Buying Craft Supplies At Craft Stores

When buying craft supplies sometimes spending a bit more at craft stores is worth it. This list of 11 items are ones you should be looking for.

The Joys Of Craft Store

Ah, the craft store. The DIYers version of heaven on earth. So much inspiration to be found. So many amazing products to buy. What a joy it is immersing yourself in aisles upon aisles of creativity.

Now, as a frugal DIY enthusiast I am always trying to help my readers find a good deal. And admittedly sometimes buying craft items can cost a bit more when you’re shopping for them at the craft store. There are certain items that you will save money on if you buy them at the dollar store instead.

That being said, there are some craft supplies that are worth the extra money. Craft stores carry top quality materials and sometimes when you are going to the trouble of creating DIY decor you’re better off buying craft supplies from there.

So today, let’s look at which craft supplies you should be heading to craft store for.

Craft Store Money Saving Tips

If you’re going to spend money at the craft store there is no harm on trying to save a little bit. Here are a few of my top tips for saving at the craft store. Check to see if you can:

I know that at Michael’s you get a ton of perks when you join their rewards program. You’ll be eligible for their exclusive offers, emails about upcoming sales, and you can join their member’s only events. Community is a beautiful thing.

Craft store always have coupons. You can find these in flyers and ask to join their email list. Usually these coupons are around 30% – 40% off regular priced items.

Craft store hold regular sales on almost all of their items. So make sure that you keep an eye out for the next one.

I know that at Michaels they price match items and they then gives you an additional 10% off just from buying the item from them. So don’t be shy and ask you craft store if they offer a similar discount.

For fabulous finds that are sometimes as high as 60% off shop their end of season sales. You can often find some really amazing deals.

PRO TIP: Not sure where to find those coupons and sales? Flipp to the rescue. This app is a super saver. So make sure that you check this out before buying craft supplies to add to your stash.

11 Items You Should Be Buying At The Craft Store

If you’re going to be buying craft supplies it’s important to know where you should get them. Sometimes it’s not worth spending the extra money on our craft supplies. Like these 11 items that I recommend you get at Dollar Tree.

Other times it’s totally worth heading to your local craft store. There are just some items that you are better off splurging on. Here are 11 craft supplies you should be buying at the craft store:


What DIYer doesn’t want a Cricut? It offers so many crafting possibilities. This nifty tool not only makes your crafting process more efficient, but also expands your creative possibilities. With a Cricut, you can create beautiful signs, customized mugs, personalized home accessories, and so much more.

The best part? The machine does most of the work for you, leaving you with more time to let your creativity flow. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting out, a Cricut machine is the perfect addition to your crafting arsenal.


Whether you prefer the Cricut viny or Siser, if quality is what you’re looking for you are better off getting your cutting vinyl from the craft store. Sure, there are some awesome DIYs that you can still do with Dollar Tree vinyl but if you’re looking to make some high end, enduring DIYs with your Cricut consider sticking to the pricier stuff.

Deco mesh

The deco mesh you get from craft store is not only better quality but you also get a lot more to the roll. Yes, you can still find deco mesh that will work at the dollar store but it will shed a lot more then the better quality mesh. So, if you want your wreath or DIY to last consider skipping the cheap stuff.

Chalk paint

What is not to love about chalk paint? And the craft store is the place to get it. Craft stores carry tons of different colour options and a couple different brands. And although, maybe one day the dollar stores might catch on to this brilliant product for now you’ll have to pay a bit more and get this hot item at the craft store.

Individual card stock

Sometimes you just need that perfect look for your DIY and compromising just isn’t an option. Card stock aisle to the rescue. Craft stores offer wonderful selections of individual card stock options. From sparkly to decorative paper looks, you can find any look you need. Their faux wood patterns worked beautifully in this fall DIY.

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Large sized Mod Podge

Again, one that can fit into the dollar store category but only if you’re looking for a small amount. And who wants that? A true DIYer knows the value of this impressive product and so you’re likely going to need a generous amount.

Plus, now there are so many options with this product. You can get some that is dishwasher safe, with a matte finish, or that is made to be used for outdoor decor. They even have mediums for photo transferring, puzzle saving, and so much more. So definitely check for this items on you next craft shopping trip.

Faux florals

In my opinion, the craft store has the most realistic looking faux florals. They are truly fabulous. Now, that not to say there isn’t less expensive options out there but it you want some real looking blooms.

PRO TIP: Mix and match your more quality blooms from the craft store with less expensive, dollar store ones for an inexpensive but still high end option, like I did with beautiful rose and peony centerpiece.

Professional painting supplies

If you’re a painter and you want to create some of your own beautiful art work then the craft store is the place to get your pro supplies from. This is for those of you who want to go beyond your basic acrylics. If you’re needing a new easel, some quality brushes, or high end paint options you now know where to go.

Sewing machines

Wanting to take up sewing? Or maybe you’re on the hunt for a new one? No problem. Whether you’re a newbie or a seamstress pro, the craft store can help you with that. They often also have all of the little extras you might need.

PRO TIP: Right before Christmas Michaels has a sale on their sewing machines. So if your needing one and you want a great deal make sure you check out their sales around this time.

Large, wired ribbon

This one is a bit controversial. Yes, you can find fantastic wired ribbon options at the dollar store. In fact, in my list of 37 DIY supplies you should buy at the dollar store I tell you to check out the dollar store for ribbon.

BUT there is something to be said for looking for your large, decorative ribbon at the craft store. They always have an amazing selection. You can find just about any width, colour, and style that you desire. You will pay more but search for those sales and you

Large wreath forms

This is another tricky one. You can find some awesome wreath forms at the dollar store. And with these wreath forms you can definitely make some fabulously high end wreaths but you are limited in the sizes offered.

At the craft store you can find large sized metal and grape vine wreath forms. With these supersized forms you can make some incredibly impressive wreaths that will look beautiful hanging in your home.

Jenny’s Finishing Thoughts On Buying Craft Supplies At The Craft Store

The key to DIYing is knowing where to get the best supplies. There are times where a craft store is the best option. Sure, it might cost a little more but these 11 products are well worth the little splurge. Afterall, if you’re going to take the time to make beautiful things then you should have the proper supplies to make it happen.

What is your favourite craft store only product? Share in the comments below.

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