table decor is simple to create, and looks elegant on any side table or fireplace mantle.

Supplies You Will Need to Make Easy Easter Table Decor

  • A large glass vase
  • Painted Easter eggs (To see how I painted my Easter eggs and made a gorgeous wreath with them.)
  • White foam or white plastic Easter eggs
  • Twine
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • 4 -6 pussy willow stems

TIP: Use the white plastic eggs or foam eggs NOT the coloured, Easter eggs that you fill up with candies and such. Those eggs are very slippery, the twine tends to slip right off, the opening makes the eggs harder to work with and the bright colours show in between the twine and it looks…. not good.

How to Make Easy Easter Table Decor

Attach the rope to the bottom of the plastic egg with a dollop of hot glue. Keep adding small dollops of hot glue while winding the twine to the bottom portion of the egg.

Once you reach the sides of the egg you can just keep winding the twine around the egg, adding hot glue periodically, until you reach the top.

At the top of the egg the twine tends to slip off fairly easily so add a bunch of hot clue to the top part of the egg and then quickly wind the twine around and around. Cut the twine and glue the end of the twine to the tip of the egg.

Next, bend the ends of the faux pussy willow stems so that they will fit nicely and not too high above the vase. I found these stems at Dollarama but you should be able to find similar ones at Dollar Tree, Michael’s, or Walmart.

Fill the bottom of the glass vase with coloured Easter eggs until 2/3 full. Stick the pussy willow stems in between the eggs. Spread out the branches.

And done! An awesome and easy Easter table decor piece.

Spring Candle Decor

This is my go to centerpiece for Easter. The basket I used is one of my favorites and throughout the years I’ve used it a lot in table decor.

I can’t tell you where to get this actual basket but any long wicker basket or even a crate (like the one I show you how to make in Beautiful Spring Centerpiece ) would work just as well.

Likewise, the battery operated candles are ones that I found over a decade ago but similar candles can be found on Amazon, at home stores and sometimes similar ones show up at Costco. You could also use real candles but if you do used real candles please don’t light them!

The rest of the supplies used in this Easter table decor can be found at the dollar store or craft stores.

Supplies You Will Need to Make Spring Candle Decor

  • Long wicker basket (You can also use a long wire basket or wooden crate.)
  • 3 battery operated candles
  • Twine wrapped Easter eggs (See directions above)
  • Foam eggs in regular sized
  • Foam eggs in small size
  • Chalk paint in ArtMinds Antique Aqua
  • Chalk paint in ArtMinds Simply White
  • Paint brush
  • Foam sponge
  • 2 – 3 packages wicker rattan balls

TIP: Again, remember to save some time use the coloured Easter eggs from the dollar store.

How to Make Spring Candle Decor

For the painted Easter eggs: Mix one part ArtMinds chalk paint in Antique Aqua with two parts ArtMinds chalk paint in Simply White to create a pale aqua colour. Paint a coat of this onto the plastic eggs. Let dry.

PRO TIP: I don’t know about you but I am always mixing too much paint. I hate to waste perfectly good chalk paint so I store it in mason jars. The lids keep a tight seal so the paint stays fresh and doesn’t dry out.

Once dry, sporadically sponge on the ArtMinds chalk paint in Antique Aqua.

Using a dry rag dab and lightly wipe the speckled paint. Play with this until you get just the look you like. Let them dry again.

Lastly, using the first pale aqua colour again, dab it on top of the dark teal markings. Play around with this a bit. You can either make your eggs a darker teal colour or by adding more of the light colour on top you can end up with light coloured eggs with a bit of the darker swirls and specks.

Space the 3 candles out in the basket or crate. I am using battery operated candles that I found eons ago but as I mentioned above you should be able to find similar candles at Amazon, Walmart, home stores, or even Costco

Place the rattan balls, twine eggs, and painted eggs around the candles. This might take some playing but just keep rearranging until your happy with the look.

Presto! Easter decor that will awe everyone.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts on Easy Easter Table Decor

Decorating for Easter is fun! I love bringing in the softer colours of spring. It’s a wonderful excuse to decorate the home but there is nothing wrong with keeping your Easter decorating easy.

I don’t know about you but spring time can often be as busy as Christmas time. Everything is winding up for summer. Still, it’s nice to have the home looking festive and pretty. A great basket, little bit of paint, some plastic eggs, and little creativity can create some seriously beautiful looking Easter table decor.

If you like these DIYs and want to see more from At Jenny’s Place please drop me a comment and let me know that you are enjoying the DIYs and let me know what else you would like to see!

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